We were kind of hoping for undead city

A site called 24/7 Wall Street (esteemed, no doubt) has declared that Albany is one of "America's Ten Dead Cities." (shrug) More to come on Thursday. (Thanks, Paul and others)


While the article claims to have used multiple sources the overwhelming source was US Census. Clearly not a well researched list by any means.

I have lived in two communities most of my life: Western New York, and the Capitol region. While Buffalo (#1) and Albany (#7) both make the top 10 dead cities list, as regions both areas thrive with so many cultural, athletic, scientific, outdoor and dining activities that I have never yearned for life in a bigger, possibly more chic but certainly more congested population center.

There is something to be said for regions that are respectively only a couple hours away from huge metropolitan hubs (Toronto, NYC) while still providing a 20-minute commute to work. I can easily get my big-city fix, but I don't have to live in it.

It's a shame that these types of surveys always focus on the major city and not the surrounding areas, or the quality of life that the surrounding region brings to the community.

Dead you say? The great pumpkin is still pushing the need/desire for a convention center, there's multiple chiplote locations, and the Albany City Schools are in tip top shape. Not to mention that Eddie Money makes a yearly pilgrimage here to play his early 80's style of music.

So how can they say dead?

I shake my head, and cluck my tongue at that report!!!!

Although the figures they cite may be accurate, I think they fail to look at the bigger picture of the Capital District as a whole. Does the area have it's problems? Sure, but so does every city!

I've already recorded a song in tribute to Albany's passing.


Stay strong, brothers and sisters.

Instead of Rest Fest, how about Rest in Peace Fest, a Tribute to Albany? I'll perform this song.

While making it onto such a list is sad and disconcerting, I can't find fault in what they've said. I get that they're talking about Albany itself and not the whole Capital Region, so I feel that it's a pretty accurate assessment. It's undeniable that our downtown has been in trouble for decades. There are hardly any residents down there, and the abandoned buildings and empty storefronts are there to remind us that what was once glorious and thriving is now...well, dead.

That being said, downtown has seen a small resurgence in the last 10 years or so, and people are trying to bring it back. I hope we continue in that direction, because a capital city should have a downtown as cool as Saratoga, or even Troy. Also, this is just downtown I'm talking about here. The Lark Street/Center Square/Pine Hills Neighborhoods (to name just a couple) are alive and well, for the most part.

I won't deny that the cities on the list have their problems (and why isn't Troy on the list?) but I sense bias on the part of the writers. The 24/7 Wall St site is based in the NYC area (New Rochelle to be specific) and probably think that the Metropolitan NYC area is the only place that matters.

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