NY Post gives harsh thumbs down to local kid film critic

You've probably seen Jackson Murphy, a local 11-year-old, do movie reviews on YNN. He goes by the name "Lights Camera Jackson." He started reviewing movies when he was seven.

Murphy's gotten a lot of attention for his reviews. He's won an Emmy. He's interviewed Jane Lynch (you know, from Glee). And in July, he appeared on the CBS Early Show (embedded above).

That CBS appearance set off NY Post film critic Kyle Smith. From his almost-800-word piece:

Leave aside that our latest cultural commentator is too young to see PG-13 movies. Forget the shouty nonsense he thinks equals a movie review. Let's get to the real issue: me. Am I jealous? As Jackson would put it, "Of COURSE!"
Being a movie critic these last five years has been like Act 3 of a slasher flick. What happened to all my friends?
If there are beaming 11-year-old stage monsters who can do my job well enough to be on national television, WHY DIDN'T I GO TO LAW SCHOOL?

Dude. A little touchy, huh.

Smith's piece did include this bit we hadn't known: Jackson Murphy is the son of former WTEN sport anchor Dan Murphy.

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That kid's a riot!

I didn't really take Smith as being touchy, but tongue in cheek.

1) In this case, I wouldn't call the article harsh. The kid is the most annoying being on the planet, he better get used to criticism. (It is his line of work...)

2) No surprise that he has appeared on 'Fox and Friends' as the first thing I thought of when seeing/hearing him was a mini Glenn Beck. SHOUTING MAKES MY OPINION VALID!!!

3) His "review" of Inception is fine for someone 11 years old. Obviously the movie was not intended for someone his age. What really troubles me is that a lot of adults I know didn't understand it either. Hmm... Maybe getting movie advice from an 11 year old is perfect for the average moviegoing American.

The kid is 11.

OMG!! I hate this kid and his screechy reviews! I'm glad someone said it!

It's hard to beat the setup. He's 11, so a certain amount of adorability gives him a fere pass. He's 11, so the aegis of youth gives him a free pass (as miles points out, sort of). He's obnoxious, so he gets plenty of attention. It all adds up to RATINGS GOLD!

Let's take another look at him in ten years.

Parenting ain't easy.

What's next? Are we going to have a television show where a nun discusses artwork in the world's museums? Oh wait... that's been done... damn you BBC...

B- If he's a movie critic (or on TV in any form) in ten years, I'll eat my hat.

There's no way that I can express why I dislike this kid without sounding too harsh on an eleven-year-old... so, why not have Howard Stern do it for me.

This kid has a paying job at age 11? Give him a break! He's paid to see movies and is almost as good as the hyper-critical Roeper, who's voice grates on me too!

Paul, I wouldn't expect it either... I'm thinking more, let's see how being thrust into the spotlight by his parents as a child affects him as an adult...

oh this is ridiculous. reason #4,565 why i dont have a TV. what IS this crap they're pumping out??!?

What he really wants to do is direct.

Woah, that kid watches too much tv. His impression of a real morning tv film critic is perfect.

"Amped up [on] his own banality ..." Gotta say, that's pretty good. Good and sharp and telling. See, this kid's real protection isn't youth, but the "aegis of banality." Call it the Gene Shalit Effect. It's not supposed to be useful. It's just shtick.


he really doesn't say anything useful about the movies--he's just a gimmick: a cute kid using words/expressions that normally only adults use. But would I watch or not watch a move based on the opinion of an eleven-yr old? Likely not.
And I'm not just down on kid reviewers/critics, etc. Personally, I think Tavi is awesome BECAUSE SHE SOUNDS LIKE A 14-YR-OLD! Albeit a smart and observant 14-yr-old, with interesting opinions (not just "I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND IT!!! NOBODY UNDERSTOOD IT!!! IT'S ABOUT DREAMS AND STUFF!" Inception deserves better than that.
It really cheeses me off when kids try to sound too much like adults. KIDS: you have your whole lives to be adults. Enjoy being kids now, cause that's not gonna last forever!

But Kyle Smith should chill: the whole child blogger/reviewer/critic thing is just the latest phase. It'll blow over soon.

I've never been a fan of Lights Camera Jackson either. I find him to be far too grating. The gimmick may be cute now, if you're into that sort of thing, but the true test of whether or not he's for real is if he's still doing it when he's an adult.

Somehow I'm not surprised he's Dan Murphy's kid. Now that I think about it, he's definitely his father's son. (Except I liked Murph, so... *shrug*)

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