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glass of albany tap waterThe City of Albany's drinking water took the top spot in the New York State Drinking Water Taste Test at this year's state fair. Albany's water was up against supplies from nine other municipalities, all winners of regional competitions.

So where does Albany get this great-tasting water? The answer is... Coeymans. The city has two reservoirs near there -- the Alcove Reservoir and the Basic Creek Reservoir (which is in Westerlo). The Alcove Reservoir was created in 1928 by damming the Hannacroix Creek, which flooded the village of Indian Fields. (They did, apparently, move the village cemetery.)

While we're on the subject We recently heard about a project -- called "Tap" -- aimed at getting local people to switch from bottled water to tap:

"Tap" is an organized effort to educate and persuade Albanites to reduce their carbon footprint by refusing bottled water and utilizing the city's municipal water supply. We aim to teach people ways to be healthy, save money, save the environment and support the local community by using tap water for hydrating needs.


I always puzzle when I see people carrying water (cases of bottled water I mean). Having to carry water is traditionally perceived as a hardship and an unfortunate symptom of a lack of progress, in less-developed places or following a devastating disaster.

We wash our cars and flush our toilets with water that is cleaner (and tastier) than what many people on this planet get to drink. Yet some of us choose to purchase (and carry) water that has been transported many miles and contained in petroleum based receptacles.

@KM, well said. I'd like to add that a lot of bottled water is just filtered tap water anyway.

We have good water here in the City of the Dead.

I love this idea. If your municipal water isn't as good as Albany's, you can put it through a filter or just leave it on the counter for a day. Chlorine evaporates faster than water. If we all put pressure on our municipalities to give us good tasting, pure tap water, it will help those who can't afford to buy bottled water.

I believe it. Its the only place ive lived where i couldnt taste anything in the water either straight out of the tap or (heres the real test) after sitting on my nightstand for 8 hours.

To anyone who doesnt like their water: filter it, dont buy bottled

I would love to stop buying bottled water, but there is so much chlorine in the water in the area of Guilderland where I live, you can smell it the minute the tap is turned on and it taste's absolutely horrible. It is costly to purchase bottled water and a pain in the neck to have to keep buying it! I tried a Brita filtration water pitcher and it did not solve the problem. I rent so I cannot add anything to the plumbing. Why not send out a survey to Abany residents (including towns)as to WHY people are using bottled water?

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