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buddhapesto closeup

Buddhapesto is pretty high on our list of favorites.

Update: Congrats to winners Melissa and Paul!

So we've been celebrating local food this week with posts about some easy, affordable ways to work local foods into your everyday life.

Today it's your turn.

What's your favorite local food? Cider donuts from Lakeside? Buddhapesto? Dream Puff Marshmallows from the Troy Farmers Market? We could go on and on but, you know, it's your turn.

Be as specific as you can -- we want to know what's so good about it and where we can get it.

We'll draw two comments at random and get them their favorite foods ($25 limit).

Very, very important: One entry per person. You must answer the question to be eligible. You must post your comment by 8 pm on Today, September 17th, 2010. You must include a working email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winners will be notified by email by noon on Sunday-- and must respond by 5PM Tuesday, September 21st.

Also: We'll do our best to get the winners their favorite foods, but if it's not something we can't get our hands on easily, we'll send you the cash and let you do the shopping.


Cheesy Garlic Bread from Chatham Bakery (found at the Troy and other Farmers Markets in the area) is pretty amazing. It's the perfect mix of garlic, spices, herbs, and oil all braided up into a pretzel-like twist.

I'm slightly addicted to anything made by the Saratoga Peanut Butter Co. Particularly the genius concoction of peanut butter, bananas and raisins that makes up the Monkey Boy flavor. I picked up the maple flavor this week at the Schenectady Farmers Market too - perfect for fall. I have to hold myself back from taking a spoon to the jar.

Ooh, that's a tough call. Off the top of my head, a few local favorites are:

1. Buddhapesto
2. The little Italian cookies from Bella Napoli
3. Fresh cider doughnuts from Golden Harvest Farms in Valatie
4. Any PB from the Saratoga Peanut Butter Company
5. "Dream Bars" from Debbie's Kitchen

If we start including menu items from local restaurants, this list is going to get a lot longer :)

Yummy "My Linh's" Summer Rolls - of course available at the restaurant on Delaware, but also at Honest Weight Food Coop.'n%20go%20products.html

Bros Tacos, specifically anything with their habanero papaya sauce... mmmm. can $25 get me a jug of that? I'll drink it all

The Cherry Topped Greek Yogurt that I got from the farmer's market on central in albany was Fan-TASTIC! Imagine a cherry cheesecake, but somehow more delicious! :) Unfortunately, I don't remember who was selling it... :(

Hudson Valley Homestead's Champagne-Honey Mustard, from Craryville, NY. I could eat it on EVERYTHING. It made me love sandwiches again. Just 5 ingredients, handcrafted, amazing, just 5 calories per tsp. It was love at first bite.

@Patrick ooooh good call. Bros Taco's sauces and salsas are amazing.

I recently fell in love with the cider donuts at the Altamont Orchard! Four dollars per half dozen and 7 per dozen. Check out the market stand om the way to the orchard. They also have amazing homemade pickles, wasaki peanuts (holy cow so good!) And homemade cider!! Its worth the 20 minute drive up Western Ave!!

It's a tie between Indian Ladder Farms donuts and sider, and Grafton Lakes sharp cheddar cheese.

I have to go with Buddapesto, with fresh bread from the Placid Baker. Yum!! :D

My current favorite local food is the Smoked Mozz pie from DeFazio's. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

the extra topped bruchetta at lanie's cafe located in loudonville at kimberly square is an all time favorite of mine

This time of year... I enjoy cider donuts and apple cider from Yonder Farms.

Center Square Honey (from hives kept in the Center Square area of Albany). They offer a light spring honey, summer, and darker autumn varieties. I believe these products are currently being sold at At the Warehouse.

Raspberry lucille cheesecake from Cheesecake Machismo. Or their brown sugar cheesecake. Or... You get the idea.

Shalimar lunch buffet in Troy. It's the perfect all-you-can-eat vegetarian hangover cure. And the price is right, too.

Hello all over Albany!

As soon as I saw the photo of the Buddhapesto I knew what it was! YUM! We love the Troy Farmer's Market and usually hit it up in the wintertime.

Do we have to pick just ONE favorite food in the area? Here goes...

today's favorite food...A panini from Via Fresca. One of my favorite sandwiches near Albany. My favorite is the rapini with balsamic reduction. Oh MY! It's flat, it's crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and the size of a football. I have them add a few slices of prosciutto and it's divine.

The daily sampler from Thunder Mountain Curry and plenty of their sauces.

Mu Mu Muesli from Sharon Springs

All Good Bakery - vegan cinnamon buns! you'd never know they are vegan. also their bialys, lavender muffins and brownies are amazing. They've been at the Delmar Farmers Market all summer long, honest weight co-op sometimes has items from them AND they are in the midst of starting up the first local CSB (Community Supported Bakery) modeled after CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture) AND they will also be at Harvest Fest on Sunday. Phew!

Like them on Facebook! (All Good Bakers)

I'm going to have to go with Applejack from Harvest Spirits, love it! The Core Vodka is great too.

1.The garlic paste sold at Roma Importing in Latham, I believe it's made for them by a Al-baraki or Taste of Lebanon. The tahini and babaganoush is outstanding as well.
2.The stuffed grape leaves at Nora's Grocery on the Rte 2 hill are fabulous.

Homestead Farms' fresh chickens and eggs. Available at their farm in Brunswick and at the Troy Riverfront Farmers' Market. Best thing I've tasted in a very long time!

I have a few favs that are all available at the Schenectady Farmer''s Market.

~Plum Rhubarb Jelly from Pixie's Preserves (a serious addiction!)
~ Maple Walnut Ice Cream from Battenkill Creamery
~Painted Goat Rosemary Fig or Garlic and Chive Goat Cheese

And I definitely agree that Buddhapesto and Saratoga PB are AMAZING!

Cheesecake. Cheesecake. Cheesecake.

the folks at Cheesecake Machismo do such an amazing job with their product - they even facebook their daily offerings so i can drool.

what kind?

come on now. what kind DON'T i want?

i would be willing to throw in the difference from the 25 bucks so i can get a Frankencake (one with all flavors of slices and deliciousness) to share with my friends with some yummy milk or maybe even a good dessert wine.

I love Hawthorne Valley Farm's Raw Kim Chee, found at the Honest Weight Food Co-op.

Fudge Fantasies Cookies from The Cookie Factory are Fantastic

Would Purple Pub Pizza count???

How about apple cider doughnuts from Golden Harvest and applejack or apple vodka from Harvest Spirits? Roald Dahl's Bean from "Fantastic Mr. Fox" would approve.

Last weekend I run a 5K in Kinderhook, in Samscott Orchards, They had apple Doughnuts, sooooooooooooooooo good. I ate five of them, no kidding.

I second the Cheesy Garlic Bread from Our Daily Bread, which I pick up at the Schenectady Greenmarket and the Empire State Plaza farmers market. I usually get two loaves so we can have one to eat fresh and then one to make tomato salad with the next day. So good.

The tomato salad is just chunks of fresh tomatoes, some very thinly sliced red onion, a few torn up basil leaves, a little olive oil, a slash of balsamic vinegar, and some salt and pepper. Let that marinate for a couple hours, then toss with cubes of day old cheesy garlic bread just before eating.

Chocolate dipped potato chips from Isn't It Sweet. Yes, I'm satisfied with this answer.

two come to mind:
1) Fish Fry Special from Bob-n-Ron's on Central Ave., and
2) Soba Ten Za from the Sushi House on New Scotland Ave.

I love the apple cider donuts from Indian Ladder Farms aaaaaaand Buddhapesto equally. I don't know if they would go well together, though ;)

Hands down, its Buddhapesto for me. That brilliant green yumminess is summer in your mouth.

saratoga peanut butter. more specifically, their maple peanut butter. i'm addicted. :)
also, cider donuts from indian ladder farms. yum.

My local favorite is the fresh donuts and cider at Indian Ladder Farms in Voorheesville. My regional favorite is the jalapeno-cheddar chicken sausage from Oscar's Smokehouse in Warrensburg. Mmmmmmm.

Bilinski organic chicken sausages. Imaginative range of flavors and made in Cohoes! Even my picky kids like them.

That reminds me: I've always wanted to tour their factory. No, really. I like seeing where stuff comes from.

(Who was it who said: "Laws are like sausages; it is better not to see them being made"? Well, I've been to the state capitol. Sausage holds no fear for me now.)

Tofu curry + vegetarian summer rolls from Van's with a bottle (or two or three) of Brown's ESB or IPA. I actually had that on Wednesday - though with a Hennepin.

I love cheese. Specifically, I adore Palatine habanero cheddar cheese. It's no joke.

A big fresh loaf of Perreca's bread dipped in a plate of olive oil and balsamic with some pepper ground on top.

I could eat that every day, with any meal.

ted's fish fry. not just my favorite local food, possibly my favorite food ever. i've eaten there on a pretty regular basis ever since i was born. my intake increases tenfold during the summer months, but i love it all year round. my last meal on earth: fish fry, an order of onion rings, and a chocolate shake.

When they have it, the Maple Porter from Brown's Brewing Co. While many of their beers are quite good, the Maple Porter is amazingly smooth and rich, and highly drinkable.

Beer. It's good food!

Thunder Mountain Curry at the Troy Farmers Market. Depending on the special (since I'm vegetarian) either the daily sampler or the Pad Thai. Of course I get the Mango Lassi as well and it is usually finished in under 2 min. Mmmmm so good! Can't wait to get some tomorrow.

I see so many of my favorites here - Perecca's bread, Pad Thai from Thunder Mountain Curry, pretty much anything from Our Daily Bread, and Painted Goat's cheeses. But my current addiction is the English Pub Cider from Chatham Winery.

Two local favorites: 1) Old Chatham Sheepherding Company Camenbert, and 2) anything from Cheesecake Machismo.

Just about everything listed above is delicious. I also love anything from Augie's in Ballston Spa. Lakeside has some great pancakes.

My #1
Warm Mushroom Salad from Cella Bistro, Schenectady
As described on the menu...roasted portobello, pan roasted wild mushrooms, shallots, garlic, pancetta, asiago and parmeggiano cheeses, wilted arugula, grilled ciabatta bread,chili oil, oven roasted tomatoes
Need I say more...

Brown's Oatmeal Stout!

It would have to be the great beers brewed up at the Pump Station. One of the first places I visited when I first came to Albany and if I could only drink their beer, I'd be cool with it.

My favorite local food is coming in a couple of weeks. Our local boy scout troop here in Scotia plant and harvest their own potatoes (courtesy of Shaul's in Schoharie). We buy a giant bag and enjoy them for months.

I like the fresh baked breads and pastries at Panera Bread. Their soup and salad is delicious as well.

OMG, here I'm sitting in Europe, and you guys have my mouth watering for some Cap Dist food!

I'll 2nd/3rd/4th; Old Chatam Sheep Herding Camembert, Buddapesto, Al Baraki Garlic Paste, and my new recent favorite - the sauerkraut at the Troy Farmer's Market (previously featured on AOA!)

I feel like I talk about this in every post I make, but bread from Mrs. London's. It's absolutely heaven sent!

petuske's produce stand in halfmoon.

ps - i was going to say crisan, but i don't need any extra encouragement to eat there. ;)

well buddahpesto seems to be quite the fave - and I'm embarrased to say - who makes it and where is it available?

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