Little house on State Street

303C State Outside

We're pretty sure this is the smallest house in Albany.

The other day we noticed that what is arguably the smallest house in Albany is for rent.

303C State Street is a sturdy looking, cute little brick place that kind of puts us in mind of where the first third little pig lived in the fairy tale.

It's one big room with a good size sleeping loft. It's got charm, but it's definitely not meant for pack-rats.

Owner Adam Ladopoulos, who also owns the State Street Mansion Bed and Breakfast, gave us the 5 cent tour this morning.

We know the building used to be a carriage house, but Ladapoulos, whose family has owned the place for years, didn't have more history than that. We'd love to know more about the place.

What kind of amazed us about the little house is that there are 1 1/2 bathrooms. Well, sort of. The full bath is kind of half-bath sized, but it has a shower.

Among the small things about the house -- the price. An apartment in Center Square with off street parking for $850 a month seemed pretty reasonable to us. We're thinking it won't be for available for long.

The place is in transition and some of the lights weren't working, so some of the pictures aren't the best -- but you get the idea.

The kitchen is small but functional:


downstairs bath.JPG


Upstairs 2.JPG

And that, as they say, is that.

Find It

The little house on State Street
303C State Street
Albany, NY 12210


Thanks for posting this!! I've always wanted to know what that place is like on the inside.

Holy cow! Thank you so much for doing this mini-tour. It's so great to finally see the inside of my pretend-apartment!

Great poster over the toilet!

The place is so cute, inside and out. I pass it often and it's always caught my eye. Thanks for the peek within!

If I didn't own my house I would be all over that.

It looks like I'm not the only one who has wanted to see inside there for years!

Heh, I've got a friend that occasionally lives directly across the street from that tiny house, but I've never noticed it!

If I didn't own my house I would be all over that.

It's ADORABLE! I would totally live there.

I've wondered what it was like inside, especially since I've seen the for rent sign lately. :) Yet another "if I didn't own my house..." voice ;)

I've walked by this house many times, and love to point it out to family and friends who are visiting.

Must be deja vu or something, but I was just thinking the other day that it would be a great story for AOA. How'd you do that?

I'm sure you thought about this but check the Art Institute or the museum. Sanborn maps usually tell a lot. Or call Dick Barrett, the city historian/ex-historian, who will gladly talk your ear off about anything in the city of Albany.

This is hysterical. I moved to Albany in 2004 and have been obsessed with this mini-maison since then.

You're my first time on the internet since Thursday, and well worth the wait! Wonderful, interesting story.
I have some doll furniture that might fit there.
Could not find a picture of the fridge in photo?

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