The Airing of Grievances

festivus poleThe august holiday of Festivus is traditionally celebrated tomorrow, but we've decided to observe it today with a traditional Airing of Grievances.

So, gather round the unadorned aluminum pole and let it all out. You'll feel better. And it'll make it easier to deal with all those relatives who are about to ask you why you (are not married, don't have kids, haven't finished school, don't live closer to family, are wearing that awful sweater).

To balance the bitter the with some sweet, AOA will give Peppermint Pigs to three people randomly picked from the comments. Here's the deal, though: grievances can not include personal attacks, nastiness or creepiness.

The Editors' lists of grievances are the jump. We're looking forward to hearing yours. Happy Festivus.

Important: To be eligible for the Peppermint Pig drawing, your comment must be submitted by noon on December 23, 2010. You must include a working email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. One entry per person. Winners will be notified by 5 pm that day and must respond by noon on December 24.

Grievances aired by AOA Mary

+ Why do people take up two parking spaces in a residential neighborhood where parking is clearly at a premium? Is their car that much more important? Were they absent on parallel parking day in driving class?

+ Where's the good hot chocolate? Warm milk + Hershey syrup != hot chocolate.

+ Raisins in the cookies. You really think they're chocolate chips. You say awwww yes! A chocolate chip cookie! Then, bang, you hit a raisin. This is very disappointing.

+ Mean people. What's the point of them?

Grievances aired by AOA Greg

+ People who take too long at the ATM. If you're trying to restructure your credit default swaps, or whatever is taking you forever at the machine, you could at least have the common courtesy to walk into the bank and talk to a teller.

+ People who ride right up on your bumper. You know, following that closely doesn't make me want to drive any faster (maybe the opposite, actually). And when I see you at the next stoplight after you've impatiently zipped through traffic -- I am laughing at you.

+ Speaking of traffic lights... the old-school lights without sensors, that just change based on a timer, have got to go. It's absurd to see 7 or 8 cars waiting at an intersection WHEN NO ONE IS DRIVING ON THE CROSS STREET.

+ Central Ave Hannaford, what is the deal with your brussels sprouts? They almost always look second-rate. I thought this was just a Hannaford problem until I saw the Most Beautiful Brussels Sprouts Ever at your location in Latham. Where's the sprout love for Albany?

+ TWC, I'm still irked about the Anthony Bourdain thing.

+ Jim Boeheim, give us some more Mookie. You know you want to. This year's team is good, but they can't hit a three to save their lives. I don't care if Mookie doesn't know the 2-3 from the 1-3-1 from the 4-4-2. Giving him a few minutes each game to launch a few threes can't hurt. And, plus, I just like to yell MOOOOKIE! at the TV.

+ Seriously, what part of "pick up your dog's poop" is hard to understand?

photo: Flickr user M. Keefe


Troy Post Office: Nine original customer-service windows inside. Five are permanently boarded up. Four have the possibility of being open, but usually only two are. I was third in line this AM at 8:20AM (a full ten minutes before they opened.) I had a poster tube to mail, and a few stamps to purchase. I left there at 8:50AM.

Oh my god, AOA, the chance to air my grievances publicly--this is the best gift you could have gotten me!

--Horrible local commercials: Billy Fuccillo and Adirondack Tire, I will NEVER patronize your establishments because your commercials are so HUGELY annoying/trashy.
--The weird way Capital Region professionals feel compelled to prove that they know everyone. This isn't really a name-dropping kind of town.
--WHY CAN'T WE HAVE WINE AND LIQUOR IN GROCERY STORES??? Do NYS politicians realize how many extra trips I have to make every day for Alize???
--It's too cold in my office. Someone needs to get on that.
--And lastly, my bid for Top Grievance of 2010: The rent is TOO DAMN HIGH!

If someone walks ahead of you through a doorway, what is the deal with yanking the door away from her? Okay, maybe you're trying to be polite and assume the burden of that heavy door. But consider this: She might have bad knees and may be be leaning on that door. You might as well kick her in the leg.

Building owners - why do you heavily salt sidewalks, but ignore parking lots? Folks have to walk in the parking lot as much as (if not more than) the sidewalk. A little traction wouldn't hurt.

Cars drivers that constantly put bike riders in fear of death. You are not kings of the road, so please share it. We're out here all the time, even in winter.

I wish the local roller derby leagues could get over discrepancies and issues of the past and reconcile.

Can't we all just get along?

When you're waiting to turn left at an intersection and the person behind you decides to turn first. Don't you think there might be a reason I'm waiting? Maybe something like DANGEROUS ONCOMING TRAFFIC? For crying out loud. I'm not just standing there for my health. No, wait. I AM.

-People who follow you around the parking lot at Colonie Center waiting for you to pull out so they can have your spot when there are other spots clearly available and visible. You are making me nervous, and I think you might be a serial killer waiting to pull me into your backseat, so please stop it.

-People who wear too much cologne/perfume. If I can smell you both coming and going, and the smell lingers for 15 minutes after you’ve left, you’ve applied way too liberally.

-People who sit next to you in an otherwise empty restaurant/theater/bus. There are so many other seating choices, why would you purposely choose to sit near someone?

-Latham Hannaford, I adore you beyond all reasoning, but it seems whenever I fall in love with one of your food products, you stop carrying it a week later. How can this be? Very disappointing.

Drivers who creep along at about 5-10 mph below the speed limit, and then when they get to a yellow light they floor it and leave everyone behind them sitting at the red.

Drivers who leave about 3 car lengths between them and the car in front of them when stopped at an intersection, thus pushing back the line of traffic, so people who want to get into the right turn lane can't get to it.

Proprietors of businesses who attempt to set minimum purchase limits for credit cards use. Listen buddy, you signed a contract with the credit card company where you agreed not to establish a minimum limit. I don't give have a fig about whether or not it's economical for you to accept it on this, or any other small purchase. You should have considered this when you made the business decision to accept cards in the first place. Now run my f-ing card before I report you to mastercard!


If I say any more than that, I'd probably be breaking numerous rules about "personal attacks, nastiness or creepiness".

Happy Festivus!

Now for the Feats of Strength, let's pit Shelly Silver against Dean Skelos!

Small gym towels. Is it too much to ask for a towel that would actually provide a modicum of modesty in the locker room?

Folks who feel compelled to post negative comments on anything. Times are tough so share good things. Grab some joy - a rather easy survival tip.

I agree with so many of the grievances so far, especially the Troy Post Office one. Here are some of mine:

-People who chew gum like a horse in a very small office, but complain when other people eat loudly.

-When you try to be polite or extend basic courtesy to someone and they blow you off or are rude in return.

-When people sit in their cars in the middle of a narrow street waiting for or talking to someone when there are plenty of open spots to pull in.

-People who have to try and one-up you every time you talk to them about something you like, did, enjoy, etc. -- especially when they were the ones that ask you about that particular thing.

Why can't people just bring their library materials back on time? Or if they have a legitimate reason (and I've accepted some doosies) why don't they just call us and ask for an extension? Other people would like to read, watch or listen to these materials and they can't because some other inconsiderate soul hasn't returned them! Ain't shhhhhhussing here, BRING BACK OUR BOOKS etc! Thank you!

- People who don't understand that on a highway the sole purpose for the existence of the left lane is to go faster than the right lane.

- Baristas at Starbucks whose selective hearing blocks out the word 'decaf.'

- Engagement photos. I don't know when this became the thing to do, but they really bug the tar out of me. Yes, we know you're happy and in love. Stop flaunting it.

- The on-screen ads during TV shows that now take up one-third of the screen. Get out of the way!

No enough AOA updates. I know you guys are working hard over there, but I am doing my best to avoid work at my own job. I hit the refresh button about 6 times an hour.

Kids - how about some manners? Please, Thank You and holding the door when I'm right behind you or coming right at you. I'm suspect of anyone under the age of 30 these days.

Simple consideration - who'd have thought?? Happy Festivus.

Movie theater patrons. I can't believe that people STILL don't realize that the movie theater is not their living room and shouldn't: A) chat loudly with their companions, B) use their cellphone, C) use my seat as a foot rest D) smell bad. It actually seems to be getting worse (or maybe I just care more), and it's ruining the theater-going experience for me.

Selfish shoppers. The other day I was in Marshalls and a gang (4 or 5) of women decided to use an entire isle as their personal chat room. I hinted at wanting to get down there by beginning to push my cart down the aisle, but nobody moved. I just couldn't believe it. I had to awkwardly back my cart out and was unable to peruse the merchandise in that aisle. And, to make things worse, they were parked there for over an hour. C'mon peeps. the holiday shopping experience can be chaotic and stressful. Lets try to make it a little nicer for each other, okay?

Whatever happened to good customer service? If you work at a check out, LOOK at me, say hello and wrap up the transaction with a 'thank you' and 'have a nice day'. Fast food workers are the worst transgressors, IMHO.

Where to start? OK, right here:

*People who text while driving. You ride up on my ass at a light, then pause for way too long causing others to honk at you, then you're right up my ass again. Face it: YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO MULTITASK, NOR SHOULD YOU! (I feel so much better, thanks AOA!).

**People who do no acknowledge you when you hold the door for them. I am generally a very courteous person. Would it kill you to respond back?!

***(Local): Professors who wait until beyond the time limit to post grades. Dude, my work related tuition reimbursement for 2010 is due and you still haven't posted the grade. I want my teacher evaluation back and I'm currently searching Amazon for just the right lump of coal to be overnighted to your doorstep.

****(Global): Leakers who don't like leaks. Julian whatshisname can suck it. Man up, you sanctimonious hair farmer.

Onward to Feats of Strength! Thanks, AOA!

* SUBURBS. Albany is being strangled to death by the suburbs. I know parents are too scared to put their kids in Albany public schools - but that's why Albany public schools suck. There are lots of houses in Albany waiting to be inhabited, why do people insist on living out in the boonies and making everyone in the county pay for roads and services to go out to their middle-of-nowhere town? And those suburban box stores certainly don't help local merchants, either.

* COMMUTERS. If you work in Albany, LIVE in Albany. All commuters do is take, take, take, without reinvesting in Albany. The city is dying precisely because of this kind of leech-like behavior.

* URBAN PLANNING FAIL. There are too many food deserts in Albany. There are not enough bike lanes in Albany. There are too many car lots and billboards in Albany. Stupid policies about alcohol being sold in bags means the skies and ground are littered with black plastic bags. The SUNY campus is not even IN Albany, further contributing to the region's ridiculous car culture and depriving Albany shops of the money and vitality students can bring. Road signs make NO sense here: the lights need to be timed, the lights need to be placed in FRONT of the car and not on top, the lights need to be visible in daylight, the lines need to be repainted on many roads... and why are right turns on red illegal with so little traffic in this town?! And where is the investment in the arts?!

* SUNY ALBANY. Like most big schools in mediocre towns, the University does little for its home. Where is the investment into the public schools to save them? I'm not talking fancy-pants research projects; I'm talking about students and profs rolling up their shirtsleeves and going into classrooms and after-school programs to give these kids a sense of belonging and hope for the future. And what kind of "University" cuts its French, Russian, Italian, Classics, and Theatre programs? And in case you forgot, they cut German years ago. Wasted opportunities.

1. double parked with flashers on not far from an actual parking spot.

2. crossing the street when i have the light in my car. get out of my way please.

3. yelling. when there does not need to be yelling. in the street. at a store. etc.

4. the situation in the garbage area of my building. sometimes it looks like a third world country up in there. put your garbage in the cans. not on the floor.

5. dryers at the laundromat that SEEM like they are drying things, but 30 minutes later you find that they are not.

take a deep breath and recover.

happy holidays all.

People who complain about living in New York State. Learn to love it or think about moving. Think positive people!

That sign that was (may still be) on Lark Street notifying motorcycle riders of noise ordinances. Really? Every fifth freaking car has its bass cranked so loud my window panes rattle. That's OK???

That glazed smiley look of new self-actualization and fulfillment and “can’t you just wait?!” that new moms my age give me if I so much as offhandedly glance at their baby. Congratulations, you’ve procreated. “The Mommy Club” is not some coveted society that I’m just oh-so-anxious to join, so just get over yourself.

If you have a runny nose, stay home from the movies and library. No one wants to hear your boogers crackling about in your head and your damn sniffling every 90 seconds.

Cookie Ninjas! or any other food scavenger at work. Those cookies are for a meeting! If you aren't attending and contributing to it, don't sneak up and take 5 cookies. And stop eyeing my lunch when I walk back from the break room. It's creepy!

People who stop to merge. Merge "to combine, blend, or unite gradually" GRADUALLY!

@meierrain: Totally agree with the engagement photos! Horrendous!

Ahh that feels better! Happy Festivus!

Drivers: You're supposed to still be able to see the back tires of the stopped car in front of you, ideally where the rubber meets the road. There is no need to be crawling up my tailpipe whenever I'm stopped. I realize my car has a cute butt, but you don't need to practically mount the poor thing out of what could only be attraction and lust since this action won't get you to your destination faster.

-the clerks/cashiers/waitpersons (don't know what the proper term is these days) who reply: "no problem" when you say "thank you!"
INCORRECT: "no problem" is not the reply to "thank you".

"You're welcome" is.

oh GEE I hope it's NO PROBLEM that you're simply doing.your.job.

-when I sometimes forget my resusable bags at Hfrd/PC and ask for JUST paper (we seem to always have more paper recyclable stuff than bags) and the cashier looks at me like I have three heads and says (loudly) "JUST PAPER?!!" like..who on EARTH would ask for ONLY a humble paper bag? I want to snap back.."look at me. I've got a strong back, I can carry a paper bag". I reply (sheepishly), "yes just paper" and the grocery bagger complies by giving me...paper in plastic.

- times union blog commenters. not the four or five people that are actually helpful and offer constructive, if differing, opinions. but the constant back and forth bickering, holier then thou attitudes and downright rudeness that i've seen lately makes me more and more thankful for aoa's *nice* commenters.
- people who out-run me to get to a cash register or opened door first. good job, moron, you beat a 6 months pregnant chick. feel better?
- sprint: why does your service work everywhere superbly but in my apartment building?
- drivers who can't slow down or stop in parking lots to let people walk to the door. i don't care if there is a crosswalk there - you're in your warm car and i'm *trying* to hurry up in the cold/wind/rain/snow to get to the door - stop for two seconds, would you?

@Albany Supporter - RIGHT ON

* Candles & Cats. A dangerous combination that makes me sneeze & can burn-down houses.

* Deer. Do us all a favor, look both ways before you cross the road.

* State legislators. You've decimated funding for SUNY & CUNY during my entire lifetime. Why are you afraid of providing citizens with reasonably-priced, high-quality higher education?

*People cutting their fingernails right outside your office - practically every day!

Fellow bloggers, If I link you, can you please link back?

* Wait staff who chew gum while serving.

* Tip jars at restaurants/counters whose employees make the regular wage, not the tip-adjusted wage. Serving me graciously through a 60- to 90-minute meal is worth a solid 20% if you're remotely competent. Bringing me a cup of coffee based on a 15-second relationship is not worthy of a tip. And if you're chewing gum, I'm taking money OUT of your tip jar.

Clerks, specifically in food service, that call male customers "chief", "boss", "boss chief", or other such names. You don't need to call me sir, but don't call me chief, chief.

1. The fact that it's nearly impossible to find bottled unsweetened beverages (not DIET...unsweetened) in most gas stations/convenience stores/grocery stores.

2. There is a drive-through McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, etc on every corner but, good lord, where! is there a drive-through Subway? Or any non-fried fast food place. Just because I am lazy does not mean I deserve to get fatter.

3. It really, really irritates me when people are eating an organic apple with that holier-than-thou look in their eye, only to wash it down with FIJI WATER. I will judge you right back.

4. Oh, and it reallllllllllly bothers me that buildings with more than a certain number of apartments aren't required to recycle.

5. One more thing...if I'm trying to make friendly conversation with you (yes, maybe at a bar), don't look at me like I'm either the Whore of Babylon, or dinner. Albany can be super clique-y and hard to make friends in.

Things that grind my gears:

1. AoA comments whose grievance lists indicate ignorance of fiscal realities...we just can't afford all the things you're angry are being cut anymore.

2. Fiscal realities.

3. Not trying to say they're bad people, but state workers with compensation/retirement packages that have outpaced the private sector for years, and are now causing problem #2.

-I got "let go" from my job because my boss forced me to call CPS. The case was dropped.

-My neighbors son skateboards in their base while I watch "Grey's Anatomy".

-A different neighbor (supposedly) called my landlord and complained my trash can has been out front for 2 weeks. The neighbor believes that's "unacceptable". He sits in his garage for a good 5 minutes with his motorcycle on and then another 5 minutes at the end of the driveway with it running!

-My 33 year old husband was diganosed with cancer 2 weeks after my grandmother died. Why are we being punished? When are things going to start looking up for us?

-Next year I turn 30. That means I have to grow up and be an adult.

-My sister-in-law complains about having to pay $25 for a urine test. Neither my husband nor I have a job! Would you like to see OUR medical bills?!?! How about rent? How about electric?

-Everyone around me is pregnant. We can't even think about that for another year!

-Everyone who is pregnant says, "oh, we just hope for a healthy baby". I hope I can get pregnant and there's no side effects from chemo, that our baby doesn't carry his cancer gene, or has Spina Bifida like his brother did.

-What happened to the Coke Bear commercials? Santa's creepy!

-What kind of person steals from "Toys for Tots"? Apparently my Uncle did and gave the toys to his children.

-The Salvation Army is a group of homophobes. Don't donate a cent to them. I don't care if the guy at the Colonie Macy's sings and opens the door for you,

-At the movies I always manage to sit near the loud, obnoxious people. Usually teenagers. They ruined Harry Potter for me.

-My best friend in the entire world lives in Chicago. I wish he were here with me now.

-Why do people in power positions feel the need to tear the little person down. You may have more job experience, but I have more life experience.

-I hate that people who hate Obama are fans of his on Facebook and say nasty things. They make racist remarks and threaten to kill him. The guy is doing the best he can... after after he preceeded Bush.

-Why did SNL do "A Gilly Christmas"?!?! Gilly is ssoo annoying and stupid!!!!

I work retail during the holiday season, so as you can imagine, I've got a few grievances to air these days.

- People who are absolutely gobsmacked to find a line at the cash register in the few days before Christmas, and make a point of turning to their companion and remarking loudly about it. We have several registers running at all times, and friendly, efficient cashiers - it's not our fault you waited until the 22nd to do your shopping. We've been here the whole time.

- People who seem to think that I will drop the customer I am already helping in order to find something for them if only they are loud and insistent enough. Wait your turn! Doesn't everyone learn that in kindergarten?

- People who try to grab me when I am clearly on my way to do something else and in a hurry. 90% of my time at work this time of year is spent helping customers, but sometimes I have to do other things - someone has to keep quarters in the registers and paper in the receipt printers, after all. If I politely explain that I'm needed elsewhere but you can find help at our information desk, don't roll your eyes and stomp off.

I could go on. But I do want to note that the vast majority of people I encounter while I'm working are polite, pleasant, in good spirits and understanding when things don't work out. Unfortunately, it's the small, obnoxious minority one tends to remember. Still love this time of year, though, and will be sad to see it go - after this weekend, all that's left is 4 more months of snow.

no more loko :(

My general and insignificant grievances:

- I grieve for all of the lovely and historically significant Hudson Valley architecture that has been razed in the name of 'progress.' There is a lot to love about what does remain of Albany's older buildings, and I can even dig the modernist design of the Plaza, but those giant, god-ugly, boxy off-white and pastel buildings just make me feel so dead inside. And don't get me started on moving the Stanford mansion into the middle of a shopping plaza!!!! UGGH!

- Unwieldy silverware. There's just too much large, clunky eating utensilage out there. I prefer a smooth and plesant transportation sensation to my mastication station.

- Nails on hard or dry denim (soft denim is O.K.). For me, it's like grinding your teeth on steel wool. Yet many people go on, carelessly scratching their jeans with no regard to the sheer agony they maybe inflicting upon others' sensitive ears.

I could go on, but I won't. A Cherry Mistmas to all!

*The closure of Public Bath #2 aka demolition by neglect

*The lack of a Community Benefits Agreement with teeth in the Albany Med Expansion

*Rouge dog-walkers who do not clean up after their dogs. Specifically in Center Square/ Madison & Lark. I WILL FIND YOU!

@Albany Supporter "The SUNY campus is not even IN Albany"-- yes it is. Check a map. Albany extends all the way out to Crossgates Commons.

@kriskaten- I was actually going to make a comment about the commenters. These people who spend their time posting comments on every TU blog entry (and a few other area blogs) trashing each other (or just throwing in pointless comments so they can link to their stupid twitter feeds) and then refer to blogs as "communities". To top it all off, they're obviously doing this all at work and very unlikely to be getting much work done and then they post enough personal information that if you read these blogs long enough you can probably identify most of them. I'll say this much: If I ever find out one of the professional blog community members who post non-stop throughout the day is one of my employees, he/she will be on the fast track to termination.

Mother-in-law. 'Nuff said.

- Drivers who tailgate and refuse to use the passing lane
- People who walk very slowly, several abreast, not allowing room for me, or others who might have somewhere to be, to pass them
- People who walk on the left. I know *I* learned to keep right in kindergarten. What did *you* learn?
- Taking a woman home to meet your mother, and THEN saying you can't commit

People who post their work schedule in their Facebook status. People who improperly use their turn signals. People who don't know the difference between "there" and "their", or "your" and "you're". Lazy people. Mean people. Highschoolers. The meaning of Christmas getting buried beneath credit card bills.

People who spell catalog with a "ue" at the end (catalogue). Dude, we're not Canadian...

There are A LOT of good ones here so far -- Here are mine

- People who complain about snow/cold weather in NY. Bundle up, suck it up, and learn to love it -- go skiing or sledding. If that's not your thing, then move somewhere warmer.

- No left green arrow on Western Ave turning onto Manning Blvd. Go there around rush hour. It's downright dangerous.

Greg - I must agree. More Moookiiiie (and Southerland)! Less Trish.

My grievances:
~Complaints about the snow or cold. Yes, imagine that... winter came again this year. Surprise!
~Lack of snow in Albany, 2-3 inches? Are you kidding me? Off to Syracuse I go!
~Cigarette smoke.
~Crappy music on the radio these days (WEXT excluded).

Co-Workers who clip their fingernails at their desk. Disgusting!

Folks who leave their shopping carts in the middle of the parking instead of putting them back in the corrals, the fact that we still don't have a Trader Joe's in the Capital District, and why NYS's liquor laws are so antiquated compared to half the nation where you can buy in the grocery stores etc....

- People sitting in the fast lane of Alternate Route 7 doing 51 mph - the speed limit jumped to 65 many years ago, update your speed control.

- Dog owners that allow their dogs off leash in city or suburban settings. Mae is a cutie, but you rush up on us out of nowhere, and it is going down.

- I second the mention of some of the TU blog commenters - particularly those that savage *something* they explicitly refuse to investigate further / in-person.

- It's a geeky one, but it still rings true: the fact that Black Panther is now Daredevil. Yeah, I'm pissed.

People who bite their nails all shift at the office!

And people who feel the need to clip their nails at their desks -- eew!

(I'm not entering the contest -- just needed to vent. :) )

I'm in no mood for people who bitch about winter, especially when the poor excuse for snow we get here in the capital region is about 1/100th as awesome (or as terrible, if you hate it, I suppose) as what you'd find just a short drive from here where they get glorious lake effect. If you don't love crispy air, beautiful snow, skating, skiing, sledding or other ways to make winter yours, you've just got to MOVE and let the rest of us run around having snowball fights amongst ourselves! Go, byebye, you whiners!

People who go to the customer desk and request that I bring an item on sale up for them. This isn't Service Merchandise, you've got two perfectly good legs, walk back and get the item your own damn self.

If there's a light off at a register that isn't an invitation to continue coming through, especially when there are no lines at ones with lights on.

People who send an email with a request then walk over to my cubicle and ask if I got their email and if I had questions.

Poor cubicle behaviors: nail clipping, flossing, farting and snoring.

Facebook, Twitter and other social networking tools.

I promise, I don't mean to be a luddite, but I can't stand this new communication crap.

Poor customer service. I know you've been working hard all day, but please do me the courtesy of actually looking at me when you take my money - I am, afterall, helping to pay your salary.

I'm not here for the contest, having already won with AOA in 2010, I'm here to bitch.

Let us begin.

I wish you wouldn't sit in the cube next to mine and eat noisily. Nom, nom, nom. Please take it to the lunch room.

While we're at it, get the hell off the phone. Got no work to do? Please do nothing more quietly.

At the supermarket, please don't leave your cart in the middle of the aisle.

To blog commenters, I say this: don't talk @#$% about people, particulary those accused of crimes but not yet convicted and people you have some sort of ridiculous gripe with.

To the editors who are supposed to moderate those same comments, kindly remove your heads from your rectums.

To the many people who review the work of others, especially creative content, your fingerprints need not be on everything that crosses the desk.

To dog park patrons: please stop socializing for a moment and keep an eye on what your rotten mutt is doing.

To everyone, for God's sake, have a sense of humor.

And finally, please flush the darn urinal.

@skfl-- you reminded me of another. "Alternate Route 7". It doesn't exist! It did for a very short time in the 1980s and has not since then. It aggravates me that our local news media insist on continuing to refer to it.

-People who think that the closer they get to you while waiting in line, the faster it makes the line move. You may be subjected to me pretending I forgot my wallet, backing up suddenly, and "accidentally" stepping on your foot. Personal space.

-People who encounter a long line during a traditionally busy time (lunch hour, holidays) and need to let everyone know their dissatisfaction through a series of loud sighs, lip smacking, and other noises. Somehow everyone else understands the line is long and can deal with it like an adult. This is usually the same person who is breathing down your neck in line.

-People who have lived here for many years that still can't grasp that the speed limit on Alt-7 is 65.

-People who take every opportunity to cram their political opinion into every discussion no matter what the venue or subject. A blog post about cheese can quickly devolve into "It's those stupid tea partiers/socialists trying to ruin your cheese!" We get it. Nobody cares that you don't like Obama or hate the suburbs.

-People who are desperate to display their pretentiousness in every situation. Congratulations! You read a book!

-Every guy who tries to turn left at the light from the middle lane on route 4 North to go down the Morrison ave hill near HVCC. The left lane is the turn lane, you're not too cool to wait like everyone else. You're a D-bag.

-people who think their dogs are children

-people who think their children are free spirits and should be able to do whatever they want in public

-dog parades

-people who laugh loud in the movie to let every one know that they got the joke

-people that litter facebook with football talk on sunday, life sucks on monday, can't wait for the weekend on wednesday, can't wait to leave work on friday, i'm so waisted on friday night, and i'm so hung over on saturday


I don't like peppermint, so not entering the contest :) Just wanted to commiserate.

People who do not use their turn signal when driving on the highway. I am not a mind reader, I do not know when you're planning to change lanes if you don't let me know.

Verizon, for not having the iPhone yet. Or...

Apple for not being on Verizon.

All the ultrasound pictures and/or baby bump pics that are littering my FB lately. I know you're excited, but no one else cares, except maybe your mom.

St. Peter's hospital, who yesterday canceled my surgery literally 2 minutes before I was about to go into the OR (I had an IV in and a hairnet people!) because they never read my medical chart. I will never trust that place again.

Skinny jeans or jeggings. I don't care how skinny you are, it doesn't look good on you. Sorry.

You had to ask...

To the STRANGERS who make a beeline over to oogle my 5 month old baby who is securely wrapped in a carrier and then tucked into my coat, with just her head popping out.

+ YES that is a real baby
+ NO it is not a puppy
+ YES it is very comfortable
+ NO it does not hurt her
+ NO you MAY NOT touch her with your dirty, germy hands
+ and YES I did just swat your hands away from her face because although you think her cheeks are scrumptious they are NOT YOURS TO TOUCH!

Folks who do not use turn signals.

Customers who throw their money on the counter for you to pick up.

-Parents who let their children push their shopping carts at the grocery store/Target. They can't see where they're going, and always seem to hit me.

-Parents who let their tweens/teens act like morons in the grocery store. I witnessed a loud game of "toss the pot roast" last week in Hannaford, complete with a diving tackle in front of the deli counter.

-Cupcakes. Cupcake buses. Cupcake kiosks. Cupcake flavors. Cupcake wars. Cupcakes that cost $3 each. ENOUGH $%#! CUPCAKES.

-Pedestrians who pay no attention to traffic signals and brazenly cross the street into oncoming traffic, staring through my windshield and DARING me to hit them so they can sue me. Believe me, if I was going to hit you, you wouldn't be around to sue me when it was over. This is mostly a Schenectady problem. The people here think they are entitled to cross the street whenever/wherever they damn well please.

-Coworkers who clip their fingernails in the cubicle right outside my office. Apparently, many other people have this same grievance.

-People who wear pajama bottoms in public. People who wear pajama bottoms to family court. People who wear pajama bottoms for an appointment with their probation officer.

-My husband won't let me park my car in our garage, but he gets to park his in there.

- "LOL". I think that acronym needs to die.

-People who sign their names on a Facebook comment (e.g., "Great pic. LOL. -Aunt Edna") We know who you are - your name is on the comment!

-My mother in law is on Facebook. She signs her name sometimes on comments.

People who talk on their cell phones while going up and down the aisles in stores looking for the perfect Christmas gift. PAY ATTENTION!

People who call themselves parents, but don't watch their kids in restaurants or stores and let them run around and touch everything and get in the way of the staff. Teach your kids manners!

Oh, ask my husband, I have many grievances, but, I'll keep this list short :)
1. people who don't take food allergies seriously
2. improper use of its and it's
3. poorly lit store fronts (are you opened or closed?)
4. unshoveled sidewalks
5. pomegranats unavailable after Christmas
6. drivers who can't put away their cell phones

Truth be told, much is good in my life and I really shouldn't complain about anything....

People who don't care that their children are running/screaming/crying/doing inappropriate things in public - yes, I get that that kids will be kids but until they can conduct themselves in public don't subject the rest of us to their behavior.

Just because I look like a nice enough person does not mean you can ask me to do highly embarassing favors for you or ask me embarassing/personal questions.

Waiters who bring out main courses while appetizers are still being eaten.

Tailgating - in the car, not football.

Football/baseball/etc. updates from EVERYONE on facebook - if I cared I would've watched it.

People who post their entire lives on facebook. I do not care that you woke up, used the bathroom, ate waffles and went to work.


People who think they're wonderful and use every possible opportunity to let everyone else know. You might have been fabulous if you weren't so damn obnoxious.

And yes, I too work in retail..
Just because I'm in a highly visible location does not mean I have the words "Directions" or "Change" written on my forehead.

Wait your turn, especially if you want directions or change. Don't interrupt me when I'm with a paying customer.

Don't harass employees about company policies you dislike. Sometimes our hands really are tied and all your complaining still won't get you what you want. And making it personal is as low as you can get.

And finally, NYS DOT employees on Wolf Road who make left turns out of their building when people making right turns out of Colonie Center have a green light/arrow. Right turns take precedence over left.

Ahh that felt good. Happy Festivus!

- What is wrong with the human mind? We so often get behind the wheel of a car and do not consider that we are in command of a powerful tool that can be life threateningly dangerous to those with whom we share the road: bicyclists, other drivers, even ourselves. Pay attention, folks.

- I hate when people justify going over the speed limit when driving through the city with thoughts like "Oh, it's ok to drive 5 mph over the speed limit. They never ticket for that." As they zoom down the street scaring the heck out of us pedestrians- not to mention my dog. There's a huge difference between 5 mph over the speed limit on a highway where, generally there are no people walking, and 5 extra mph in city neighborhoods. Maybe, we should reduce the speed limit in residential neighborhoods to 20 mph. Seems low to you speed demons, I know, but check out this "20 is plenty" video and think about it:

- And while we're still on the subject of drivers. Look before you turn. Left or right. Look. Look for pedestrians. Bicyclists. Other cars. Look. Then turn, when it's safe.

Ok I'm done with my drivers rant... but not done with my grievances.

- Our public transit system needs an influx of $ that is no place in sight. It also needs new riders. Lots of 'em. New riders will help their budget. CDTA ridership was soaring when gas prices were high and the fare was only $1. Gas prices dropped and ridership stayed high until the 50% fare hike of April 2009. Then it plummeted, and I believe it still has not fully recovered.

I think if CDTA could cut the duplication along bus routes (think about all of those buses that ride the same exact route from Lark Street down to Broadway), and free up resources for better connections and easy, short transfers (no waits more than 5 minutes), more people would choose to ride. ESPECIALLY IF THEY BROUGHT BACK FREE TRANSFERS. Most transit agencies have free transfers. It's kind of nuts that we don't.

Ahhhh... thanks AOA, I feel better now. Happy Festivus, folks!

- Apostrophes do not make words plural. (It's condos, not condo's)
- Getting parking stalked in my neighborhood while putting my kids in the car
- Toddler attitude
- wrapping Christmas gifts

- People who apply the label "guru" or "ninja" to their own line of work.
- "Musicians" who bring full sound systems to tiny coffee houses for performances.
- The term "multi-instrumentalist." I'm more impressed with someone who plays one instrument well than someone who plays ten instruments (seven of them percussion) like utter crap.
- You people who didn't tell me about the existence of the show "Fringe" until now.
- Lights, Camera, Further Degradation of Film Critique

Public women's rest rooms with pee-d upon seats! EWWW! How did you miss? and better yet, if you missed, why don't you clean it up? A little consideration please! Really!!

Dog people. Your dog is your pet, not mine. I shouldn't have to put up with your pet when I'm out shopping. Pets belong at HOME.

The McRib, because whatever she says now, she'll leave me again. Bitch. Barbecue boneless beautiful bitch.


People who drive 55 in the left lane on the Northway. And then when you try to pass them on the right, they speed up to normal traffic-flowing-left-lane speed. And then when you drive normal traffic-flowing-left-lane speed, they slow down.

1. When NYS needs to trim the budget, The Office of People With Developmental Disabilites is first on the list, as if our resources weren't stretched thin enough.

2. People who don't return their shopping carts and leave them all over the parking lot.

3. People who feel the need to leave 3 ft in front of them when parking on the street.

4. Chapped lips. Buy some lip balm people!

5. There really should be a left arrow when turning from Lark St. to Central Ave. It shouldn't take me 3 light cycles to make a turn!

1. Those who park in the fire lane in Stuyvesant Plaza. I don't care how quickly you think you're going to be in and out of CVS, if I see you there, you're in my way!

2. Minor, but moms who use a picture of their child(ren) as their facebook profile picture. I like you. I like your kids. I don't like the subtle suggestion that you now exist only through your children.

Do people ever signal anymore; do I read minds, no, so how in the h e double hockey sticks do I know where you are going. Oh and if I don't read your mind you have no right to give my your middle finger....I told you I don't read minds.

When there are 10 stalls in a public bathroom and NO one is in there and you pick the stall the farthest from the door...the next person comes in and walks past all the empty stalls on order to occupy the stall right next to you to do their dastardly business.

SMOKERS - especially those whose salaries I pay through taxes and they spend half the day smoking in front of public buildings (then get in your elevator after their "break" and stink up the car.
MISUSE of the the term Adirondacks. Drive two hours north and then use the word.
DRIVERS that put kids, bikers, walkers and the rest of us at great risk by ignoring stop signs, talking on their cell phones, texting and speeding.
CYBORGS - you know, those people that feel they are so important they need to walk around with those ear devices that make them sound like they are talking to themselves. My guess is that maybe 10 percent are actually talking to someone else - the rest are just seriously affected.
Wow - that felt good - thanks AOA.

--People who stare at me like I'm the crazy person for wearing a scarf and hat when it's below freezing out - you're the crazy one for NOT being bundled up.

--Emily - totally agree with you - there needs to be a left-hand turn arrow from Lark to Central. That intersection is the worst between 4 and 6 pm.

--People at work who complain all day about their husband/signficant other. Why are you with that person if all you want to do is complain about them?

--The post office on Hudson st in downtown Albany... come on USPS, don't you think you should have more than 1 employee working during the lunch hour? You like to raise the price of stamps frequently enough that I shouldn't have to wait in line more than 30 minutes just to buy a book of them.

--Clocks in public places that show the completely wrong time... at least try to be somewhat accurate.

--Pot holes, pot holes, everywhere in Albany!!! My poor, poor car...

--Gas pumps that ask me if I want a receipt then tell me to go inside to see the clerk when I say yes.

--Under-toasted toast... If I ask for toast, I want it TOASTED darn it.

People who think they deserve respect for having boring, uninsightful opinions. Especially when they try to make those opinions "edgy".

Quid pro quo.

And pigeons. Goddamn pigeons.

Dear Stewart's:

Bring back carrot cake ice cream. That is all.

And hotdog people. Christ. Of all the annoying dog people, the hotdog people are the worst. Yeah, I know. I'm enlightened. It's not actually wrong to always be holding a hotdog with trimmings, never eating it, only nuzzling it, stealing an affectionate lick at most, loving the dog.

Just get a room or something. Not everybody wants to see that.


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