Hostage situation in Albany

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Update: The situation has ended -- the man is in custody. Police say the man is from the Bronx. The NYPD flew his girlfriend up from NYC in a helicopter this afternoon to talk to him. [TU] [Fox23] [CBS6]

Albany police say they're dealing with a hostage situation in downtown Albany. A man with a gun has reportedly held people hostage during the night -- though there are varying reports about how many people have been held. The TU reports a woman was recently released from the building and the alleged hostage taker is reportedly asking to go on TV. [YNN] [CBS6] [Fox23] [TU]

YNN says Erin Vannella, one of its reporters, contacted the man via phone at the request of police. The station has been playing a recording of parts of the phone call on the air. In the clip, the man says he loves his wife and is suicidal. Vannella later said on air that the conversation went on for a long time and it appeared the situation was going to require patience.

A few media outlets are tagging Twitter updates with #albanyhostage.

Update: There are few photos from the scene after the jump...

Albany Hostage 1

Albany Hostage 3

Albany Hostage 4


That neighborhood is the best free parking during the day if you have business downtown! Most residents have off the street parking and there are no meters.

Its times like this when the pre-roll car commercials on YNN seem inappropriate.

This is kind of scary! I live very near to that address. The neighborhood is usually pretty quiet and calm. I've never had any problems with crime there, personally. I really hope this isn't a random act of some guy breaking into a house, but it sounds like that's what it is...

I'm sooo glad this situation ended with no lives lost! Poor family that had to go through that terrifying ordeal just because some random guy couldn't cope with life. I live near that area and luckily that guy didn't choose to break in my house. If he had, he would've been the one taken hostage...and for him it would've ended very badly!!!

Glad no lives were taken! City of Albany and police really need to look into residency issues in this city seems every crime is being committed by someone from some other place like NYC?

Is Albany every criminals safe-haven? Clean up Albany it's a gold mine of a city! Peace

I was pretty numb to the whole story until I read that two of the hostages were young kids. I could never be a cop because I'd go absolutely berserk on these types of perpetrators. Victimizing children, elderly or animals = an entirely different realm.

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