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Former Glens Falls high school basketball star Jimmer Fredette lit it up last night for BYU. He scored 47 points in the Cougars win over in-state rival Utah. The Salt Lake Tribute called it "a hard-to-believe-unless-you-were-there outing." [YouTube] [ESPN] [SLT]

Three of those points came on a 40-foot shot at the buzzer before halftime (video above). The best part about that shot? The way he just sort of nonchalantly walks away, like "What? You thought I would miss?"

It was one of those nights where Fredette was in range once he stepped across half-court. His performance made him a trending topic on Twitter. (Seemingly just to prove that he's mortal, he did somehow manage to miss a dunk.) [YouTube] [CBS6] [YouTube]

Fredette is having a crazy good senior season. He's currently the nation's leading scorer at 26 points per game. And he's scoring those points efficiently -- he's shooting 54% on two-pointers, 40% on three-pointers, and 90% from the foul line. [ESPN] [ESPN] [kenpom]

A few weeks ago against Buffalo, Fredette scored just 6 points in the first half -- and then dropped 28 in the second half. The performance prompted Buffalo's coach to call Fredette "a bad dude." [Buffalo News]

For a laugh A headline this afternoon on humor site Sports Pickle: "Person Named 'Jimmer Fredette' Attempting To Be Taken Seriously" [via Amy]


Is Jimmer his real name? Not Jimmy, James, or Jim? Either way nice shot Jimmer.

Like I said, Basketball Jesus.

Have you seen Jimmer all over ESPN and Yahoo and twitter today? He is seriously going to win Player of the Year

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