WNYT is dynamite

If ever you wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a local TV station, we're pretty sure this WNYT clip is a close approximation:


Thanks for posting, AOA! Wish I could say EVERY day was like this one...but it certainly was one of the most memorable and fun! Below is a link to our "inspiration."


I admit, I was a grumpy nay-sayer who thought this was never going to work out well. But we wound up having a blast!

Inside scoop: we did one rehearsal on Wednesday and then two takes on Thursday. The version that aired was take 2.

Awesome! Not quite as slick as "The Office" but really, really goddamn good!

SUNY launched a video to the same song just last week for the Chancellor's State of the University Address! Check it out!


Slow news day eh?

I'm with Roon and admit that I was a grump too and had my doubts about this working. Mostly on a technical level though, keeping everyone involved in sync to the music.

We didn't do the boom box thing. That would have been confusing and in turn would have taken too long. I piped the music and Elaine's cues into the PA system (Elaine's idea) but that cannot be heard everywhere, like at the Saratoga bureau, the control rooms and in the studio itself. Running everything from the audio booth had fixed that. There was some normal delay to and from the bureau and if you look closely at Mark you can see this.

Rich Frederick (who shot it) had trouble hearing the music in some places too. My attempt to radio the music to him on an IFB line had failed. WNYT is in an old warehouse with alot of heavy brick walls.

Rich is the man. Not only could he not hear the music half of the time but he shot this hand-held, without a Steady-Cam unit. This was total mayhem for 2 afternoons but it came out great. It really is a snapshot of what WNYT is today in 2011.

if this video isn't enough to convince you that phil bayly is @#$%ing awesome, then i don't know what will (as if his superior journalism skills weren't enough!)

Oh I'm just waiting for WRGB's version of "Hold It Against Me," followed by Channel 10's interpretation of "Firework." And with YNN's younger demographic, they're probably going to do a lip dub to Phantogram's "Mouthful of Diamonds." Hee.


Take that, Rob Hubbard...

Nice open- I see NYT has met the federally mandated Guido quota. And again- DOES THAT BABY WORK THERE ?

What a great reminder that it takes a whole bunch of talented people that you never get to see to make the locally produced content and to make it appear on that screen in your house.

Great work everyone @ WNYT!

Always thought Bleck was a Party Girl!!!

Some grumpy gus will probably criticize the effort, but I enjoyed watching it... and everyone needs to have a little fun in the workplace! @komradebob, you are absolutely right.

This made.my.day. I love, love, LOVED the lady with the NBC hat and the people in the control room were spot-on with their lip syncing. Thanks for the mid-day laugh.

I have to concur with my co-workers who posted above. I made the mistake of watching "The Today Show's" lip dub the night before we shot ours and I worried ours was going to look ridiculous in comparison. We don't have the state of the art equipment that the network has, the back drop of 30 Rock in NYC or a staff of 500. But after seeing our final product (with equipment that could use some updating, a studio in Menands and a staff of 50) I teared up. It wasn't perfect, or as someone stated above, slick. But it was amazingly fun and such a morale booster. Plus, it's not just us who enjoyed ourselves! Countless viewers have commented, emailed and called to say we made them smile, laugh and even dance!!!

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