Exit Dome 4

WEXT Exit Dome 4 posterOur friends over at WEXT are having a benefit concert to support the station this Saturday -- and the lineup is excellent:

A $60 pledge gets you two tickets to the show. That might seem like a lot -- but the money is going to support a great radio station. And if it helps keep WEXT on the air for another year, it's a pretty good deal. (And even if you're not up for the show, you could hit 'em a few bucks. It is pledge drive time.)

WEXT makes the Capital Region a more interesting place to live, both through the music it plays and its support of local artists. We listen so much that it's now kind of hard to imagine what it'd be like to live here without it.

Yep, we're probably a little biased. We know Chris, Dave and some of the other people over there -- and we're happy we do. It's fair to say they rock.


Why aren't they doing this at donated club space? Who's gonna drive to darkest corporate Greenbush to clutch a Sprite and pretend it's a party? Maybe I have the wrong idea.


It's nice to see Rhoda's mom still gets work...oh wait a sec...Never mind.

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