Icy, Snowy Apocalypse Watch

snowy apocalypse meter 2011-01-31

You hear that? What? Exactly. It's the calm before the Icy. Snowy. Apocalypse.

Here's the (paraphrased) forecast:

Tuesday Snow and fair amounts of it. Accumulation in the 3-6 range. Temps in the lower 20s.
Tuesday night: More snow -- as much as 4 inches. So, the accumulation range for Tuesday is 5-10 inches.
Wednesday: But, wait, there's more. Lots more. A "likely blockbuster" snow storm will bring 8-16 inches during the day. The morning commute is predicted to be "difficult." Higher totals are expected to the north of Albany, with a possibility sleet to the south.
Wednesday night: And the snow keeps on coming. Total accumulations are predicted to be in the 18-30 inch range, with two foot snowfalls "not out of the question." As the forecast discussion helpfully points out, we should exceed our normal snowfall total for February in just one day.
Thursday: And we're spent.

So buckle up, you hardy Northeasterners. This is the kind of snow you'll be able to brag about.

Necessary note: You should take this all with an enormous bag of rock salt. AOA has absolutely no weather forecasting expertise. At all. That said, the world will probably not end because of some snow. Most likely.


Bring it on!

Last summer I picked blackberries from my yard & froze them. I'm planning on having them this week, just so I can remind myself that warmer days are ahead.

SnOMG or Sno Big Deal?
We'll see...

This morning they were saying only 7-14", and now it's up to 18-30"?! Crikey.

I hate commuting in this, but watching my dog romp around in all that new snow makes it suck much less.

Any advice for us less hearty Northeasterners?

Seriously, I have no idea where I can put another two feet of snow at the base of my driveway. The mailbox is almost covered, and the piles are now as deep as they are high.

I don't think shoveling into the street so that the snowplows take it away is a socially acceptable option. And there is no way I'm getting a snow blower.

What the hell do you do with it all?

Can't wait!

What is the highest snow fall total from a single storm in Albany?

Daniel B- this may be a long shot, but maybe a snow removal service would be willing to haul out some of the snow.

Bring it.

I'm counting the days 'til spring.

Sounds like it's time to organize an all-Albany snow angel competition. High marks for originality, accuracy and duration. Who's in???

Trudge the road to happy snow day!

Seriously, the only reason this storm holds any joy for me at all is AOA's Winter Storm Meter has reached SnOMG!

Done. With. Snow. I can handle two more months of sub-artic temperatures, but snow...ehhhh...the grind of moving it/cleaning it off the car/cleaning it off the kids every night when we get home...blargh.

suggestion for Daniel B and others with massive driveway snow piles: yard-wide snow fort. Its a good use of both the snow, and the time that school-age children find on their hands in these situations.

Oooh, if anyone builds a giant snow fort, tell me where it is! I'll bring cocoa, for reals.

I'm so over this winter.

Love this winter! First real winter I've seen Albany produce!

Stef's got a good point. In our back yard, my husband starts to pile it up (instead of out) and yes, he has in fact built a snow fort. With tunnels. He hasn't this year yet, so I should get start bugging him about that.

I'm done with people complaining about snow. This is Albany. It snows. Get over it. I understand you may be frustrated, but remember, deer live in this stuff all winter and don't have houses to keep warm in. OK?

If you have a driveway, park your cars at the end so you don't have to dig out the whole driveway to leave. Shovel several times during the storm, so it doesn't pile up and you don't have to do it all at once. Buy X-country skis and sleds and snowshoes so you can have some fun with the white stuff. Enjoy it! The trick to dealing with winter is to go outside.

I think it's fine to toss snow at the side of a road where the snowplows will pick it up.

Daniel B - Two words: Driveway Bonfire.

I'm sick of people complaining about people who complain about snow.

Bring on the snow!!! I am SO ready. Just wish I lived more than 3 miles from work (can't call in when I live that close... they'd just come get me).

It's not okay throwing snow into the street, causing a hazard to drivers. The plows don't come around regularly enough to guarantee your mess will get cleared away quickly. At this stage, I'm having to walk further to find places in my yard to dump shovelfuls of snow, but that's just what has to happen. I try to deal with it 6" at a time and try to enjoy it as outdoorsy exercise.

Have the CDTA buses ever stopped running due to weather? Am I at risk of getting stuck at work tomorrow?

Diana, yes, but it's extremely rare. Typically buses are re-routed (the ones going up State St downtown are notorious for this, they send them up Clinton instead). The CDTA website is pretty good about keeping things updated.

Anyway, buses are better in the snow than you may think...!

Oh I know, the buses are great! I ride them year round and they are wonderful in the winter.

I know they reroute on occasion but just wondered if they've ever shut down. I'm sure it's rare.

A snow fort is currently under construction in my backyard.

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