Stocking up

Gotta get the groceries

A day without Nutella is a day without sunshine.

By Akum Norder

As the snow moves in, we hunker down ... to eat. (Because it may be a whole day -- or, gasp, two! -- before you'll be able to easily go to the supermarket.)

Today's the day to stock up on whatever you can't spend two days stuck indoors without. The Price Chopper on Madison Ave in Albany was light on ham steaks this morning, and the crock pot seasoning mixes were pretty well picked over. The bread and milk aisle? Nearly impassable because of all the people and carts.

It made us wonder: What do you stock up on when a storm moves in?

Put some chili in the crock pot and share your answers below.


Definitely eggs, mac n cheese and anything grill-able in case the power goes out!

I'll make a big pot of something, i.e., chili, beef stew, pollo al ajillo, chicken & dumplings, etc., grab some beer, a couple of DVDs or board games, and we're all set.

Nothing special really. I can't remember the last time I was snowed in. The roads are usually fine the next day for errand running if need be.

Dangit, I used i.e. instead of e.g. Don't slay me grammar gods!

My Hannaford was almost ramen-free last night, so apparently teens and college students were anticipating days of salty brothed shut-in-dom.

Is it wrong to say beer? I think that beer is always important to have available in the event of the Snowpocalypse.

ha! love it that Nutella and whipped cream are in the pic as "stock up" items...

Junk food - especially the cheap little debbie line of artifical cookies.

My dad and I call a snowstorm 'a french toast emergency' because everyone buys milk, bread, and eggs.

I like to make long-cooking meals like chili, pot roast or lasagna. Tonight I think I'll make meatloaf in the crock pot.

Yesterday I bought fruit, spinach, bagels, cream cheese, yogurt, and eggs. I can eat breakfast all day, any day...and I will. :)

Four Loko

A case of wine and some decent cheese.

In preparation for the storm, I brewed extra coffee. Because even cold coffee is better than no coffee if the power goes out with two feet plus of snow.

Nothing. I take the opportunity to eat the random stuff in my cabinets and fridge that always gets passed over and piles up when I have an opportunity to go shopping. It's not a blizzard if I'm not eating Graham-Cracker-Pickle sandwiches.

Mom and I drove around for hours once as the storm was rolling in to find cinnamon buns.

Nestle's morsels--to bake chocolate chip cookies!!! and milk!

@Rebecca -- The Nutella and the whipped cream are for my four-year-old and my husband, respectively. Sadly, yes, they're considered essentials around here.

Proof that I lost the breakfast battle long ago.

Who needs a storm as an excuse to stock the pantry?

I like storms, or days I can't leave the house - makes it a little more creative in the kitchen.

Tex-Mex. When you've got to stay warm, jalapeños are good to have around.

Nutella and whipped cream are BREAKFAST items at your house? good lord. I have snowshoes and will be over first thing tomorrow morning...

Vodka...winter weather? -give a nod to the Russians!

Good coffee from the co-op. That's it. Everything else (including beer, wine, and plantains) can come from the corner stores, 1-3 blocks from my house that I've never seen closed due to weather. Take that suburbs.

stocked up for home made meat loaf, stuffed green peppers, lasagna and ,pepper steak. desert was a chocolate layer cake, and nestle choc morsels for my choc fix after the cake is gone!

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