Bumper gawking

bumper gawking albany

Does anyone know who has this plate? And we have an answer!

As is now well established, we like to gawk at custom license plates. And we know you do, too.

Here's a new bunch from around town...

Check out the license plate holder...
bumper gawking updnupdn

bumper gawking boingo

A new product from Apple...
bumper gawking ipinch

Should old license plates be forgot...
bumper gawking auld

Sounds like an HGTV show...
bumper gawking decor8ny

Ayn Rand on board...
bumper gawking objctvst

bumper gawking soxin4

There's probably a query joke here...
bumper gawking db geek

Sounds good this time of year...
bumper gawking surfmaui


Note to self: take the dealer issue frames off my car.

The ALBANY plates belong to Mike D'Attilio:
He more or less knows everyone in Albany- a great interview about the plates could probably be had!

Mike D'Attilio also has or had plate "YNABLA"

Spotted parked in front of EMPAC:

Audi A8L with RPI001 plates, belonging to RPI President Shirley Ann Jackson

I saw a license plate that read OY VEY on Route 7 the other day. Love it!

Dr. Jackson's RPI 001 Audi is pretty prominent around campus. If you're of a more lead-footed persuasion, it's a great car to follow - her drivers are usually under orders to move pretty rapidly. It's blown past me on 787 more than a few times.

I need to snap a pic of MSPAINT next time I see it.

IPINCH is a friend-of-a-friend. I believe you will find it attached to a Honda Element...

someone has a hybrid with the vanity plate "MYPART" (i think it's spelled like that. i kind of hate it.

I often see "BACN LVR" (I think that's how it's written) around the Capital Region. On more than one occasion people have Tweeted asking if that was me.

I only wish I had such a cool plate (and I say that as someone who is, in general, highly turned off by vanity plates).

My favorite is the one parked at Olana: OLANA1

I think I've seen the AynRand-phile known as OBJCTVST around, they may live and/or work in Center Square?

also on RPI campus, a sSmart car with the license plate "imnotdum". that's cute!

*Smart (really, I'm not "dum" either!) ;-)

Expect a picture of the Honda Accord with license plate "FA HAYEK" in the next installment of this series.

I hear he hangs out at local Libertarian establishments and likes to eat chowdah...

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