The snowy landscape

mountain of snow


A snow-covered mountain with the moon in the background -- or a parking lot snow pile?


Is this the snow pile from the Westgate Plaza parking lot?

How about a photo credit? Cool photo, whoever it was.

The scene may be from the show 'Lost in Space'. If there was an audio you would here, 'Warning, Warning' or "Danger, Will Robinson!".

Are you sure that isn't a photo of some lost, rocky crag on the moon with the earth shining in the background?

@Rob: It's a snow pile at Crossgates Commons. They have a whole mountain range there (as I imagine most large parking lots do now).

@Carly: I snapped the photo.

@komrade: Doesn't it look like some foreign planet? Come to think of it, a space suit probably would be good for keeping warm...

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