giant guilderland snowman big

The Giant Snowman of Guilderland

giant guilderland snowman

It's big. Really big.

Jeff emailed us the other day: "I just wanted to let you guys know that my neighbor built a snowman that is about a 1 1/2 stories high in his front yard."

Uh, what? We have to see this.

So we took a swing through Jeff's neighborhood in Guilderland. And, yep, that's a huge snowman -- easily the biggest we've ever seen.

As it happens, the Gazette also heard about the frosty giant and talked with the builder. As Scott Leininger said in the story published today: "We just decided to build a snowman bigger than anyone else in town."

There are more photos after the jump.

Scroll up for a really big photo of the really big snowman.

giant guilderland snowman 2

giant guilderland snowman 3

giant guilderland snowman face
The nose is made out of a plastic orange cone, the mouth from a swim noodle and the hat is flexible drainage pipe.

giant guilderland snowman side
The snowman is easily taller than the first story of the house.

giant guilderland snowman side long
A landmark on the street.

(Thanks, Jeff!)

Find It

The Giant Snowman of Guilderland
Evelyn Drive
Guilderland, NY 12303


I'm really curious to know how they made that thing!

We'll swing by this afternoon to check out The Giant Snowman of Guilderland. And we'll be sending you the therapy bill for our 3 year old's PTSD. Thank you AOA! xxx

I hope the neighborhood enjoys it - it'll probably be there until Memorial Day!

I'd love to see a time lapse of that thing melting... I feel like he's going to end up with a pond in his front yard.

and a great barry sloan photo with that gazette article!

thanks for all the great comments. i made one last year as well just not as big. this year i am getting alot more press as well. the local fire department even came over with one of their trucks to take a pic. i guess it is a pretty big celebrity. i do it for the kids.
thanks to everyone

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