A good haircut for the curly headed?

curly hair statueHannah emails:

This is a question in line with Akum's from [last] Wednesday. I recently moved to the area and am in need of a trim. I have curls that I am rather fastidious about, and have had enough bad haircuts to be rather paranoid about any ol' pair of scissors.
Any suggestions? I live in Troy and work on Central Avenue in Colonie, so bonus points for stylists in those areas. Thanks a bunch!

Got a suggestion about who can give Hannah's curls the care and attention they deserve? Please share!

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Oh pleasepleaseplease! I'm a curly-haired new resident as well and have been wondering about this very problem! Forget doctors, dentists, and dry cleaners...every girl needs to prioritize. First things first: new stylist!

(I live on one side of Washington Park and work on the other.)

Thanks, AOA!

I can't speak specifically for curly hair, but I should get points for proximity to Troy... Indigo Hair, downtown, River Street. Lynsey is wonderful, she has been cutting my (very short, so also challenging) hair for a few years. Tell her that Sara sent you :)

I also have curly hair, and understand your delema. I have been going to the same place for 20 years but I am looking for a change. This blog posting caught my eye a few months back, but I am hesitate to make the jump, as I really don’t want a disaster on my head. Good luck, and please post if you are successful!

Sadly, after six years, I've never found a good curly haircut here, and make twice-yearly pilgrimages to Devachan in the city...

Oh man, I have a long list of haircut horror stories about stylists who just had no idea how to handle my hair. To be fair, most days I don't know how to handle it either.

I think the worst was when a stylist pretty much shaved off the under-half of my hair in an attempt to make it less poufy. It was essentially a curly reverse mullet. Not good.

A couple of years ago I got a pretty good haircut from someone at Perfect Cut Hair Salon on Lark Street, but I don't remember their name. I always have a hard time finding a good curly-hair stylist, so now I pretty much just get my hair cut short once a year at the beginning of summer, wear hats during the winter and trim my bangs myself.

Seconding Indigo Salon on River St in Troy. I recommended Kathe to my friend with curly hair, and she has gone there ever since!

I've had mixed results with stylists who use the Ouidad curly hair cutting method at Ania's in Guilderland. Ania's is definitely a super friendly and professional spa/salon. Good customer service, the atmosphere is not stuffy, and the environment is clean and tidy. The Ouidad cut helped thin out the "bulk" while increasing and defining the curls which was awesome. But I'm still chasing that elusive great cut!

I have curly hair and have tested a lot of products and cuts. I lived in NYC for 6 years and religously went to Devachan as stated above in one of the other comments. It became difficult to travel as much as I needed. However, I use their product every single day. You can buy it at Beauty Supply at Crossgates Mall. Product is 50% of the battle. I swear by it.

For a cut, Debi at Anias does the Ouidad technique, which another style for curly hair. She does a great job! I have gone to Ouidad in NYC as well and she is the only person that I would suggest. In a previous blog the same Debi was also suggested, which is good.

People either love Ouidad or Devachan product. It's all about what works for you but I couldnt survive without the product.

P.S. One last thing. I do the Devachan technique with my hair everyday. I do not like how the Ouidad product feels in my hair but I like the cut. So when I leave the salon I always have to give it a day or so to adjust back to my product and defuser:)

I'd like to chime in and recommend Jaysie at Hair Creations in Saratoga.

I went in there as a walk-in several years ago and got lucky with Jaysie. She did wonders for my curls. One summer day I walked in to book an appointment. It was an especially hot, humid day and my hair was spectacularly frizzy. She gave me a spritz with some Bumble and Bumble product and transformed my mess back into my curly self.

I used to use the Ouidad products, but tried the Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious products and they work great for me.

I have since moved from Saratoga and wish I could visit to get my hair cut by Jaysie. She's a talented colorist too.

I'm with you on the curly hair stylist issues, and I simply cannot say enough good things about Megan at V Salon on Western. I have been seeing her for a few years now, and even if I go way longer than I should between cuts, my curls still look fresh. Rob is also great!

After many years of horrible haircuts I found hair nirvana at Ania's. The Ouidad cut and products have been amazing. I never thought my hair could look so good and feel so light.

It is a little pricey but to me it is worth every single penny!

Another shout out for V Salon: we carry the full line of DevaCurl and DevaCare products.

Curls can be a tricky subject in the salon. I am 100% confident that you would love your experience with either Liza or Betsy at Townsend and Company. I see their work every day and they never cease to impress!!

Townsend carries both Aveda and Bumble and Bumble...both curl systems are incredible!!!

I take my curls to Louie at The Cuttery on New Scotland. It's not anywhere near where I live or work but I don't care. I love the cut, it's reasonably priced, and it lasts. Louie really loves and understands curly hair. I got a Ouidad cut at Ania (paid a fortune too) but did not like the results or how they loaded up on the product.

Try Steve O'Neill at Spa Virgo/Svengali Studio, on Lark Street at the intersection with Chestnut Street.

Eddie at Regin in Colonie Center, I've going to her for almost 10 years. She gets it.

Lynsey @ Indigo is the best! And they make candles too! It's the only place I'll go for a haircut.

My curly head has been going to the same place for years. I recommend Laurie at Cleopatra's Salon on Central Ave.

*bumble+bumble-trained* bettina at sanctuary b on wolf road. went to bumble & bumble in nyc from '85-'01 and i highly recommend her if you want a truly chic look.

I must also sing the praises of Debi at Ania Hair Studio in Guilderland. She might not be so convenient based on your location, but the benefit of the Ouidad cut is that you only have to go every 12-14 weeks.

Before I was getting Ouidad cuts, I always felt like my curly mop would grow "out" rather than "down" (meaning, too bushy too fast), but the Ouidad technique eliminates that whole issue. I used to have to get it cut every 6-7 weeks just to eliminate the bulk, but I can go three months with a Ouidad.

It's also for that reason that I can justify the cost - Debi charges around $85, I think, for a Ouidad cut, but since I only go once every three months, I am okay with that.

Good luck!

The best place to find out about curly salons is on the salon section of www.naturallycurly.com

One glowing recommendation I got from the site regarding a local place that does Deva cuts:

On Mar 16, 2009 7:56 PM:
> Yes, I still recommend Amy at Bellezza.  I've had, I think, three cuts by her now, and each one has been better than before.
> There are several stylists there who do the Deva cuts, and they all seem to be quite good.  I hadn't a clue how to figure out who to try when I made my first appointment, but looking around, I picked out the one with the most amazing hair (Iris), and asked who cut her hair.  It was Amy.
> I'm sometimes tempted to try Iris because she obviously has more than just a clue about how to style ringlet curls, but I'm so happy with Amy's cuts that I've stuck with her.
> Peace,
> Morgan
> > I was wondering if you'd still recommend Amy from
> > Bellezza for curly girls.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Mirdreams

Thanks AOA! I did a walk-in today at Ania's and they set me up with Cheryl. In just a short time I went from the dreaded triangle head to a luscious head of curls. Very pleased!

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