Adventure in Food Trading

adventures in food exterior

Non-descript on the outside -- a food adventure inside.

By Daniel B.

The first adventure is finding the place.

It wasn't too long ago that Adventure in Food Trading was conveniently located by the Pump Station in downtown Albany. Then you and your buddies could have a few beers, dare each other to eat something like rattlesnake, and pop next door to pick one up for dinner.

Now you have to go to Menands, where apparently Google Maps is completely useless. And while the warehouse's address is Broadway, it's not on Broadway at all. You have to navigate your way through a few roads that snake along a cluster of warehouses. But once you're there, parking is easy -- because you will likely have the place all to yourself.

For the most part Adventure in Food Trading exists to get chefs in upstate New York the specialty ingredients they desire. However, the business is open to the public, and you are very welcome to come in and shop the warehouse.

And, oh, what a warehouse.

adventures in food cold room

It is currently being fitted for a few more coolers, but when I visited the place it was divided into four main areas: frozen goods, refrigerated goods, canned and bottled goods, and dry goods.

adventures in food cheeseFor a food lover, this place blows BJs out of the water. Sure, it may not have toilet paper, but it has large quantities of some of the most delicious things on the planet. You may not need 3 kg of Valrhona chocolate, but it's not fundamentally more ridiculous than a 3-pound bag of Jelly Belly candies. Plus, it is literally an inspiring quantity of chocolate, so much that it momentarily caused me to indulge in a few truffle making fantasies.

One day I'd love to be able to justify buying an 8-pound Berkshire pork belly or a 70-pound wheel of cave-aged gruyere. If I had access to a professional grade slicer, their speck and Hudson Valley cured and dried duck breast would be even more tempting.

adventures in food duck


There will be some who flock to Adventure in Food Trading for their exotic meats. If you are interested in these, you should bring a heavy jacket, because you will need to brave the freezer.

I wasn't kidding about the rattlesnake.

Among the more exotic animals they sell for human consumption include antelope, caribou, kangaroo, llama and yak. To make the exotics even more accessible, you don't even need to buy whole primal cuts. A few of them, like the yak and the llama, are packaged in eight-ounce portions. Or you could walk away with a pound of python.

For your convenience, Bison testicles come in convenient one-pound packs as well.


adventures in food powders squid ink

But what I found most thrilling about the place was just the staggering variety of foodstuffs.

There were palates of wood chips in three varieties (maple, hickory and mesquite), two varieties of canned truffle shavings (the more flavorful summer ones and the mustier winter ones), rabbits processed two ways (air chilled and water chilled), and two traditional balsamic vinegars in 100 ml bottles (12 year and 25 year).

On the shelves were items I've never seen before: molecular gastronomy kits, jars of squid ink, 5-pound bags of Vialone nano rice (better in risotto than arborio), hibiscus powder, bresaola from Uruguay, and 136 oz tubs of Sambal Oelek chili paste.

adventures in food chili paste and vanilla

I wanted everything. I wanted two of everything. And while I spent an inordinately long time in the warehouse, I could have spent the whole day there.

The only major drawback is that nothing is labeled with prices. Luckily, the staff is very accommodating, and can tell you the price of anything you might want. If you are curious to get a sense of prices on specific items before making the trek down to the warehouse, you can peruse their entire product list online and call ahead for pricing.

Once you're there, invariably something else will grab your eye.

Daniel B. is the proprietor of the Fussy Little Blog.

Find It

Adventures in Food Trading
381 Broadway
Menands, NY 12204

As it turns out 381 Broadway is just south of the 32 and 378 interchange. The trick is that it’s not on Broadway at all. From Broadway, one must turn east on East Elmwood Road, then take an immediate left on Canal Road, snaking along until it ends in a giant industrial parking lot surrounded by warehouses.

Adventure in Food Trading is in warehouse 7A. If you circle the perimeter, you can’t miss it.


I am so glad I found this post! I have been wanting to check this place out for a long time, and I even ventured out there one day, but it was a weekend and it was closed. The location was so odd that I wasn't even sure it was normally open to the general public. Now I'm inspired to go back and give it a second go.

Google Maps has gotten me confused plenty of times around Broadway in Menands. This is a very good place to know about; I only live about five minutes away.

The boyfriend bought a gallon of duck fat here awhile ago. It was awesome. It gave us (ok, him) an excuse to confit everything and anything....Also, french fries are a million times better when fried in duck fat. True.

too bad they don't list any prices on-line either, but I hope to get there one of these days.

driving directions are provided right on their website...

The good thing is that if you can't find the place, you can call them from the car and they'll help guide you there -- I literally had to call them from their own parking lot when I went, that's how confusing it was to find. But if you're looking for an ingredient, chances are really good that you'll find it there.

Excellent! Didn't know they moved to Menands. The only time I've been to this spot was for the Menands Farmers Market, and yeah, it's confusing.

Yes! I was just trying to remember the name of this place in conversation literally just an hour ago! Awesome. I have never been, but I think this is a pretty clear sign that I must go asap.

Thanks... now I'm going to spend my remaining two months in Albany knowing that ther *is* delicious food in Albany... hovering just out of my SUNY-shuttle-taking, no-car-having, scared-shitless-of-walking-around-warehouses-in-Menands self.

I have had the Alligator...tasted like was wonderful...!

This is so very helpful, thank you. I tried to go to the new location during my lunch hour about 2 years ago, could not find the place and gave up. I will have to try again.

@kmr and others

That warehouse area is actually pretty safe. There is a farmers market there on the weekends during the summer. You can buy flowers and seedlings there in the spring. Also depending on the time of day you go there it can be pretty busy (typically early morning). A lot of local restaurants/caters pick up food wholesale from that area.

picked up a rabbit here years ago for easter dinner (macabre i know) and left with truffles and a beautiful extra virgin olive oil. as the article says finding it can be tricky, but its WELL worth the effort to find.

The product list web address has been updated to:

Thanks for the directions. Now I know where to find the goose we need for Xmas.

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