Hooters is back

hootersUpdate: It opened June 17. [Fox23]

Everyone who pined for Chipotle, and longs for Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and Ikea* -- the gods of chain stores and restaurants are laughing at you. Hooters is coming back to the Capital Region.

We had gotten a tip about this recently, so we emailed the company earlier this week. A spokesman confirmed the rumors -- a new Hooters is set to open at 70 Wolf Road, maybe sometime in June. The site was, most recently, a Fuddruckers. When we drove by today, a crew was working on renovations.

The Capital Region's last Hooters was at Crossgates -- it closed in 2007. [Biz Review]

*Yep, we'd count ourselves among that number.

(Thanks, D)

Update: No sooner do we hit publish and skim our Twitter feed, do we see that Chris is on top of this -- he rightly notes that the new Hooters will be across from the "Hooters of haircutting."


Thanks, AOA, for keeping us abreast of the Hooters news!

Wow, Fuddruckers is gone?
That was the only burger place I could stomach!

Just when I thought we were getting a little TOO classy in the capitol region, we get back where we started... ;)

ahhh the sprawling hellhole of wolf road...where one pile of dreck can replace another to keep things fresh and heaven for people who like their meals deep fried or served from only the finest pre-constituted plastic sacks boiled to perfection in the "kitchen."

> Lu - Really? I mean REALLY?!?! You have to get out more, because the local burger joints are light-years ahead of chains.
> Andy - stay home and watch Glee. you won't be missed.
> ike - the wings are good, the beer is good (and is the same they serve at Jacks Oyster House, Creo, and 677 Prime). But it is the waitstaff that draws many patrons. don't like it? well then, don't f*cking go there. see? it really is THAT simple. I knew you'd finally understand.

EH...you are my new hero

Wow epi-pen...someone's hooters are in a bunch

good! it certainly is needed!

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