St. Peters + Northeast Health + Seton Health

st peters health partners logo

Any guesses on the typeface?

The merged health care group being formed by St. Peter's, Northeast Health, and Seton Health announced today that it's adopting a new name: St. Peter's Health Partners.

You'll start seeing that name all over. Once the merger is official, St. Peter's Health Partners will join Albany Medical Center as the two big hospital players in this area.

The group says the official roll-out of the new branding won't be until 2012. The major hospitals in the group -- St. Peter's, Albany Memorial, Samaritan, and St. Mary's -- will keep their names (example, "St. Peter's Health Partners: Albany Memorial Hospital").

The new logo for SPHP is above. It kind of has a NEJM thing going for it. The group released documents explaining how it arrived at the name. (Were there consultants? You know it. Short story: St. Peter's had the most name recognition in surveys.) If you're a branding or design nerd, you might find them interesting. They're embedded after the jump.

St Peters Health Partners Identity 2011-06-02

St. Peters Health Partners System Design 2011-06-02

Albany Medical Center advertises on AOA.


Off topic, but that missing "." after the "St" is driving my eyes bonkers.

I walked into work this morning and this was first thing that was mentioned. No surprises with the name.

I could say how I really feel, but I want to keep my job.

@James: Totally on topic. And now that you've mentioned the missing period, it's going to drive me crazy, too!

@James: Amen! At least it doesn't stay in the hospital name, so they agree. Otherwise, you've got "St Peter's Health Partners: St. Peter's Hospital," which looks extra-silly. But then, I see in the text of the document, it's typed out *with* the period. Which is it?

It reminds me of the time we changed the official name of a place I once worked and we all had to memorize, "Name comma name comma name comma name ampersand name LLP," but the firm nickname appeared *right next to the full name* all the time. There was open revolt and they had to pay to change things all over again.

I don't envy the marketing types over there!

Pretty sure contractions like St don't require a period. But I'm a designer, not an editor (I just work with 'em.)

Ooh, this one stumped me - the serifs on the T are really distinctive but I couldn't place it. So off to the LazyWeb I went...

...and the LazyWeb said it was Hoefler Text.

Seriously, why do we even try to keep anything in our meat brains these days?

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