A good eye doctor?

eye doctor phoropterDaniel B. emails:

Mrs. Fussy needs to be fitted for contact lenses and could probably use a new pair of glasses too. She's looking for an eye doctor, and was hoping to get some recommendations. Given the bespectacled nature of the AOA staff and readership, I thought you all would be good people to ask.

It's a well established fact that the most beautiful women wear glasses, so Mrs. Fussy is in good company.

Know of a good eye doctor? Please share!

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I go to Dr. Leahey on Mohawk St in Cohoes and couldn't be happier. Nice guy, great staff.


Dr. Jeff Varney, 1692 Central Avenue. He's been in business for 30 years, has nice stock and a great personality. I send all my friends there and I always get good reports back from them. He has a second office in Chatham.

I'm useless here, but FYI - I have a doppelganger at an optometrist's office in town. I know this because my office receptionist asked me if I had a sister who worked there. Please advise if you come in contact with her.

Another vote for Dr. Leahey in Cohoes, he's a great guy!

Can't help you with the ophthalmologist, but for glasses, I've had great, nay, fantastic luck with zennioptical.com.

I love Dr. Frank Casey at Casey Vision Care, he finally figured out about my eye that my previous eye doctor had been wondering for years. He is also very kind and thorough . http://www.caseyvisioncare.com/

Ophthalmic Consultans of the Capital Region are fabulous!!

I started going to them out of necessity when blinded in one eye from a contact mishap about six years ago (was referred by Albany Med, was a student whom hadn't transferred any of my doctors to the local area yet)

Still going and they are GREAT!!! When I decided to start wearing contacts again after being told to hold off for a few years, Dr. Deere gave me samples of a few different types so I could try each out at home and see which I preferred. Even after I found a good fit, she had me come back after a week to check everything out at no charge.

They also do all my eye imaging in house (I have a genetic eye disorder so that's a big big plus) and they sell contacts and glasses directly from both their Albany and Troy locations.

There are some older threads on this topic the "On The Edge" blog over at the Times Union website (which I am too lazy to link to at the moment, but I know I've read them there before).

I can't make any good recommendations. Last time I needed new glasses I went to Empire Vision in Slingerlands because it was cheap and partially covered by insurance. They had a decent selection of glasses, but were pretty run-of-the-mill overall.

I tried a few eye doctors in Albany before settling on Dr. Steck on Rosemont in Albany. I've never been to the Dr. Leahey mentioned by several commenters above, however. I particularly like how I have never had to wait during my visits. At other places which I've tried, the actual appointments are often at least a half hour late.

I vote for Casey Vision. They took a lot of time figuring out my prescriptions (glasses and contacts) for my tricky astigmatism. Multiple appts. as needed, even though they got no extra money for them from my insurance coverage. They have a good selection of frames, too, from basic to designer.

I used to go to Empire Vision in Slingerlands and was never happy with the fact that I never saw the same optometrist twice. (And it seemed they barely read my file because I'd have to keep telling them things about my vision they should have known.) It always felt rushed. I wouldn't recommend them if you need real individual attention.

I second Bill's recommendation. Dr. Stack has a comfortable environment, great service and very experienced.

Name: Kenneth L. Stack
Specialty: Optometrist
Location: 24 Rosemont St
Albany, NY 12203
Phone: 518-438-6669
Fax: 518-489-4372

If you want a physician (opthmalogist, not optometrist), Dr. Larry Perlmutter is excellent. Schedule the last appointment of the day though, otherwise you'll be there most of the day.

So glad to see Dr. Leahy is already mentioned. He is the only doctor from my childhood I still see, and when something inspires me to keep making the trek back to Cohoes, you know it's worthwhile. His staff is wonderful, too, and everyone there is really good with my kids.

Kenneth L. Stack is NOT recommended. I received very sub-par service there.

He did not explain a thing to a scared 20-something year old girl who discovered eye problems for the first time in her life. He was very dry and unresponsive and did not provide all the necessary services.
They don't have a contact-less machine for checking eye pressure, only the one which has to touch your eyes... Not everyone is able to tolerate that. I couldn't so I was left without this important reading. Dr Stack also did not even offer to do a test with pupil dilation which helps to see most of the retina.

They have a good selection of frames though.

Would she consider Lasik?

Hughes Opticians (they have an optometrist) in Delmar. They're fantastic. My girlfriend and I went and were both blown away. During the exam, but optometrist explained the purpose of what he was doing, and stuff about why our eyes weren't working quite right. The girl at the front desk has excellent taste if you need a consultation, and was once willing to talk to my mother on the phone to tell her how good the frames looked. I can't recommend them enough, seriously. I'm probably going over there next week, in fact.

My ophthalmologist is Dr. Aida Wakil, and she's wonderful. When it comes time for your contact lens fitting, there can't be a place that will work with you harder to get the right lens than DiNapoli. Mike DiNapoli spent literally months working with my daughter through various types of lenses to get one that really worked for her, never charging for the various trials we went through.

I, too, recommend Dr. Leahy. The staff, especially Leah, are absolutely fantastic and Dr. Leahy has a wonderful personality.

Thanks, everyone. This gives me tons of leads!

I went to Dr. Andrew Robinson of Capital Eye Care in Troy. The doctor was great and the office was easy to work with.

Thanks to this post, I just got my new glasses from Dr. Leahey. I really like his practice. The staff are friendly and helpful. Not to mention a good sense of humor. The lady who helped me pick out the frame is simple fantastic...she really knows her stuff. Dr. Leahey is very knowledgeable. He really takes time to exam and discuss my eye condition. The appointment was punctual. I didn't have to wait at all. In fact, as soon as I walked into the clinic, they were ready for me!

Plus, they open until 6 pm. They open only Monday-Thursday though.

Sorry, can't agree with recommending Hughes in Delmar -- I have great vision benefits; but their insurance covered frames selection is HORRIBLE. If you go there, be prepared to PAY OUT.

All the eye doctors at Ophthalmic Consultants of the Capital Region are excellent. www.ophthalmicconsutlants.com

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