Abobo all over

abobo street art albany

Multiple Abobo.

Observantly, R emails:

Was wondering if anyone on here knew what the Double Dragon Abobo stickers all over the city were about? They are all different sizes and colors and I see them everywhere! Ive seen both the kicking guy and face close-ups and was wondering if this was just someone's tag or if it was for a band or some political statement or what? They are real fresh and they make my walk to work all the more enjoyable. Nice to see some legitimate street art around these parts. If you havent seen them Im sure you will soon because they are rather hard to miss around Albany and Troy.

R sent along the two photos above, both from Albany.

These induce some serious 8-bit nostalgia. Anyone got the scoop?


I don't know, but i love it!

That's not considered graffiti?

@Ron - that's considered awesome.

There's at least one attached to a pole in the Colonie Center parking lot. I noticed it the other day and recognized the character, but no idea what it would signify.

They're also all over Troy.

It's not nostalgia. It's vandalism.

Love these. Keep them coming.

I dont know if its really vandalism. It seems like many of them just start to peel right off after a few weeks of getting wet and dried again. Ive noticed a few peeling and actually peeled it right off to add it to my own collection. I dont care what its for, I love it.

I actually met the guy doing these on St. Patricks Day. He sold me a shirt with the same character on it. Hes a really nice dude and much older for someone who you think goes out at night doing street art. I get stopped quite a bit by people asking where I got the shirt from since they have seen the image throughout Albany. We didnt talk long but from what I gathered, he doesnt even consider himself a street artist but just does it for the enjoyment of those who who can make a connection to it. He mentioned that it was nice to see some of the real street artists in the city like the NSK crew and MELEE and a few others really going strong. I personally love his work and hope to see more.

Here's one I saw over by Brown's Taproom a few weeks ago:


I suppose art is always in the eye of the beholder. From these two pictures I can't say this looks like what I would call "art" -- street or otherwise. Just another cartoonish figure that says nothing to me. They don't even appear to be well executed. Glad to read that the creator doesn't consider himself a street artist...but doesn't that just mean this is purely graffiti?

Anything can be art, have you seen some of the junk they have at the Empire Plaza? whoever this person is, they are making people happy, like "r" who posted this says. Some people may ask "why?"....but why not?

It's not like you can make those traffic light switching boxes uglier. I appreciate when someone picks a good target for decals and stencils instead of, say, the mỹ Linh sign which is just constantly tagged or slapped with USPS stickers. Personal aesthetics are immaterial; I thought the statues in the last round of sculpture in the streets were ghastly but I understand that it's an attempt at beautification.

Be prepared to see a lot more in this vein leading up to and after Living Walls.

I'm pretty sure it's a Banksy, dude.

here's a thought for your fickle brains:
art and graffiti are not mutually exclusive.
it doesn't have to be one OR the other.

it's both.

@legitimate street art Surely that was pure sarcasm. Banksy IS street art, this...not so much. There is only one similarity that I see...they both use stencils. But then I am not a computer game player, don't go to superhero movies, or watch cartoons, which are three themes that this 'art' evokes for me...so take my opinion as it is given, just that, an opinion.

@B I agree about that last round of statues in the streets all the more because they were not created locally

@andrew I see your point but argue that street art is more than tagging (which is graffiti to me)...ugly scribbles with a spray paint can or pasting up some bland cartoon character do not make art any more than my feeble attempts to use a brush and paints on canvas make art. I suppose for some even street art (by my definition) would still be graffiti by theirs.

@andrew: agreed, but on the other hand, is this piece really that original? I feel like 8-bit graffiti has been covered pretty extensively by Invader. Then again, there are only few instances of real, completely original art; nothing wrong with inspiration, derivatives and/or tributes.

well whatever you wanna call it...hes sitting somewhere while you all talk about him...id say mission accomplished on his part

I don't know how many people saw it, but the Times Union reported on the yarn bomb in Troy (and identified the bomber!):


I found the quote from the Troy PD to be interesting and may be relevant to this discussion:

"While technically vandalism, yarn bombing is largely ignored by most police departments.

As long as it does not deface the property and the property owner does not offer a complaint, no criminal measures will be taken, said Captain John Cooney, a Troy police department spokesman.

"If the city owns the property and we like it," he said, "we'll keep it.""

My $0.02 on stencil art: It's fun, usually adds some humor to my day, is a creative outlet for the person involved, is not permanent, and eventually goes away on its own. Therefore, I don't see a problem with it.

I've had a few sightings, one outside the Masonic Temple on Corning Place and one inside of a porta-potty at Tulip Fest.

When I came home from work today I noticed one on a "no parking" sign near my apartment. weird. It's funny, who cares if its art or not.

Lest you all forget why we're here...


To say it's not art is a very narrow definition of art. Of course it is, by its nature, subjective. But the singular instance of this stenciling isn't the art. It's the repetition, placement, project as a whole, reaction of the populace, and what it says about our relationship and reverence with nostalgia that, all together, compromise the whole of the piece. It's a concept that's been explored before through various other methods.

The manner in which those saying it's "not art" are doing so, both in this thread and elsewhere, betrays an arrogance and ignorance that's not only unbecoming, but appalling.

In other words, sssshhhh. Adults are talking.

@ Kevin Marshall - Thank you for putting it in a way that even these simpleminded folks can understand. I dont see how someone can complain about street art like this when just about every corner in Albany is covered with illegal advertisements (1800 Got JUNK?), ugly garage sale signs, or a countless number of other postings that look like crap. Those things even have a contact number so if the police were so serious about vandalism, why not call these numbers and ticket them for defacing a telephone pole or street corner post. But no, they dont. But god forbid someone put up a small piece of art for the enjoyment of others. So Bob...grow up...or move to the town from "Footloose".

Kevin, who are you even talking to?

The only person close to claiming it's not art is BobF, and he says "I can't say this looks like what I would call 'art'...", it's very clear he's simply voicing an opinion and not making a blanket statement that it's not art.

BobF happens to be a good artist himself, I don't see him taking an unconsidered view, let's not condescend to him for being outspoken and honest while engaging opposing viewpoints, hm? It's a lot more interesting to have the "what is art" conversation without calling people arrogant and ignorant children.

Maybe this elsewhere you're talking about has people flatly claiming "not art" but I don't see those links. You're free to join in the conversation that's actually happening here, though.

B - Yes to BobF, but moreso to the guy who called it vandalism. Also, I think you're the last one to lecture anyone on condescension (and speaking of arrogance).

Thanks Bob F.
Yuck, this stuff is not what I'd call thought provoking "art". Remember, it's MY Opinion. It reminds me of a 9 year olds project in a writer notebook.This robotic stencil... it says nothing about art in my opinion. its a 70's ish robot. EW. If you have to "get your art out" to show your untalent and "exhibit" b/c no one will show your work just to pump our own ego then, get the message already. Its a stenciled robot.

Who said anything about thought provoking? If something needs to be thought provoking to be considered art then kill me now please. D and Bob F sound like old men who paint sail boats in their attic and just hate on everything else. And also it is NOT a robot, its one of the bad guys from the old NES game Double Dragon. So know your stuff before you get all "as a matter of fact" on us. But even if it was your own analysis, it is actually quite a compliment. Id be stoked if someone described my work as something from the 70's in a 9 year olds notebook. Id say thats pretty rad myself. So you go on painting whatever it is you would consider "thought provoking art" and let this guy do his thing. I dont know who you are ABOBO but I love seeing your stuff.

ya know i have seen these starting down in new york city also. some on 6th avenue, brooklyn and on a subway train

i think its pretty cool. it makes the neighborhoods look more fun with a classic video game refernce while not taking away from or destroying the community.

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