Property tax cap concerns, convicted murderer wants to get married before sentencing, Gibson calls US involvement in Libya "illegitimate," one of CDTA's "best ever" drivers retires

The property tax cap passed by the state legislature last week has local municipal leaders talking (even more) about the burden of state mandates. In Albany, taxes for homeowners could still end up increasing by more than the capped amount (yep, it's complicated). [YNN] [WNYT]

NYSUT, the big teachers' union, has filed suit against the state over the new teacher evaluation system, arguing it places too much emphasis on standardized test results. [TU] [YNN]

State Police say the woman injured in a car crash with a state trooper car this past weekend in Malta has died from complications that arose during surgery to replace a hip damaged in the crash. The trooper had reportedly swerved to avoid a different car pulling out and ended up slamming into the woman's car in the oncoming lane. [TU] [WNYT]

A State Police helicopter hovered over Albany's Pine Hills neighborhood yesterday and police flooded the area looking for a 3-year-old who was reported missing. It turns out the kid had been with a family friend the entire time. Apparently there was some miscommunication. [Fox23] [TU] [YNN]

Michael Mosley, recently convicted for the murders of Arica Lynn Schneider and Samuel Holley, wants to get married before his sentencing in July. Among the possible reasons to get married while facing what could be a life sentence: conjugal visits. [Troy Record] [TU]

Chris Gibson says the United States' involvement in Libyan conflict is "illegitimate" because Congress hasn't given its approval. (Gibson has been pushing a new version of the War Powers Act.) [Saratogian]

Andrew Cuomo is reportedly "determined" to shut down the Indian Point nuclear plant. (Indian Point is about 100 miles from Albany and has been rated as the US reactor facing the greatest risk from an earthquake.) [NYT]

Reportedly a behind-the-scenes factor on the willingness of the the state Senate's Republican majority to bring the Marriage Equality Act up for a vote: Joe Bruno. [State of Politics]

Schenectady's city clerk has ordered more printers to handle an expected surge in marriage license applications when same-sex marriages become legal in July. [Daily Gazette]

The Troy school board has selected Brian Howard, currently interim superintendent for the Berlin school district, to be its interim super. He'll be paid $600 per day (that's about $150k annually). [Troy Record] [Fox23]

An analysis of a potential move of Troy's city hall to the Dauchy Building has concluded it could cost about $1 million to renovate the building. [Troy Record]

A spokesman for the Charlotte County (Florida) Sheriff's Department says the aunt of Jennifer Simpson, the Cohoes woman found dead in her car, reported that her niece had gone on a two-day drinking binge before disappearing. Police there say they don't suspect foul play. [Troy Record] [WNYT]

Albany police say a pedestrian was hit while crossing Washington Ave near the Smith Building yesterday. Her injuries were considered serious. [WNYT] [TU]

Warren Sheldon, one CDTA's "best drivers ever," drove his last shift yesterday. [TU]


Only in Albany, NY would they be working to circumvent the property tax cap just passed. How is a 2% increase (which will basically be automatic-they will never ask for less) not enough. Why is everyone I know having to get by in this economy with the same or less, while prices rise on most goods and services, but Albany County is looking to work around this cap rather than cutting spending? I have at least ten years left before I retire and I can't wait to get out of this state, due solely to the politicians and the shoddy job most of them do. If they spent half the time they spend turning this into a nanny-state/county into fiscal responsibility things would not be this bad.

nyny55, where specifically would you cut spending? Names of agencies and programs with dollar amounts, please.

Well being I am not an elected official or a high appointment I do not have specifics (we elect and pay people to properly spend the money coming in). It is simple math with people leaving this state in recent years the expenditures should not go up.Yet our officials have failed to keep spending static nevermind reduce spending. Cuts and freezes to the State work force are only a part of the solution, NYS has many programs being run poorly and others that are providing people with things they should provide for themselves. You can call me a conservative, a libertarian or anything else you would like to label me but the vast majority of states do not have the spending that NYS does and people are not dying the streets of these states. We pay taxes and too many people think the solution is "well we should just pay more". There is a tipping point (CA is at it now) and when the economy does tip, and on this path it will, the drastic cuts that will be implemented are truly going to hurt many (re: Greece). Restoring proper fiscal sense now when we can do it gradually is the logical way. Feel free to post any of your solutions.

"Feel free to post any of your solutions" not the point. If you can't specify exactly where you want to cut budgets, you aren't providing any solutions, just speaking in vague platitudes. Between your two comments, I can't even tell if you're talking about the Albany County budget or the NYS budget.

It's fine and good to talk about cutting spending. I'm all for it! But where do we cut? Whose jobs will be lost? Whose services will be reduced? How much public safety will be sacrificed? What are you willing to give up for this fiscal sense you're championing? Again, what agencies and programs, specifically, should be cut to meet your ideal of fiscal responsibility?

I would also love to hear your deeper explanation of how events leading to Greece's current crisis relates in any way to New York State or Albany County's fiscal state.

Actually that is the point. Cutting is a solution, we elect officials to manage our tax dollars. You are fine with the spending that goes on at the state and Albany County level? It is not my job to know the various agencies and their budget-thats why officials are elected (you chose to ignore this in my previous post) but I will still offer a specific. 10% across the board to all programs (in addition to the cuts for state workers currently going into place). This 10% would also apply to state Assembly/Senate and Executive branch staff.

Greece relates to the US and NYS because we keep adding to the services that the Gov't provides that have been on the individual in the past. Greece has been doing that for years and now needs to implement massive cuts to bring down their debt rather than addressing this before it reached a non-critical stage.

With the way you avoided specifics in my previous post and pressed for explanations on things that should be common knowledge to most people who keep up with current events I propose you run for office. You'll fit in with the large rank and file group of politicians who are content to pass the buck and not tackle issues and attempt to challenge others while not providing any solutions.

One final note Public Safety is the first things politicains on both sides of the aisle warn will be cut first (and usually are) yet all these other programs and pet projects are out there.

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