Tickets for Rest Fest 2011

rest fest poster 2011Update: The drawing is closed and the winner has been notified!

The Restoration Festival is this weekend at St. Joseph's in Albany. Last year's festival was a lot of fun, and this year looks even better -- in addition to a great group of local bands, there are also national acts Deer Tick, Titus Andronicus, The Music Tapes, and A Hawk and A Hacksaw. Here's the full schedule (both main stage and in-between acts).

AOA has two tickets to give away to the festival. And we might even give them to you.

Because Rest Fest is at St. Joseph's, an impressive building inside and out, here's the question to answer in the comments:

What's your favorite Capital Region building?

We'll draw one winner at random.

Rest Fest is this Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are $20 for one day, $30 for the whole weekend (advance) -- the price goes up $10 if you buy at the door.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 11:59 pm on Wednesday (August 24, 2011) to be entered in the drawing. One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by noon on Thursday and must respond by 7 pm that day (August 25, 2011).

Yep, AOA is a media sponsor of Rest Fest.


The SUNY building in downtown Albany. It's like a castle - gorgeous.

The Egg!

The Starlight Music Theatre - just kidding

I like the intricacies of the Palace Theatre.

St. Patrick's Church in Watervliet. I just adore it. Brick neogothic.

the building across from the main library. It's 7 or 8 floors and the adjacent buildings are only 2 or 3 floors so what normally would be a non-descript building, stands out

The Egg.

Jay took mine. Can I 2nd that? The SUNY Admin building, formerly known as The Delaware and Hudson Railroad Company Building, is far and away my favorite building in Albany.

The State Dept. of Education building. Because it reminds me of the main branch of the NYC Library, which reminds of "Ghostbusters", which reminds me of all things awesome.

For some reason I really like the old First Prize Center. It's just so gross and eerie. Abandoned slaughterhouses just drip of whimsy, no? Well they drip of something.

I like the City Hall building in Albany..
I've only been in there to pay parking tickets, which is never fun, but the inside has phenomenal architecture.

Albany City Hall is one of the most elegant, beautiful buildings in North America.

That small building they call the Central Warehouse?

Oh jeez, I could go with the obvious choices... the Capitol, the Smith building, the D&H building, etc... But I have to say that my favorite has got to be St. Peter's Episcopal church on State street in downtown Albany. I mean, there's an English nobleman buried under the floor!!

I too enjoy the SUNY Admin building. I really learned to appreciate it when I took a course on American Cities at U Albany. The professor, Dr. John Pipkin, was well versed in the history and architecture of Albany. There is a lot of political satire built into the gargoyles and other features that are on that building. The NY State Education building is another that has interesting political history to it. If you look at a satellite image of it on google maps you can see that it is wrapped around the Cathedral of All Saints. That was not a mistake, the building was meant to block it out of view. Lots of interesting stuff!

The Egg!

The CESTM building on the CNSE campus. Otherwise known as "the building that looks like a ship" on the corner of Fuller & Washington. I'm a sucker for contemporary.

@ Everyone who loves the D&H building - If you ever want to learn more about the building and it's history find a professor at UAlbany named John Pipkin.

I also love the church behind the state education building. I always enjoy walking up Elk because of that building

Also on Elk Street is the NY Bar Association building. The front on Elk maintains the historic structure but if you turn left at the bottom of Elk you see how they built a modern building behind it.

Probably this one:

Granted, I don't think you can go in it, it looks very cool!

my favorite capital region building is the troy public library -- the thick plate glass floors that glow from the lights below, marble interiors, secret nooks, quiet reading garden, stained glass paneling, and noisy, victorian era metal staircases are incredibly romantic.

Hudson River coffee company building on Ontario Street.

Am I the only one who loves the uptown, U Albany campus? If you go during the summer, especially when the sun is going down, it's incredibly peaceful. It's like some past vision of what the future would be like. Cold, monolithic, but grand in it's own way. Fountains, gardens, endless concrete. What more could you want?

Cathedral of All Saints tied with SUNY Admin. EMPAC is pretty cool too, as is the building at the center of Union College.


There is a cool old dutch building on the corner of Peoples and 14th in Troy. Maybe it was an old fire house? I love it.

The Ten Broek Mansion.

The Capital building is gorgeous!

There a wonderful building on the corner of Fourth and Franklin in Albany. I want to buy it.

The United Traction Company Building at 600 Broadway.

That Smith building's pretty dated,. However its looks pretty rad with the lights at night. And doesn't the keymaster of Gozer live there, whoops.

The Legislative building is one of mine, not the biggest fan of modernist designs but when a building looks like it's laying on it's side, I'd say it has something going for it. Also representing the area's political history it's an obvious choice in my book.

St. John the Evangelist Church in Schenectady. Like a Gothic rocket ship.

I love all of the old churches, from St. Joe's to the Cathedral to St. Mary's on Capitol Hill. They reflect such history and grandeur and, in a few notable examples, really awesome adaptive re-use. As more parishes consolidate in the area and churches close, they are a perfect source of inspiration for community centers, music halls, venues and more. Might as well preserve the beauty and promote community space (like at St. Joe's!).

Also, @NF-- the State Ed building always makes me think of Ghostbusters too. Awesome.

1 Englewood Place. Someone should buy it before I have time to get enough money to buy it myself. It is so sturdy! No vinyl siding, no painted crumbling stairs, nobody has houses like this built anymore :o(

central warehouse

That delightful blue 19th-century townhouse with crimson trim off of Dove. I often find myself basking in the magisterial craftsmanship of its stained-glass windows and authentic period moldings, silently whisked away to an era distant from the bustle our modern world.
Then I come to, realize I'm falling-over black-out wasted, and finish urinating my name across the side of said quaint dwelling. I slip off under cover of night, forever lurching onwards in the haze of my drunken stupor. So much to explore, to admire (and to defile); there is a divine structural aesthetic exemplified by Albany's finest architecture that is unrivaled across the American landscape. I shant rest until it has all been explored fully, leaving no hint of my presence save the peculiar noisome air left emanating from these suspiciously saturated structures.

The Alfred E. Smith building. I used to frequent the post office annex that was inside (and is no longer). I love the deco lines of the building and how you can be allllll the way up Central and see it glowing from the setting sun. I also enjoy the carvings of the counties and the fact that their order and placement is a mystery (I, too, took a class with John Pipkin, and we learned this on our urban walking tour). And last, but not least, I love hearing the bird of prey that lives there. I'm not an wildlife expert so I don't know what it is, but you can definitely hear it in the evenings if you're on lower State or Chestnut.

the troy public library on second.

The Quackenbush house. But only because I'm a big fan of double-pitched gable roofs. And "Quackenbush" is fun to say.

The Egg. It's such a conversation piece!

The old Masonic Temple behind City Hall on Corning Place.

The house I grew up in on Morris St. In the Pine Hills. There are so many good memories of holidays and playing with friends in our yard. Every time I am in the area I have to drive by, and just doing so brings back waves of nostalgia for those good old days. No other building has that magic for me, but I suppose it is limited just to me, and perhaps my siblings?

The state Ed bldg. I loved the old museum as a kid, and the colonnade still knocks me out!

My favorite building in Albany is (I believe the address is) 751 Madison Ave, the huge, red, abandoned house next to the Outpatient Clinic. It is ignored, in disrepair, and my dream of a building to renovate. I love looking at it each time I walk or drive by!!

The squat little sideways building down the street from me (on State Street between Lark and Dove). It looks like some giant picked it up and put it down in the wrong place, facing the wrong way. I want to live in it.

The Nott!

the egg

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