My Exit: The intern edition

My Exit Jaimie Gomes.jpgIt's Monday, and that means tonight is My Exit night on WEXT. You'll need to catch the show online at or through the HD2 stream of WMHT-FM. WEXT lost its antenna and power to its transmitter due to Irene. Update: They're back on the air!

This week, it's My Exit: The intern edition. Three WEXT interns take their turn and the mic.
Here's one of the folks you'll hear from.

I'm Jaimie. I'm 18 and a freshman at Ithaca College. I'm studying Television/Radio- more specifically Broadcast Journalism. I LOVE music. I was in all the musicals at my high school- Albany High and I absolutely loved my time there. I've been in choir for 6 years and singing is a definite a passion of mine. I hope to join Ithaca's co-ed acapella group, VoiceStream, in December.

How would you describe your taste in music?
If there is evident passion and talent in an artist's work, I will listen. I love show tunes, I love classical guitar, I love Pavarotti, jam bands -- the list goes on and on.

A few songs from Jaimie's set:

- Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
Dave is one of my favorites. You either love him or you hate him and I love him.
This version is live at Radio City Music Hall and there is just something magical
about it.

Being Alive- Bernadette Peters
I love musicals and am a huge Sondheim fan. No one can sing Sondheim like
Bernadette Peters- you'll see what I mean.

The Woman and the Bell- The Punch Brothers
My new favorite band and one of their best songs. I love finding new, good, real
music. So refreshing.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Judy Garland
A timeless classic that holds special meaning for my father and I. One of my all-
time favorite songs.

One Sweet Love- Sara Bareilles
I sang this tune at my first open mic night. I will never forget the words. Ever. Sara
Bareilles is a fantastic artist.

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I can't believe how similar our taste in music is but I just happened upon this page by googling The Woman and the Bell, looking for a discussion on the lyrics. What do you think?

-Rick Baker

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