My Exit: Thomas Peretti

MyExit Tom Peretti.jpgIt's Monday again. Time for another My Exit. Tonight at 8 there's another guest DJ on WEXT to share their favorite music.

Here's more about him, and about what he wants you to hear...


Thomas Peretti of Albany, NY: leisure sports enthusiast.

Musical Taste:

A friend once described my musical taste as "Guitar rock with a guy kinda talk-singing over it."

Songs from Thomas' My Exit show:

Pavement - "Loretta's Scars":
Probably my favorite song by my favorite band. I saw these guys nine times last year on their reunion tour, it was pretty fun.

Dinosaur Jr- "The Lung"
These guys are really loud live. One time my brother and I saw them open for Built to Spill in a theater and he slept through their set. It was an incredible achievement, as I've suffered from temporary hearing loss both times I've seen them.

Surfer Blood- "Floating Vibes"
Not to name drop, but I have been lucky enough to hang out a few times with the guitar player from the Ithaca band "Sun Spells". He recommended I get into Surfer Blood. When a world-class musician like that tips you off about a band, you would be doing yourself a disservice not to check it out. I did and sure enough, they're not too shabby.

Beach House - "Walk in the Park"
My friends played this song roughly 1,000 times over a few days this past New Years and since then it's been sort of burned into my brain. It could have been worse- had it been something like "Magic Man" by Heart, I'd be unable to type this as I would be in a straitjacket at the local mental institution. Either way, Beach House is a pretty pleasant band and this is one of their better songs.

You can hear Thomas' My Exit show tonight at 8 on 97.7 or at

Here's how to schedule your own My Exit show on WEXT.


Tom Peretti really nails these guest dj spots...I like his picks and his deep, commanding voice. Bravo My Exit and bravo Albany!

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