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Just like you at your yoga class, right?

Update: The drawing's closed. The winner has been emailed!

The Cirque du Soleil show "Quidam" starts a five day run at the Times Union Center this Wednesday. From the blurbage:

Young Zoé is bored; her parents, distant and apathetic, ignore her. Her life has lost all meaning. Seeking to fill the void of her existence, she slides into an imaginary world - the world of Quidam - where she meets characters who encourage her to free her soul.

You know, through acrobatics and improbable flexibility.

The promoters of the show have offered us a pair of tickets to the first night performance on Wednesday at 7:30 pm -- and we'd like to offer them to you. To enter the drawing, please answer this question in the comments:

What local situation or place is a circus?

Think broadly -- it could be anything crazy good or crazy bad. Example: the checkout lines at the supermarket ahead of an icy, snowy apocalypse. We'll draw one winner at random from the comments.

Cirque du Soleil's "Quidam" will be at the TU Center Wednesday through Sunday. Tickets start at $30.50.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 9 am on Tuesday (September 27, 2011) to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by noon on Tuesday and must respond by 6 pm that same day.


driving up the Northway between 5PM and 7PM on a Friday night.

The Wolf Road side of the Colonie Center parking lot!

Thursday at the DMV is a circus. They should start offering peanuts and cotton candy upon entering.


Broadway in Saratoga Springs during track season . . . .

The college ghetto on St. Patrick's day

My mind.

Starbucks in the morning before a hapless public has had its first cup.

I have three children, ages 4, 2, and 9 months. My house is litterally a circus, complete with death defying acrobats, tumbling, clowns, and pie in the face.

The Christmas Tree Shop!

The Stewart's at Washington and Quail.

Trying the Get to the airport for the Adirondack Ballon Festival... Especially when its nice out.

Uncommon Grounds at noon on a Sunday

Salvation Army on Central on half-off day (Wednesdays!).

The first two months of a new chain restaurant.

My house!!

Dinosaur BBQ!

Lark street, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving!

The NYS Capitol! I work in politics and you havent seen a circus till you've watched a bill get passed!

Tons of people flooding out of the 4th of July fireworks under the plaza while a ice cream truck plays a sweet children's song and drunk people shout and scream. Surreal as cirque.

all elementary school playgrounds at recess


The NYS Legislature....

Definitely wolf road at rush hour or lunch.

Circus Cafe on Broadway in Saratoga Springs.

Moving an entire house in 6 hours and 42 minutes with the help of 5 guys, 57 cardboard boxes, 3 vehicles, 1 moving van and an overly excited dog.

The corner of Quail and Madison on Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night. You have a parade followed with performances of braggadocio and sluttiness.

I'll second the Capitol, and also add Legends on Sundays during football season.

OUTPOST at the Fuze Box.

All the changes on Facebook - it seems to have caused more upheaval and distension than the 11 year war.... Really people, don't you have more important things to worry about. Accept the change and move on.

The gym the first few weeks after New Years - yikes!

The northway during rush hour!

Politics in troy

The intersection of Wolf Road and Albany Shaker. The clowns driving their cars and trying to go northbound on I-87 do some interesting acrobatics.

The New York State Government.

Chipotle at Noon every day in Latham (but it is worth it!) Watch out for the clowns in the parking lot.

Delaware Avenue Price Chopper. It's as if the store was co-managed by Hunter S. Thompson and the Yin Yang Twins.

The Panera Bread on Route 4 is a circus between 11am and 2pm. You need to juggle your plates and drinks while waiting for a table to open up.

Currently a construction circus at HVCC
It would be easier to find a parking spot if you and 20 friends owned a clown car.

Stalemate in New York state senate 2 years back!

State politics...

Parking in center square!

The mall at Christmas time. As soon as Santa comes, the mall becomes a CIRCUS!!!!!

The Denny's on Wolf Road at 3 in the morning is an absolutely circus.

Off duty cops with prisoners in tow and people getting out of Sneaky Pete's in their club outfits definitely makes it entertaining! Best people watching around!

the ER @ albany medical center, people in the hallways ,drunks running wild,kids screaming and no staff in sight!!!!Avoid it at any/all cost.

Kegs & Eggs.

The Corporate Challenge

Lark St when all the kids get out of school.

the old sneaky petes. that entire scene was a circus. and if it moves to the warehouse district, the circus will ensue....please albany, do not let that happen.

secondly: lark fest, but someone already said that.

The Troy Farmer's market is definitely like a circus, but in a wonderful way!

There's fire spinning every Wednesday night at the Corning Preserve. Does that count? Or do we need a ringmaster for it to be an official circus?

I'm embarrassed to admit that Walmart, about five minutes to closing (11:55 pm), when they only have one or two checkouts open, is a circus. A very annoying circus.

The first Thursday of the month, 7 p.m., Christ Church United Methodist, 35 State Street. Also known as Troy City Council meetings.

Anywhere near a capitol region Bar Exam test center in July or February. With traffic and the test takers excessively pale faces (tinged slightly green of course), its easy to think the Circus has come to town early.

The Christmas Tree Shop, at any time, on any given day

Alive at 5

The Northway at 5:00 weekdays

Driving north during afternoon rush hour!

What local situation or place is a circus?

Between exit 23 and 24 on the Thruway -- with the roadwork -- and peak traffic on Friday's. Especially if their is a fender bender. Write of an hour of your life right there.

Alternatively -- disaster relief becoming a political hot potato in the capital area (including Schoharie, etc.). The time to have it out is before the disaster not while families, kids and adults are existing on the margins.

boot drinking competition at Wolff's!!!!

Troy traffic court is a circus!!

Any Walmart?

The State and/or The Suburbs

My life...

The entire state government for the past few years...

My two cats, chasing each other around the house.

OMG. Seriously-the schedule of youth hockey!

Walmart on the night before Thanksgiving, before a big snowstorm, or on the first of the month!

Parking for Lark Fest, Tulip Fest, etc.

The mall at Christmas time!

The Albany County DSS office when they shut down for an hour lunch every day. Imagine... you stand on line for 10 minutes to get a number. Sit down and wait for up to an hour, then hear that they're shutting down for lunch. Serious, annoying circus.

July 4th at the Plaza = Circus

The CDTA 55...which is now a different number but it's still the same old s***show.

Instead of going with the traditional negative connotation of something being a circus, I'm going to go with my own interpretation since a circus is also entertaining, funny, and beautiful so I'd have to the say the Pine Bush - especially when I fall on my butt while enjoying a peaceful, pretty day of of cross-country sking.

Hattie's bar during track season. Can't even get close enough to order!

any ___-fest/parade where douchey college kids drink in public

Any Subway restaurant at noon

The capital building.

The winter process of driving a truck slowly down the street followed by workmen with shovels plugging potholes with little better than loose stones which last about half a day before spreading themselves over the road and revealing the unchanged holes but adding an extra windscreen hazard...

Anywhere Ryan Gosling is rumored to be.

Definitely the Northway traffic, into Albany in the morning, & out of Albany after 5:00 o'clock!

Trying to choose a steak at a Pricechopper on a Friday at rush time. Seriously, I've been nearly trampled to death by the circus of zombie-eyed shoppers.

Leaving the SUNY Albany campus ~5pm on a weekday

Jillians on Halloween

My life! It is definitely a giant circus. Does this count? I mean I am local, so I take my circus to all situations and places ;)

A class of undergrads at SUNY when you tell them you are giving them a pop quiz

Albany Medical Center emergency department waiting area!

outside the clearview center on henry johnson between the hours of 9-5

Jumpin' Jacks Opening Day...well everyday for that matter.

I would say the Delaware Ave. Price Chopper but that's actually known as a zoo so definitely Pearl St. after alive at five - circus and freak show all in one.

The intersection of lark/central/washington at rush hour.

Walmart on Washington, especially before a holiday. CIRCUS!

The mall parking lot at christmas time. Way too much of a circus and someplace I'll completely avoid if I can.

the stewarts by bethlehem high at 2:07

local politics

The NYS Assembly, of course!!!

Crossgates parking lot on Saturday before Christmas!

The parking situation in the downtown Lark St. area.

Any event with snacks in the capital region, like first Friday or troy night out.

circus cafe in saratoga

Republican Party Presidential Debates.

Any of the new traffic circles!

2008 Hudson Ave block party. The same year Pine Hills convenience store burnt down.

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