The Saratoga lip dub

The much-hyped Saratoga lip dub was released Tuesday night. The 8.5 minute video is set in downtown Saratoga Springs and includes a medley of songs by Train (the drummer for the band is from Saratoga).

The inspiration for the lip dub reportedly came from Emerson College's much-viewed lip dub -- the head of the Saratoga County chamber of commerce has a daughter who goes there and heard about it from her. The chamber is hoping the video will be a marketing vehicle for Saratoga. [Saratoga lip dub Facebook] [Post-Star]

Other cities have done this, too. A lip dub for Grand Rapids, Michigan is probably the most famous of that type -- it's been viewed more than 4 million times on YouTube.

The Saratoga video was shot on September 1 -- about 1,000 people reportedly showed up for the recording. [Saratogian]

It's impressive that organizers were able to coordinate that many people. But one side effect of having a crowd that big is that people's faces fly through the frame so fast that it's kind of hard to tell if they're "singing" (or whatever it's called in a lip dub).

Update: The Idiots wonder what else the money spent on this video could have been used for.


"This video has been removed by user" - ok?

Editors: It looks like they swapped it for this version. Updated. It should work now.


it looks like everyone had fun and i hope that it has the desired effect, but i hope that this silly lip dub trend stops sooner rather than later. a line was crossed when news channel 13 did one (and i will never forgive them for subjecting me to it for days on end) and this one at 8+ minutes is a little excessive. Now if they actually had Garland Nelson singing I would have found it much more interesting...dude has a voice!

can someone tell me what are they hoping to accomplish with this video?

That guy at the beginning is the biggest jockey I've ever seen -- even larger than Tobey Maguire in "Seabiscuit."

AOA forgot about us!!! Lip dubs are so fun and ours at NewsChannel 13 (see link above) was a great morale booster and team building exercise for our newsroom!

@Abby---and you should have kept that lip dub to yo'selves at NBC. it was annoying and made me want to throw things at my tv when it came on over and over and over. it was horrible.

That was brutal, partypooper. I literally laugh out loud at WNYT's lip dub (in a good way). At least you named yourself appropriately

word, party pooper. Garland Nelson rulz.

Hey Party Pooper: as long as you don't want to throw something at your tv during the rest of our news, it's all good!! It was **a lot** of fun to make though apparently for some, not as fun to watch!

I can't stand Train, but this was a pretty impressive effort by everyone involved. There must be a record for biggest cast in a music video this could break. Love the upside-down Jackpot sign at 6:40

Abby, thanks for sharing the video! It was a good laugh!

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