Tickets for Lewis Black at the Palace

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Update: Drawing's closed! Thanks for entering!

Comedian Lewis Black will be doing stand up at the Palace this coming Friday night. We have a pair of tickets -- and we're looking to give them away to someone. Maybe that person is you.

Here's how to enter. As you've probably seen on The Daily Show, Lewis Black has a tendency to get a bit upset about the state of things. So, please answer this question in the comments:

What about today's world drives you crazy?

We'll draw one comment at random. That person will get the tickets.

Black's appearance at the Palace is part of his "In God We Rust" tour. Here's a review of a recent show in Madison, Wisconsin. And here's his latest "Back in Black" segment on The Daily Show.

We talked with Black about Albany a few months ago.

The show at the Palace starts at 8 pm on Friday. Tickets start at $29.50.

Important: All comments must be submitted by noon on Tuesday (October 18, 2011) to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly -- seriously, if you win, we want to give you the tickets) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 5 pm on Tuesday and must respond by noon Wednesday (October 19).

photo: Clay Patrick McBride


People turning without using their blinker makes me CRAZY, especially on my bike.

Thumping car stereos that rattle my windows drive me up a wall. Who finds this enjoyable??

People in Albany who don't shovel their walks in the winter.

Parents who think that their kids can do no wrong! Its everyone else in the worlds fault that their child is a punk!

People who obsessively check in, tweet, update their status, etc. everywhere they go. Are you trying to impress me with your cool Saturday night plans? Well, it doesn't seem like you're enjoying them much if you are glued to your phone the entire time!

Jaywalkers -- I want to install an in-dash tazer so that i can get them right as they step off the sidewalk.

The on-ramp to 890 East from Rt. 5/SCCC. Crossing 4 lanes around a blind turn in about 1/4 mile (if that) is insane!

Having to learn how to work the appliances in every bathroom I go into. They all used to work the same way, now we have to frantically wave our hands around to find out if they're automatic or not, and they're never ALL automatic. Don't get me started.

People that complain about everything, all the time!

What drives me crazy is the vilification of public-sector employees--teachers, government workers, public servants in general. These mostly hard-working people are not the bad guys!

People who reject science.

Parking in center square drives me crazy!!!

Poverty. And also people who don't shovel their sidewalks in the winter.


People who overshare on social media sites.

Double parkers - especially when they do it next to an empty space. Just pull over!


When you're looking for a parking space and there's a person standing in a parking space telling you they're "holding it" for someone. No you're not, either you move and I park there, or you don't move and I still park there.

It drives me nuts when other people try to push their religion on others. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, even if we all don't agree with it. Live and let live.


Hypochondriacs! Could we make anymore of them with every sneeze and cut that gets treated. No one can afford insurance and we all want our boo boos and rear ends kissed by the doctors.

People with no consideration for others, be it politicians, double parkers, bicyclists who run red lights, etc.

Distracted drivers talking on their cell phones terrify me and drive me crazy!

Crazy straws drive me absolutely nuts! I just want to drink my wine as fast as possible without it going through a series of fun loops! Seriously!!

People being disrespectful (talking, texting, etc) to a teacher!


What about today's world drives me crazy? Are you freakin kidding me...."What about today's world DOESN'T drive me crazy", would be a shorter answer.....

(pick me...I'm sarcastic too and really need some Lewis Black humor!)

Neckties. If a client comes to my office and wants to talk, I sincerely doubt s/he'll stagger backward in horror if I greet him/her sans-tie. Let me out of this silken torture chamber! I'll still do well at my job; I promise!

People who intentionally remove the mufflers from their cars/trucks to make them louder than a jet engine. It's always nice of them to let me know when they are coming into my neighborhood -- from about a mile away.


The free market and cars not on fire.

All the horrible changes to facebook drive me crazy!!! What the heck is a ticker in the corner - I have a facebook in my facebook - ridiculous!!!

Nothing is private anymore- between social media and security cameras, everyone knows everything about everyone.

People who drive through red lights!

Ladies... if you can't get your carry-on down without giving yourself a black eye... DON'T PACK SO MUCH STUFF!

There are a lot worse things out there; but one thing that always irks me is pedestrians walking on the wrong side of the road when there are no sidewalks.

The fact that 80% of NY'ers want the millionaire's tax but yet it not going to be kept in place ...

Healthcare is a mess and too darn expensive!

People who do not respect the american flag during the national anthem - by taking off their hat - that drives me crazy.

Drives me crazy that baseball teams have to play too many games in order to get into the world series and too many games in order to win one. Baseball should be over by Oct 1st.

The rent. It's too damn high!

People who say "irregardless".

People who use the word "literally" wrong. Except for Chris Traeger on Parks and Rec.

i hate today's constant connectivity, with zero 'down time'---oh, for the days when you had to PAY to get always connected (AT&T had a 700# service for just that)...wish there was an App that screened your calls and gave an automated message especially for those you don't want to talk with, Ever.....'thanks for calling. i really wish you'd get a life and put down your iPhone 4s or blackberry and LEAVE ME THE F**K ALONE'.

The continuing lack of pterodactyls in Albany. If we simply reduce some of the anti-pterodactyl regulations, making it a more pterodactyl-friendly city, we attract some of the pterodactyls who choose to roost and terrorize the population elsewhere.

The price of toliet paper - it keeps going up butt I will alwaaaaays pay it.

Jersy Shore, the Kardashians, tabloids, Twilight, tweens (the fact that last said word even exists), genetically modified food, the romanticism of ignorance, reindeer car ornaments, 'baby passenger inside' stickers, Dave Matthews Band, BET, auto-tune, Rosie O'Donnel, 2012 conspiracies, the rise of national debt, the decline of US education, and an incompetent Police force that doesn' act when given leads to their front door.

The greed of few affecting the lives of many.

she drives me crazy.
like no one else.
she drives me crazy and I can't help myself (ooh, ooh).

Restaurant staff who don't put enough enthusiasm into their birthday singing/clapping routine. I chose this particular chain for it's magical birthday atmosphere and the 11 dollar chicken tenders. Please, put some zazz into it.

Reality Television.


That the well run, efficient, government program called Social Security Insurance which millions depend on, would be called a ponzi scheme.

People talking on bluetooth headsets in public places.

and the real housewives.

The sizes at Starbucks. Don't pretend you're too good to just say "small", "medium", or "large".

Traffic Jams. Anything that requires me to wait, actually. I am NOT a patient person, and sitting in a car waiting for all the jackholes ahead of me to figure out how to drive really drives me bonkers.

albany's parking fines

Trying to drive in Albany.

Event ticket fees and service charges.

What makes me lose it every single time? Filibuster abuse. Bills come up in Congress (especially the Senate) and pass with a simple majority, no problem-- even some votes to spare-- but they can't be implemented because they couldn't muster three-fifths. Not just for the big stuff, but routine business. And the worst part of it is, they KNOW it's annoying... it's one of the main reasons why they persist. But how anyone that nuts can even get themselves elected to public office is, frankly, beyond me.

Reality tv

liars, haters, fakers, cruelty and a general lack of compassion.

I also REALLY hate litter! stop the littering!!!

Parents who put their kids on leashes at the mall/grocery store.

People in general. Although I'm sure it being "today's" world has nothing to do with it.If I was alive in the wild west I'd be just as annoyed at a Clara Bell as I am now with a Kloe.

Irresponsible corporations

The tendency to run red lights with abandon.

What drives me most crazy about today's world is the sense of entitlement many (most) people have. People need to stop expecting others to do for them and start doing for themselves!

You know what really grinds my gears?
When you can't find the druids you're looking for

Clifton Park parkers, Saratoga drivers.

Parents who let their kids cry while they shop for a deal in stores at the mall. No sale is so important for your speshul flowr to be ignored. Ignore the sale, pay attention to the kid.

Jaywalkers on Central Ave. I'm convinced Albany is the jaywalking capital of the world.

Drivers that don't use common sense!

What drives me crazy is that people actually think "Occupy Wall Street" will work or make any change in the world.

Monday morning staff meetings, every Monday morning.

That with the availability and ease of social media today, people think this entitles them to a) express their strong opinions about things they have no knowledge on and b) give everyone updates on the most mundane aspects of their lives. I'm sorry, I just don't care what you had for breakfast this morning, nor do I think your ideas on religion should be broadcast to hundreds of 'friends'.

People who are unable to grasp the complexity of merging...

Those annoying politicAL signs that pop up this time of the year. Typed this after going out to put up some of my signs.

The Kardashians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh!

People who wear leggings / spandex as pants AND SHOULDN'T ... its a privilege, not a right!!

Politicians who are more concerned with their "brand", than representing the people who elected them.

What drives me nnnnnuts? (with Lewis Black hand gestures)

Are stupid people in large crowds!

Hey 'poor' Occupy Wallstreet 99%, you do not represent whining instead of applying for jobs. I ride a bus 2 hours back and forth to work, I buy necessities...I SAVE my money and I invest. I do not claim BIG business is to blame but YOU do, while you Tweet, FB and text your nonsense on your damn iPad listening to your itunes, drinking your $5 hickory hazelnut whipped cream mambe pambe Mocha Latte! Don't spill any of it on your designer clothes or your Nikes, your hypocrite jackassez!

If you are the 99%, my kids are in trouble

Whew, felt good, but will NOT be picked on a the liberal site called AOA


there's someone who lives on or around my block in center square who picks up their dog's droppings, ties the bag and leaves it on the sidewalk. it drives me insane. i mean, they did the hard part, why can't they just take the bag to the trash compactor on the corner?

on a side note... is it just me, or did the city remove a lot of the free standing (not solar powered) trash cans? seems like there's less and less of them. and i don't see any compactors in their places.

Late People!!!!

People who don't have kids who have nothing better to do than judge and label parents and their children based on a couple of minutes of observation.

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