The best sushi places in the Capital Region?

mr fuji sushiNick and Erin email (emphasis added):

At some point in the past 3 months, both the sushi chef and the waiter/helper at Sushi house changed, and unfortunately the sushi is just not the same (It was arguably the best sushi we had ever had). I was wondering if you guys could find out if they just moved to another restaurant in the area, or if they are no longer making sushi Albany. If not, can we get a post about the best sushi places in the capital region?

Heh. We know there are one or two people who like sushi around here.

So, what's your favorite local place?

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photo: Matthew Loiacono


Sushi Tei in Guilderland is good.
Unfortunately the service is kind of slow there.

We had an amazing experience at Shogun in Delmar.

I'll second the nod to Sushi Tei. As Lu mentioned, the service can sometimes be slow and inconsistent, but they have the best quality fish and best tasting rice I've had in the area.

I love Sushi Na in Clifton Park.

I like Sake Cafe on New Scotland. Koto's sushi is also good and I've never had a problem getting a regular table even though the lines for Hibachi can be long.

A related question. Is Saso working anywhere in the area currently? He was always the best, but with the closure of his own restaurant and then the closure of Tai Lounge, I believe Albany is missing out on his services again.

I would have to agree with Summer about Shogun, and I'm looking forward to them opening an Albany location just off Lark Street. In Delmar, they were serving a kobe beef special last week that was as delicious as it was beautiful.

For sushi and udon dishes, I vote Sushi Tei on Western Ave. But I find their hibachi and teriyaki dishes too salty. I do love their crab salad though.

I don't have a good suggestion for hibachi and teriyaki dishes...those are not my thing.

Sake! (it's new in Latham)

Maybe another tournament/tour de opportunity for someone who really likes sushi, we have so much of it.

It depends on what you like to order, some places don't regularly stock certain items (like uni or scallop), some have better sushi/sashimi than rolls or vice versa, some have better specialty items.

Sushi Tei and Shogun, already mentioned are great. Also a fan of Hokkaido in Glenmont (great specialty rolls and non-sushi entrees, and they always have oshinko which can be tough to find) and Okinawa in Wynantskill (really good appetizers, very fresh fish).

Hands down Sake Cafe on New Scotland has the best sushi..I've tried several in the area and nothing compares to them.

Sake Cafe on New Scotland, not even close. Well, Ichiban maybe in second. But I can't figure out if they have their liquor license yet. They seem to be serving beer but people keep bringing in their own wine.

best sushi quality-wise: Sake Cafe on New Scotland

best bang for your buck: Sushi X in Latham

The best kept secret in the Capital region is Mr. Fuji in Clifton Park. Really fresh, tasty, and incredibly priced.

I'm gonna go with Matthew's pic. Mr. Fuji in Clifton Park is amazing. My wife and I went there last week for our anniversary.

Kotos for both Hibachi and Sushi

I like Yoshi Sushi on rt 9. You have to order the Chef's Special lunch/dinner though - the Sushi chef basically just gives you whatever he feels like. Kind of like sushi roulette, but it is always better and more varied than what I might have ordered myself!

In Troy, stay away from Sushi King...which other options. :-( Why is Troy a Sushi desert?!?!

In Troy (Wynantskill, really), Okinawa is pretty good.

Last Friday friends of mine who are huge foodies suggested that we meet for dinner at Shogun in Delmar. Food, service, everything... FANTASTIC. Can't wait to go again and can't wait until they open on Madison!

PS: Though I'm voting for Shogun, I'd be willing to go on a "sushi tour" of the capital region just to make sure. ;)

Sushi Tei (on western in guilderland) and Sake Cafe (new scotland). Both are amazing!

Sake Cafe, + 1,000!

shogun in Delmar. New Hokkaido in Glenmont was always the place for us and Jimmy was the best to us whenever we dropped in.. But they closed while redoing and we haven't been back since :). We miss Jimmy. shogun is very good though.

The image that accompanies this post is not an image depicting sushi.

Sushi Tei! I've been going there through three ownership changes.


frank and his crew are top notch

Little gem in Guilderland called Akanomi, I have tried most in the Capital region, this quaint little place is incredible and measures up to some of the best.

Sushi Tei is my favorite spot but its worth it to splurge at Koto once and awhile. They're triple tuna tar tar is awesome.

My brother worked for years in Japan. He said Mr. Wasabi, Union Street, Schenectady was the best sushi he's had in the states.

Miyako in Guiderland is the ONLY place I will ever go. The food is AMAZING. Warning: The service is VERY slow. But I promise you, it is worth it.

Get the Spider Roll. :)

I only covered a part of the capital region but here was my Guilderland Sushi Round Up:


The above commenters are spot on with Sushi Tei and Shogun (but Shogun is pricy and the rolls smaller)

did someone say "sushi tour"?

(fwiw, Sake in Slingerlands, Sushi Tei in Guilderland)

Sake Cafe on New Scotland... just got home from there as a matter of fact. This is my absolute favorite. Shogun is second. Mr. Saso...I miss your sushi and the clap that came after finishing a roll!

We have a few ideas about sushi:

I think Yoshi Sushi is the most authenticate and freshest in the area, however it is out of the way for me usually.

I get delivery from Sushi Tei a lot, they also have good Japanese dishes.

Definitely Shogun in Delmar. Even my kids love it!

I love Koto, Hana and Ichiban but a friend recently told me that a new place in Stuyvesant Plaza, Mr. Fuji Sushi, is the best in the area. I haven't gotten there yet.

If I HAD to choose, I guess a vote for Mister Wasabi. They would probably get all my sushi biz if they were on my routine path... Me.anwhile, I guess I have te to retry the place on new scotland... Wasnt overly impressed the first and only time, myself but its closer

In no particular order:

Sake Cafe
Mr. Fuji

another vote for Mr. Wasabi on Union Street in Schenectady. It's especially priced well, if you ask me!

I LOVE Mari's in Schenectady. Original, tasty, well-priced, and authentic. They are true sushi connoisseurs.

There's a lot of great sushi places in the area. One not mentioned much is Yoshi Sushi on Rt. 9 in Latham. It's nice because it is really unpretentious, simple sushi. And at very reasonable prices. I much prefer it to the overpriced, overdecorated megasushi restaurants that are popping up around the area such as Hana. Mr. Wasabi in Schenectady is very good as well Okinawa in Wynantskill. All of these places are simple and have good quality sushi.

Bizen in Great Barrington is a little out of the way for most, but they have the best Japanese food and sushi in this market.

Akanomi is pretty amazing in Guilderland.

FYI - Miyako, which had been in Guilderland, is now in Troy as Japanica. Toshi is still the sushi master and the food is great. Hibachi tables are there, but it is the sushi that shines. Sushi Tei is very good as well.

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