Christmas in October

home depot albany pre-halloween christmas trees

Well, maybe a small Christmas tree could be used as a snow brush.

After noticing that our ice scraper had run off during the summer, we stopped by the Home Depot in Albany Friday to pick up a new one ahead of Saturday's snow.

After a search of the store with an associate's help, we found no ice scrapers. (Update: Save Pine Hills says there were ice scrapers there at some point recently.) But there was an entire section of Christmas trees and decorations. Before Halloween.

We were headed up Central Ave, so we stopped at Phillips Hardware next. Phillips had a selection of ice scrapers and snow shovels -- and, as far we could tell, no Christmas trees.

Phillips wins.


Hm, was just thinking this morning, that I need a new ice scraper, and I'm all about visiting businesses I can walk to! Thanks, AOA!

If you're talking about the Home Depot on Central (RIP Caldor) then as you step into the store, the ice scrapers are in the front all the way to the left. Maybe they sold them all Friday and Saturday because they were there last weekend.

Also, since I have a case of the Mondays, it's time to nit-pick. If you were leaving Home Depot on Central and headed toward Phillips, you were going down Central, not up. Not only because I say so, but because you are literally driving downhill and also because you're heading towards downtown.

I have some friends who live in Troy who always tell me they are "heading up to Albany" and it drives me insane. Not only is Albany south of Troy, it's also about 200 feet lower in elevation.

@SPH: It would make sense that they were somewhere (it's not like they're lacking for space). It's tough when even the employees can't find them.

As for the up/down thing: it was location in Colonie just over the Albany line, which as any right-thinking person would regard as being up Central. Obviously. ; )

You got me. All that ranting and raving for nothing. I only ever think of the one near Pauli's Hotel.

I was at Ace down by Hewitts on Western Ave on Saturday and they had ice scrapers.

Does anyone know where I could find one of those small ice scrapers with the metal (copper?) blades? I used to have two and busted one. I'd like to have another back-up...they're hard to come by, but they work so much better than the plastic scrapers on ice.

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