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Here's a quick scan of results from local elections Tuesday. This is not a comprehensive list, just some highlights. Numbers are unofficial.

The boards of election from Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga and Schenectady counties have results posted online.

Incumbents are marked with *

Albany County

Albany County executive
Dan McCoy (D) 98.83%
write-in 1.17%
Albany County comptroller
Mike Conners (D)* 99.14%
write-in .86%
Albany County sheriff
Craig Apple (D) 99.41%
write-in .59%

Three of the top jobs in Albany County were unopposed races.

Albany County Legislator 2nd district
Merton Simpson (D) 70.38%
Wanda Willingham (D, running on IND)* 24.62%

Willingham lost the Democratic primary, and her husband and daughter were recently arrested on allegations of public assistance fraud. [TU] [TU]

Albany County Legislator 6th district
Noelle Kinsch (D) 75.67%
Brian Scavo (D, running on Conservative line)* 23.77%

Scavo lost the Democratic primary, and has faced charges four times during his term in office. And there are allegations of questionable behavior as far back as 2005. [TU] [Metroland]

City of Cohoes mayor
John McDonald (D)* 97.13%
write-in 2.87%
City of Watervliet mayor
Michael Manning (D)* 92.41%
write-in 7.59%
Town of Bethlehem supervisor
John Clarkson (D) 67.50%
Kyle Kotary (R) 29.44%
Richard Reeves Ellington (WOR) 2.84%
Town of Colonie supervisor
Paula Mahan (D)* 50.64%
Denise Sheehan (R) 49.27%

Separated by 260 votes, so it could come down to absentee votes.

Town of Guilderland supervisor
Ken Runion (D)* 98.75%
write-in 1.25%
Village of Green Island mayor
Ellen McNulty-Ryan (D)* 73.10%
Richard Palumbo (R) 26.90%
City of Albany school board (2)
Ginnie Farrell 37.76%
Sue Adler 33.38%
Melissa Mackey 28.46%

The contentious charter school issue was an undercurrent in this race, and a charter school group had apparently been supporting Mackey. [TU]

Rensselaer County

Rensselaer County DA
Richard McNally (D)* 52.745%
Joel Abelove (R) 47.226%
Rensselaer County sheriff
Jack Mahar (R)* 55.877%
Gary Gordon (D) 44.075%
City of Troy mayor
Carmella Mantello (R) 45.118%
Lou Rosamilia (D) 54.514%

Rosamilia was a late entry to this race after replacing Clem Campana, who dropped out after allegations of scandal. [YNN]

North Greenbush supervisor
Alson Spain (R) 65.423%
Charles Smith (D) 34.462%

Saratoga County

Clifton Park supervisor
Phil Barrett (R)* 74%
Martin O'Connor (D) 26%
Halfmoon town supervisor
Mindy Wormuth (R)* 58%
Deanna Stephenson (D) 42%
Malta town supervisor
Paul Sausville (R)* 51%
Cynthia Young (D) 49%

Separated by only 60 votes.

Saratoga Springs mayor
Scott Johnson (R)* 52%
Brent Wilkes (D) 48%
Saratoga Springs public safety commissioner
Richard Wirth (R)* 47%
Christian Mathiesen (D) 53%
Saratoga Springs finance commissioner
Ken Ivins (R)* 48%
Michele Madigan (D) 52%

Schenectady County

Schenectady mayor
Gary McCarthy (D) - acting mayor 50.35%
Roger Hull (R, Alliance) 49.49%

They're separated by 77 votes, so it will come down to absentee votes.

Rotterdam supervisor
Frank DelGallo (RFP)* 15.21%
Harry Buffardi (D) 47.95%
Brian McGarry (R) 36.68%
Niskayuna supervisor
Joe Landry (D)* 55.54%
Anthony Pennacchio (R) 44.29%


Congratulations Rensselaer County Board of Elections for being the only local county to idiot-proof their election results. Come on other counties! No one needs to know how many people voted for someone as a democrat versus ora working families party. It's the same person! Who won and by how much? That's all we need!

I'm glad to see Scavo is out. Too much of a douche factor.

Correction: The Democratic/Working Families candidate for Malta Supervisor is Cynthia Young, not Deanna Stephenson.

Editors: Fixed. Thank you.

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