Trying out ShopRite's home delivery service

shoprite home delivery ellsassCheck it out: Craig (Ellsass) gave ShopRite's home delivery service a try and wrote about the experience:

I love shopping online. I don't find much appeal in trekking to a traditional brick-and-mortar shop during whatever their hours happen to be, forcing a smile when the cashier mentions the weather, and waiting in endless lines. So it was with great excitement that I discovered that finally, in 2011, I can have groceries delivered to my suburban home for a reasonable price. Specifically, ShopRite in Niskayuna offers both in-store pickup (free) and at-home delivery at least as far as Latham (free until Thanksgiving for $50+ orders, otherwise a very fair $6.95 fee).
So how did it go? The ride was a little bumpy, likely due to ShopRite being very new in the area, but it all worked out well.

His post has lots of description, screengrabs, pics (those are his groceries on the right), and tips.

Price Chopper also now has a home-delivery service (hello, competition). Has anyone tried that?


I really wish that was available in Albany.

The PC delivery is available in Albany, but I wouldn't use it. I am old enough to remember when we HAD TO get the Advantedge card, and that it was going to be a "convenience" because it would replace coupons, and coupons were no longer necessary.

Liars. But food was not an area where I had to take a stand before, protest, so when I saw PC coupons in the paper, I cut them out and used them, and it bothered me.

Then there were other gimmicks. And more recently the gas.

I didn't buy into it. I just said stick to my usual buy the cheapest gas on the routes I travel, and walk when I can instead.

I do not want to go to a grocery store that plays games.

I grow what I can, shop at farmers' markets or stop by farms for more, and go to another store for the staples I need. Maybe Shop Rite will be that store in the future.

I'm south of Albany, so I've shopped at Shoprite in Hudson here and there for the past several years. That store is pretty dated, but one of the things I liked was that the produce was better managed than the Catskill Price Chopper, they also go to greater lengths to stock more local produce than at PC. Also, they carry the non-wheat pasta brand I like.

One big problem at the Hudson store that really can wear on a person is that every time I've gone they have had some big time-consuming snafu at the register related to either WIC or coupons and advertised specials, or both, with someone ahead of me. And these snafus can take a very very long time, and conveniently for Shoprite, always were to the disadvantage of the consumer. If you were the type to not pay attention, you'd lose out on a lot of the deals that were advertised. I wondered if Shoprite was building in such an inconvenience to discourage coupons, sales shoppers and WIC users. I had no such experience at the Niskayuna store, but I only have gone one time.

I'll probably check out the new one in Albany on Friday since we're in the area regularly then anyway. I'm considering the shop at home and pickup option too (I don't think they'd deliver all the way down to Coxsackie, and frankly even if I lived in the delivery area, I'd prefer to pick up myself anyway).

I. Love the colonie shoprite but they don't deliver. I have get my delivery from the Albany store on Central ave, not a big fan. Been there, not as clean and nice.

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