Stop. No, really.

stop means stop

In case you were thinking this is one of the optional stop signs.

We had a laugh this week after seeing this sign at the Price Chopper Plaza in Slingerlands.


That's funny. I think a lot of folks don't take stop signs within shopping plazas seriously (see the Target plaza in East Greenbush!).

Doesn't surprise me at all. Albany is the place where you supposedly have 3-5 seconds to go through an intersection after the light turns red.

I don't believe stop signs on private property are enforceable.

If I put a stop sign in my driveway I can't issue you a $50 ticket for disobeying (well, I can't expect you to pay anyway). Nor can I call the cops and have the issue you a ticket.

Theoretically you could be ticketed for reckless driving or something I guess, but not for running the sign.

In Capital Region -- stop signs (and red lights) merely a suggestion!

That's funny. I think a lot of folks don't take stop signs within shopping plazas seriously (see the Target plaza in East Greenbush!).
... said Bob on Dec 16, 2011 at 5:02 PM | link

Parking lot stop signs are on private property and thus not enforceable.

Southside drive in Clifton Park (between Toys R Us and Moe's) has (had?) these signs too.

They didn't seem to work very well.

The problem with the Target plaza in EG is that it has far too many stop signs too close together. It's really unneccessary to stop at all of them unless you see people crossing.

Stop signs in shopping plazas are sometimes put up without any engineering judgment. My one issue is with the stops signs in front of a store entrance. Sure, a good idea, but rather pointless when no one is actually crossing the way. The Yield to Peds sign should be used in these places.

BTW, that stop means stop sign is not even a sign at all, legally speaking.

Not only is it not enforceable because it is on private property, bu t it also is not a "legal" stop sign because there is no intersection.

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