AOA crowd car radio presets

aoa crowd presets radio graph

If there was a "crowd radio."

Last week, Capitol to Capital asked about the stations people had preset on their car radios.

A bunch of people answered, so we thought it'd be fun to count responses to see what stations the AOA crowd is listening to...

Before we tune this in: Yep, this is completely and totally non-scientific. Every time a station was mentioned, it got counted. Multiple frequencies for the same station were grouped (example: WAMC 90.3 was counted with WAMC AM 1400). Ratings rank from Radio Online, based on Arbitron ratings. (Non-commercial stations such as WRPI are not included in the ratings.)


It's heartening to see WGNA so low on that list. I love living in the northeast.

hardly surprising considering the types of people this page caters to.

nice data

I hope radio lovers here appreciate having WEQX and WEXT. You won't find excellent radio like that in major cities.

This is an amusing combination of self-selection and self-reporting.

But then, my presets are (in order) my iPod transmitter, WAMC, WEQX, WEXT, and *hangs head* WGY.

I am a huge fan of the Crush.

I was honestly thinking of suggesting the information from that post be charted - thank you AOA!


Last week I went to a costume birthday party with the direction to "dress as a rock star or favorite artist--be creative!"

Apparently representing both myself and the Capital Region AOA readers accurately, I attended as NPR - the best thing on the radio.

I know this poll refers to local radio, but would be interesting to see what percentage of local listeners tune in to satellite or internet radio instead of the local offerings.

The pre-sets in the graphic? That's exactly what I have in my car... except I don't have four others, 'cause there aren't any other local stations I like.

This is interesting, although not surprising. AOA seems like an artsy/creative/liberal crowd and that's pretty much in line with those stations.

Musical tastes are very telling.

I haven't felt so predictable an unoriginal since I discovered "Stuff White People Like."

A website for liberal bleeding heart liberals, vote for a liberal bleeding heart liberal radio station catering to them. Thats like asking Christians to rank their favorite holiday!!
whats the point?

Don't mind astor, he hasn't had his daily quota of puppy kicking and is a bit testy. If we're lucky, tomorrow he'll get a chance to yell "get a job!" at someone and all will be right in the world.

Well, I have WAMC, WCDB, something, WMHT, and... something. yeah, I don't listen to the radio much. Especially since got my iPod adapter installed in my car. It only took me, oh... 7ish years after I bought the car... ;)

ahhh so I'm mean and unbalanced for making an observation! I'm glad you told me that.

I thought I was just making an observation about the unsurprising results of a survey conducted by a member of a subculture, of that same subculture, then everyone being so surprised and happy of course that no one listens to the "evil" WGY

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