The Airing of Grievances 2011

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The Peppermint Pig drawing is now closed. But please feel free to continue airing your grievances.

We're celebrating Festivus early this year with a traditional Airing of Grievances.

So, gather round the unadorned aluminum pole and let it rip. You'll feel better. But here's the deal: grievances can not include personal attacks, nastiness or creepiness.

To balance the bitter with the sweet, we'll be giving Peppermint Pigs to three people who air the grievances in the comments. The winners will be picked randomly.

The Editors have already aired their grievances after the jump. We're looking forward to hearing yours. Merry Festivus.

Important: To be eligible for the Peppermint Pig drawing, your comment must be submitted by noon on December 21, 2011. You must include a working email address (that you check regularly -- seriously, we want to send you the pig) with your comment. One entry per person. Winners will be notified by 5 pm that day and must respond by noon on December 22.

Grievances aired by AOA Mary

The line at Uncommon Grounds
Here's how it works. If you want a salad, head to the back of the line by the salad station. If you want a bagel, you can move up past the salad station. Really, it's OK. And it moves the process along for the rest of us.

Patrick Stewart doing Enterprise car rental commercials
Seriously? Don't you have enough Picard money? You're an incredibly successful Shakespearean actor for God's sake. Leave some scraps for the faceless voiceover guys.

Yellow does not mean speed up.
Yes, Albany, this means you.

Pedestrians, you are not off the hook
If you must cross against the light, can you not saunter and take your sweet time? And when I stop short so I don't kill you, can you not act like I'm the one with the problem. I'm just saying'.

Mean people
I'm sorry were you not paying attention to my grievances last year? You're still out there. Stop it.

Grievances aired by AOA Greg

People who don't bag their garbage well enough
It drives me crazy to see litter on otherwise nice streets on/after garbage day because people haven't adequately bagged their garbage. Yep, you should put your trash in a bag. And that bag should go in a garbage can. That will keep your trash from being blown around or picked apart by animals. Haphazardly stacking your crap at the curb isn't really putting the trash out -- it's like temporarily littering with the hope that someone else will pick it up.

Red light runners
I understand that sometimes it's going to be close going through a light. But blowing through an intersection after the light has turned for a full second or two is just plain stupid. And it happens with surprising frequency in Albany.

I don't know when it happened, but it seems that almost all the carrots that come in a bag at the supermarket now taste borderline terrible. It's like they're not even carrots -- just orange sticks made of some possibly-organic matter.

Facebook and Twitter
Useful -- yep. Diverting -- sure. But they've also opened up a whole new range of opportunities for people to demonstrate just how cranky, vain, too easily indignant, and lacking in basic self awareness that so many of us are. It's like social media are often a mirror of our worst selves.

Festivus pole photo: Flickr user M. Keefe


My complaint or criticism of the season is that many, if not most, of my classmates at SUNY don't seem to care about the world around them, or, at the very least, about Albany.

Counter Intelligence:
It is not my fault you are working on the other side of the counter to make a sandwich, bagel, salad ... with that being said, could you not make me feel like I ruined your whole day and inconvenience your by requesting what you are paid to serve????

Drivers on Alternate Route 7: The speed limit was raised from 55 mph to 65 mph at least a decade ago. I'm going to look at you funny if you're driving 10 mph below the speed limit.

Drivers on I-87 and I-787: The speed limit is 55 mph. Don't look at me funny if I'm driving 10 mph below what you think is the speed limit.

Everyone, including me: Stop calling it "Alternate Route 7".

Double parking. Particularly on Central.

I can't believe no one gets tickets for pulling this crap. They should be ticketed and towed.

I also can't stand people who will double park rather than actually parallel park.

Driving lessons for all!

Ahhh Festivus! Here are a few grievances.
1. Spoiled children- I volunteer to answer letters to Santa every year and this year the kids were exceptionally greedy. No asking Santa how he's doing. No talk of how they've been good. Just itemized lists. I responded with the form letter on those that says "The real meaning of Christmas is helping others." Come on parents, teach them common courtesy!
2. Facebook Posts - If I see one more Ron Paul video, parent talking as their new baby, repost this if you care about dying cats, 3 year countdown to your wedding, or whining about how there is nothing on TV will freak out!
3. Family Feuds (real ones not the game show, I love that!)- If you are all adults, suck it up for the total of 4 days a year you need to see each other. Show so respect to the rest of the family and don't ruin their holidays with your petty junk!

That is all. Thank you for this fabulous opportunity. I feel much better :-)

People who throw lit cigarettes out of their windows at a gas station.

If you want to smoke, that's fine, I won't stop you. But PLEASE exercise some common sense.

I am annoyed by people who live in Latham and Colonie, and feel entitled to have a parking spot right in front of their office provided to them by the City of Albany. There is a price to pay for living in these outter-places! Move downtown, or get a bus pass, or park and walk some more. Reminder: where you live is a choice, choices have consequences.

#1 Cyclists - when you are riding, you are a vehicle. This means stopping at red lights, using hand signals to turn, not riding through crosswalks, and giving pedestrians the right of way. For serious.

#2 My banana is an advertisement for the Alvin & The Chipmunks Movie, and I find this offensive. Also, who is going to take out their smartphone to scan the QR code on a banana?

#3 "You still working?" or any modification therof, is NOT something I want to be asked while dining out. I have great respect that you, my server, are working - but If I'm in your dining establishment I am not. Let's remember that. Suggested alternatives include "are you still enjoying that," "have you finished", or "may I clear that for you."

when/where are the feats of strength?

Chipotle, it would be great if you ever once remembered to give me the chips I paid for without me reminding you. I've probably spent $10-$15 on chips that never made the bag. (Yes, I try to check, but sometimes I forget - or I send my husband for food and he doesn't know to look).

Workers in food service - those gloves aren't meant to protect your hands so much as they are to protect my food - stop scratching your face, fixing your shirt, handling money and then touching my food without changing your gloves. Gross.

Drivers on the Harriman loop - just because it's a circle doesn't mean it's a nascar speedway. Feel free to drive the speed limit - it's 40, that's generous. Also, when the lanes are open, it really wouldn't kill you to get over for pedestrians and cyclists...whereas by not getting over you've come very close to killing me - and that wouldn't bother me so much, but it'll really make my dog sad.

Drivers on Routes 9 and 9H in Columbia County...the speed limit is 55, not 35. Maybe you didn't notice.

1) When people pass you, speed, or run red lights only to pull into a Burger King.

2) When able-bodied people knock items over in the grocery store and don't stop to pick them up.

3) People who park or idle in the fire lane.

4) People who post strong political opinions on social media profiles and then resort to angry name calling when you disagree with them.

5) (child caregiver exclusive) People who are passive in allowing their kids to inch closer and closer to "the line" and then explode on them for crossing it. You really couldn't see it coming?

Dear people who throw their chicken bones on the sidewalk: please die in a fire.

Dear everyone, please try to be kind towards those in the service industry, especially this time of year. It's hard to be working long hours on your feet when you'd much rather be with your family. Try to have an extra smile for the cashier who'll be stuck at Target until 1 AM so that you can dash in for a little last-minute shopping, or the waitress who's juggling three extra tables of holiday diners. I'm not in retail anymore, but I did my time, and this is truly a hard time of year for many who get very little in return for the extra effort they put in.

Airing of Grievances:

Squirrels. Remember the days when they were afraid of you? I want those days back.

Lack of snow during winter. Winter is only good when there is snow to ski, sled, snowman build, and ball up and throw. It's not funny to snow in October and leave December with October weather.

People on bicycles.
Please, abide traffic laws and signs, they exist for a reason. It means stopping at stop signs in low-visibility areas and having a light at night. It's your safety, for goodness sake.

SUVs and their drivers.
Thank you, thank you to that person in SUV who gave me the right of way in an uncertain situation. But this only happened twice in 5 years. All other SUV encounters were less than pleasant.
The fact that you sit higher on your seat does not mean you are above us all and traffic regulations do not apply.

Any use of the prase "off the chain" that is not meant in the literal sense.

Dude with a Guitar
It drives me nuts when everyone is hanging out, getting into some really interesting, in depth conversation, and somebody (usually male) picks up a guitar and starts playing some song everyone's heard a million times, in the middle of the room, as loud as they can. This is how one ruins a perfectly wonderful party. If we wanted you to play for us, we would've invited the whole band! Or we would've all brought our own instruments so we could jam together. The only way to stop them on the spot would hurt the mood of the party, so every one smiles politely and tries to ensure the first song will be the last through body language. But it never is!!
Please, dude with a guitar, ask the host/hostess before you bust up their otherwise fabulous party.

I hope I'm not coming off high strung, but this really struck a chord with me.

I drive up to the Dunkin' metal box, and say V-E-R-Y SLOWLY "I'll have an orange juice, (pause) an extra large hot tea, (pause) black with two sugars, (pause) and a cinamon raisin bagel (pause) toasted (pause) with eggg annnnnd cheeeese".

About 50% of the time they hand me plain cream cheese on a bagel (I now always look before pulling away from the window.)

It's not like it's a really exotic special order. LISTEN. WHEN. YOU. ASK. ME. WHAT. I. WANT.

Also for some reason lately they have been consistently putting two teabags in the XL hot tea. When I asked one day for an extra large hot tea with only one teabag, they seemed baffled and asked why I only wanted one. (It makes it very bitter to have two teabags lurking in my cup until I get to my office. Plus if I am like this "normally" can you see me with double the caffeine first thing in the morning? not good for anyone in my office, I tell you.)

This is my breakfast people, it's the start of my day. It's just another order to you. But show me a little love.

People in gym locker rooms who insist on bending over completely buck naked need to cut it out.

Chipotle needs to offer a plain rice option for those of us who don't want to taste soap when we eat their burritos or bowls.

People who take offense to everything. Its not a big deal, get over it or ignore it.

Go worry about something meaningful.

Mary's pedestrian grievance made me want to applaud. That is one of my hugest pet peeves. Here are some others:

Rude bus passengers
I don't know where it is written in the annals of society that dictates that it acceptable to shout, curse, or play music from your phone without ear buds in public, but apparently bus rules are different from everywhere else's rules. I cringe at the barrage of F-bombs and other vulgar speech that I must endure, the loud phone conversations, and everything else that makes my 8:30am pre-coffee bus trip a miserable start to my day. Clean it up people: you are IN PUBLIC.

Rude movie theater patrons
You are not in your living room, so please refrain from discussing the movie with your partner- please wait until the car ride home. In keeping with the "not your living room" theme, my seat is not your ottoman. At Colonie Center, the seats recline, and I'd rather you didn't continue to push my seat forward with your foot, or relieve your restless leg syndrome on the back of my seat, thank you.

The overabundance of traffic circles. Apparently, some civil engineering firm has a ton of dirt on or is performing some sexual favors for local public officials, because the Capital Region is lousy with these things. I hate them because (1) no one here knows how to navigate one, (2) they cause major traffic headaches while their being built, and (3) my husband hates them even more than I do and whines when he has to drive through one. Enough already. Within a couple of years, the entire area will look like Exit 12.

PATC (People Against Traffic Circles)

Drivers from Schenectady to Albany on the Thruway: Although you will ultimately exit from the left lane, this has been the passing lane for the previous 300 miles. If you aren't going to travel with the flow of traffic, stay in the middle lane until you near Exit 24. You will have plenty of opportunity to exit properly, pinky swear.

Cigarette smokers: Earth is not your litter box. Keep the butt in your car and throw it out in a trash receptacle. If it's so gross you can't keep it in your car...think about that.

Politically Polarized: The world is not composed of conservatives and liberals, but of people who desire a better world, We have different perspectives about what that means and how to get there. There is more that unites than divides us, and I'm getting tired of hearing about what is wrong with "those people".

People who leave their shopping carts in parking spaces. You couldn't walk the 5-10 feet away to put it in one of those convenient corrals?

Also, there is no need to post on facebook/twitter every single time you go to the gym or run. Every once in a while, I can take. But every day - ugh. Just makes me feel bad about myself.

Hey cell phone talking while driving people, I always know it’s you driving, because even though you think you have the talking while driving thing down, you don’t because you drive like crap.

To those who do not exercise proper etiquette at the grocery store, please put your shopping cart somewhere unobtrusive and pick out your items on foot.

Try not to loathe people you do not know -- particularly in the online world. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a conversation with someone before you begin disliking them. You might be surprised.

A warning to my brothers and sisters who unjustly park their vehicle in handicapped spots, change your ways or be damned for all eternity. It's not too late.

And you with the cell phone: I'd rather not hear your awesome ringtone. Or you. Take it outside. Thank you.

Finally, do not make fun of those less fortunate than you are. Save it for people who really deserve it.

Old-school Dungeons and Dragons modules...

... you got a gang of goblins living peacefully a mere hundred and fifty feet from an irate (and hungry) umber hulk?

... there's a gelatinous cube just sitting in the corner of some alchemist's lab??

... and the red dragon who can automatically Detect Magic three times a day has never noticed that the ancient rotted corpse of an elvish archer lying in the outer passageway just happens to have a couple of Arrows of Dragon-kind slaying in his quiver???

It's like you were thrown together by someone rolling against a Random Encounters table during study hall in 7th grade!

My main festivus grievance wish is that those who live around me in South Troy's Little Italy start throwing garbage in cans and bags and not on the street. I pick it up (when it's not too icky) but it's a big job.
As pointed out in a recent Metroland film article, I wish the movie industry folks would stop giving away so much of the plot in the preview.
I'm glad gay people can (finally) get married in NYS but now we really need to make it a national thing or it really won't matter for their federal taxes.
And I really hope the new (Popped) Collar City administration does a better job than the last one with cooperating. I can loan some Sesame Street videos on sharing,etc if needed.

1. Teen-age grocery store register clerks - please look me in the eye at least once during our brief time together.

2. Please don't greet me with "how ya doin?" when you don't really care how I am doing. I prefer "hello" or "good morning".

3. The phrase "no problem" is not a suitable reply for "thank you". Try to use the old stand by "you're welcome".

Dear 787 to I-90 Commuters,

That lane on the ramp to I-90 is closed. It has been closed and will be closed for quite a while. Stop driving like you don't know it is closed. I'm really sick of the nightly fender benders making it worse.

workers of any industry who answer "no problem" to my "thank you." oh THANKS to you, that it's no problem for you to do your job. Sorry--the correct response is "you're welcome".
self-checkouts with a human being perched nearby when the (inevitable) glitch happens. Why not just open another lane if you have the human power? Also, shouldn't I get a discount since the company is outsourcing the labor to me, the customer?

clients who come to get a haircut and for the five millionth time wear a thick bulky turtleneck sweater that really inhibits my accuracy when shaping and cutting the back of someone's hair. I really want to give you a great haircut--just work with me, people.

MY PETS ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY. I just got up to answer the door, and my dog went after my lunch as soon as my back was turned....eating it all AND knocking down the bowl and shattering it into a million pieces. The kicker? Was about to list my entire set of dishes for sale on Craigslist because we received new ones as a Christmas gift. Plus, overnight my cats shredded an adorable felt cat toy into little piles of slobbery, catnip encrusted fluff all over my carpet. GAHHH!!!!!

Not being able to walk through Holiday Lights in the Park freely this year! That's one of my favorite Albany walks.

drivers exiting the target plaza in east greenbush: there is a stop sign, you seriously have to stop. plus the incoming traffic does not have a stop sign - so they have the right of way! i can't tell you the number of times i was almost in an accident there cuz some idiot blew through the stop sign. maybe it's the intersection i hate.

I actually think DerryX deserves to win a pig just because of the gym-related horror he describes above.

My grievances: lazy realtors (YES! I want to buy your house! Get your papers in order); people who are too set in their ways to even consider new ideas; the rising price of bacon*; bad grammar and spelling on social networks; people who say things like "let's explore this offline"; and last but not least, Herman Cain. I know he's out of the running now, but I still believe he knowingly perpetuated African-American stereotypes for publicity.

Ah, I feel better now. I also still want to punch Herman Cain in his 9-9-9's.

*In all fairness, the bacon shortage is probably mostly my fault.

People from outside my apartment complex who use our recycle dumpster to dump their trash: STOP IT. If you must steal our services, can you dump your trash into the actual trash dumpsters? They get emptied much more frequently.

People who get het up when I say "Have a nice weekend!" or "Happy Holidays" or ANYTHING but Merry Christmas: CHILL. I am not a Christian and I don't automatically assume you are. However, I hope you enjoy your December 25, whether you have festive plans for that date or not.

Anybody who tries to use mildly unseasonable weather to justify their opinion (for or against. Against? SERIOUSLY? Oy.) on global warming. LEARN SOME SCIENCE PLEASE.

Troy: Please send me $350 to repair my suspension, since it was your pot holes that did the damage.

The self-entitlement of the two commenters (for now) who complained that the correct answer to "thank you" is "you are welcome", and certainly not, oh god, "no problem".
A life. Get it.

This year's "fashions". According to what I have seen, the goal is to make thin young attractive people look heinous. No shape or flow. Nasty colors. And what the hell is up with the horizontal stripes?

I could hug Greg for his "Facebook and Twitter" grievance.

My biggest grievance...the Crossgates Mall ramp from I-87S. Whoever thought up that thing should be hung by their toenails in a public square. What a terrible idea. To those that try to merge on to it when it is legitimately full during the holiday season at 5pm...there are 2 other entrances less than a mile away. It won't kill you to use one of them and spare all of us that are trying to get home from your stupidity.

Editor's note: Greg is not a hugger (Mary is the editor in charge of hugging). But he appreciates the sentiment.

1. People who complain about the adoption fees for shelter pets. If you can't afford a couple hundred dollars for a fully vetted, neutered and microchipped animal, you probably can't afford to maintain it for a lifetime either. This is not the shelter or rescue group's fault. How exactly is a rescue group supposed to fund the (often extensive) medical care for these animals (which most adoption fees fall short of doing anyway)? And using the excuse "the animals were just thrown away, so why should I pay money for them?" is NOT valid. Stop it already.

2. People taking things that are meant benignly as being offensive. Just because someone doesn't use the exact wording you think they should, if their intent is to convey well wishes, or "you're welcome", just roll with it. What is the harm in giving the benefit of the doubt, especially to those that obviously mean well?

Driver who has the right of way but is gesturing me (in my car) to go ahead anyway in the vain of being polite:
knock if off.

Man, do we all really suck at driving that much?

Pedestrians - Ditto Mary's comment.

Pitbull owners - Pitbulls can be loving, sweet creatures if treated as such. Why do some of you think it's cool to make them into vicious dogs that attack people at random?

Owners who abuse animals in general – Way too much of that going on this year in this Region. Please stop it.

Times Union Blog Commenters – Really, have a little respect for each other. Please.

People who still won't go near Troy because they are scared - The 80s and 90s are over. Come visit us! You won't be dissapointed!

People who complain about other drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, roadways designs (sorry PATC but A) they are called "roundabouts" and B) they have improved traffic flow, reduced congestion AND fatal crashes in the Capital Region)... you all need to get out of your cars a little bit more. Just an observance here.

Oh yes, and I get particularly peeved by women who talk on their phones while peeing or doing whatever they are doing in that public bathroom stall. Thats just SO gross.

Chew with your ever-loving mouthes CLOSED you bovine masses.

No whistling (singing, humming) in public, unless you are being paid to do so.

People who tell me to embrace winter. I will embrace you... with my fist of death.

Men who clip their fingernails in their cubicles. Do that at home.

Smart phones: put it away. everyone cheats at words with friends anyway. whether we're trying to enjoy a meal together or just hanging out, you being on you phone is distracting as hell to me. What do you care what people's Facebook status is? there are people with you, ask them what their status is.

1) The girl who makes the breakfast sandwiches in our cafeteria. "Bacon egg and cheese on a roll, over easy please." How hard is that, really? You always forget the cheese or give me sausage instead. I try to be patient, but I don't understand why this is so immensely difficult for you.

2) People who have apparently just arrived from Mars and never seen the Starbucks menu in their lives. Just. Pick. Something.

3) Politicians who propose, debate or vote on legislation while obviously having absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Let's ban salt? The interweb is made of tubes? Get a clue.

4) Did you really just throw a plastic bottle in the trash? Come on, it's the 21st century. Recycle already.

5) Did you really just throw chicken bones on the sidewalk? Please see s's comment and do as instructed.

commenters who complain about my complaint. GRRR!!! (sorry didn't see that someone posted about the whole "no problem" thing in my haste to post....but I feel the same...!)

Self-righteousness. Closed-mindedness. Whiny crankiness. Olives.

People who complain about olives. Also people who complain about people complaining about olives, people complaining about complaining olives, and olive people complaining about people's olives. Can't olive us just get along?

Holiday traffic gridlock on Wolf Road. Yes, the light is green but there is nowhere for you to go past the intersection. Don't drive into it!

I see your olives and I raise you mushrooms!

It's an obvious one but I'm sick of getting the holidays advertised too early. I want to be delighted by Christmas carols and eggnog, not sick of them by the time December 1st comes around. I want to have Peeps that are only available at Easter. I want the seasons to turn in their appointed times and be special, I don't think it's too much to ask.

Let's start with the self entitled, rude, and overindulgent people who stand in the way of the English muffins (and yes it's always the English muffins) at the Price Chopper even after I look like I have some sort of palsy while trying to negotiate their fur coats and mindless conversation. I am not juking and faking here people. I just want my nooks and crannies. Oh, and when I say excuse me, move. Don't stand there look at me as if I have aforementioned palsy.

Mozilla Firefox. (It is currently telling me that English is incorrectly spelled.)

Anyone who owns a car in this area. This includes me. We are apparently all idiots. I agree.

This season I am genuinely irritated by people who want my money.

I'm weak sick and hairless, I haven't had income in over a year and yet every single piece of mail and every phone call I get have some mercantile purpose.
I even had a woman from Hewitt's selling wreaths door-to-door. In a place where I came from people only put wreaths on graves. It's too freaking early for me....

Store clerks, waitresses, and cashiers who refer to me as "Hun" (or is it "Hon"?). I am not 6 years old and I don't know you, so I don't think it's appropriate for you to refer to me as a pet name.

Wrong-side-of-the-sidewalk-walkers. Sidewalks work just like the streets: you walk on the right-hand side. Don't walk on the wrong side and expect me to step out of your way.

I don't mind traffic circles now that I drive through the Valatie circle 2x a day, but I really do mind people who don't understand the traffic rules in said circles.

Complainers. They need to stop complaining. I just want a free pig...

Macy's - specifically Macy's credit card service.

I had my card stolen in July, reported it promptly, and it took me until this past Sunday to finally have the fraudulent charges cleared. Never be tempted to sign up for a Macy's card for the promise of extra discounts.. it is a trap set by Macy's customer service people who want to eat your soul!

If you stop walking in a mall, you better be touching something stationary. Stopping in the middle of the walkway is asking for a cross check.

People who talk to themselves ALL THE LIVELONG DAY!

The Donuts at Dunkin' Donuts
Stop. Just stop. It's been said there is no such thing as a bad donut. But DD has proven otherwise. They are small, and hard and artificial tasting. How they can call something a blueberry donut that has no blueberries is beyond me. And to add insult to injury, these are some of the most expensive donuts around. Yet they pale in comparison to those from Bella Napoli or The Cookie Factory. Donuts are bad for you people. If you are going to eat them, make sure they are worth the fat and calories.

The "fresh" food at Subway
What is that smell. I've never in my life come across fresh baked bread that smells like that. Yes, it may be hot out of the oven. But they must use a pretty loose interpretation of the word bread. We have amazing Italian delis all over the Capital Region. And yet people insist on going to Subway for spongy meat, artificially colored banana peppers and chicken that in no way resembles chicken. It's cheap and low calorie for a reason. It barely qualifies as food.

Bars that do not stock aromatic cocktails bitters
What is it you think goes on at bars anyway? To be fair, most of the job is probably just pouring beers. But if you are going to make mixed drinks, you need to have more than just vodka and red bull. Well, maybe not. But if you want to make an actual Cocktail, you need to have bitters. By the very definition of the term. Without them you cannot make a proper Manhattan. Could you imagine running a restaurant without salt or pepper in the kitchen? Well how on Earth can you conceive of a bar without bitters?

People who try to be nice while driving by breaking the rules and give away their right of way. 99% of the time this only causes confusion and slows things down even more, and increases the chance of an accident. Traffic rules were created because they enhance the flow of traffic. Follow them.

List of complaints

1) Cyclists riding in the middle of the street on Western Ave.

2) Driving right into the sunlight on Western Ave.

3) Going to the Stuyvesant Plaza Starbucks only to see that there is nowhere to sit.

4) Trying to drive south on Wolf Road during the holiday season.

5) People driving while on their cell phones.

6) The VMS sign on the Northway that says "Ramp is full. Take Route 20 exit" even when the ramp is not full.

People who have so many grievances. Get a life! :)

people who let their dogs sh-, i mean do their "duty" in Washington park without picking it up ; i also hate the dropped chicken bones that end up in tucker's mouth (die in a fire); the terrible parkers who take up two spaces parking in center square; slowness of all kinds; litterers; people that dont realize good grammar is a thing of the past (get with the times) wrapping presents; the xmas tree needing more care than the dog; all landlords ever

and people that wear pajamas in public!!

I have no problem with olive and no problem with mushrooms. I do have a problem with folks who look too much into a common response. saying no problem to me means " thank you for making my day easier! I'm happy that I could help you without any issues. your request was a delight to fulfill."

people texting and driving need to DIAF and eventually they will

Santa. Dude owes me money.

speeders near schools

big chains that mispronounce the city they're located in when you's not Lutham or Al buh knee.

518 haters, trust me if you dislike it so much we don't want you here, please leave.

Those darn pesky trees and all their roots... in particular, the one sitting in front of my house in the city's right-of-way that decides to grow roots into the sewer line no matter how much root kill I pour down the drain. And that crappy (pun intended!) sewage that backs up into my house three times per year because of it.

"People" (aka Olives in disguise) who try to act like diplomatic intermediaries between olives and humanity. THEY ARE POISON! Also, cauliflower.

People who scuff their feet along the floor as they walk. Pick up your G.D. feet.

1. People who bring their dogs to the mall. I am not talking about the seeing eye dogs, but pups in crates and purses. The poor things look overwhelmed and frightened. They also pee in my store, leaving me to clean up your dog's pee.

2. Last minute shoppers furious that my store has run out of something. Look, there are four days until Christmas. I am sorry the company I work for didn't think to send me one item for everyone. Please don't say you will have my job because as a company we are sold out of a sweater.

3. NBC do not even think of cancelling Community.

4. Starbucks, I get you are ever trying to perfect your art, but this new rule of one drink made at a time is out of control. My iced coffee with no additives can be poured while you are blending a frappacino. I want me coffee and I want it now because I have to get back to work.

5. Parents who let their children use my store as a gym, I swear the next time you go off on me when I point out that your child could hurt himself, I will let the little monkey have the heavy and sharp fixture he is trying to swing on fall on him.

People who interpret absolutely everything as a thinly veiled personal attack. Not everying is about you! Self hatred is the kissing cousin of narcissism.

WE NEED PARKING SPOTS FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE FROM HERE. AND A LANE FOR US ON THE NORTHWAY. Maybe we could have some sort of sticker or tag on our license plate that during the summer lets everyone know, "we are a local." No more having to walk three blocks to park at The Track, Lake George, or The Egg. Or getting stuck on the Northway Sunday afternoon with Southbound vacationer traffic.

CAN WE GET ONE ROAD NAME PLEASE? Nothing sucks more than getting lost on a road that has THREE different names: the one on Google, the one on the actual street sign, and the name the "locals" refer to. Stop it! One name.

ALBANY NEEDS A CHIK-FIL-A. I'm tired of seeing the National TV commercials and wishing I could try one of those Peppermint Chocolate Holiday Shakes, or a Chicken Patty breakfast. We have every other chain here in the Capital Region, surely we can make room for one more.

Happy Festivus!

- Red-light runners--seriously, it's a huge problem in Albany

- Crankasauruses--if you don't have anything nice to say (on Twitter, Facebook, etc), and I mean not even the least bit constructive, then shh or be defriended/unfollowed, etc.

-People who don't recycle. Apartment buildings that don't recycle. Government agencies that don't recycle. The governor can issue a "no plastic water bottles" executive order, but somehow state agencies aren't required to maintain means for employees to recycle in the building.

- Blog grandiosity. Apologizing for not posting or posting late (no one cares, at least I don't - I'll read when you get around to it), promising something coming up but not saying what it is (I'm not 5 and instead of feeling lured and intrigued, I think you're annoying), and other annoyances that are sure to get your blog nixed from my Google Reader (including required "click-through" "read more" posts - ahem, AOA, asking me to enter a contest by following you through every possible means, trying to convince me that your Facebook page matters, etc ad nauseum).

#stopusinghashtagsonfacebook, #itisn'ttwitter

I'm totally over all the trash on Quail St. You wouldn't believe what I've found on the sidewalk - a dead cat, furniture cushions in street trash cans, apparently used condoms, smashed dog poop, bagged trash overflowing and spilling everywhere because residents can't be bothered with a trash can, recyclables in the gutters all the time, constant presence of broken glass and many other bits of trash in the tree plantings. There's only so much I can pick up or call code enforcement about - even then nothing changes for the worst perpetual offenders. Gah.

Thank you for the opportunity to purge - it leaves me with way more room for Meadowbrook Farms eggnog!

- Drivers who do not acknowledge crosswalks.
- People who hide behind anonymity when interacting online
- A lack of more hours in a day

Wow, I guess I have a new one. People who nitpick over the wording of pleasantries. Be happy that people are saying "how are you" or "no problem" rather than "go f*** yourself."

I second Jessica R's grievance about people who are afraid of Troy. People on the street here look you in the eye and say hello.

1 people who give politically incorrect gifts - especially when it reveals their own level of hypocracy - if its politically incorrect to have it in YOUR house - why would you think I'd want it in mine!

2 people who are offended when their gift isnt "right" when they never bothered to ask if there are any suggestions (and often times there is a wish list!) (See number 4)

3 people who give gift cards to stores you'd never shop in (that's why you dont shop there !)

4 People who give gifts and complain about shopping when all you' really like is a little TIME with the giver!

1. The f****ing phone. Put it down now; interact with your fellow human beings and (especially) stop yapping and texting while driving. We all got along just fine without them fifteen years ago. REALLY -- NOTHING IS THAT IMPORTANT!!!!!

2. The reemergence of celebrities that aren't known for doing anything - they don't act, sing, dance, tell jokes or anything. They simply appear like a virus and then they're everywhere for no good reason. Remember 'Hollywood Squares" or 'Match Game PM' ? Fortunately, I do and I'll be making my fortunes by reinventing aimless game shows specifically designed to house such worthless gits (unless they perhaps die of an overdose or suicide first, at which point my business model is ruined).

3. People who are cruel to animals. There's a special place in hell for you.

Happy Festivus! When do the Feats of Strength begin?

People who run red lights in Albany. Please stop!

Paving all over Albany. Please pave our streets. For Heaven's Sake we are the capital of NYS, we should not be the potluck capitol and poorly paved capitol as well.

i have worked in retail. and it was expected that i would (at the very least!) greet people when they approached the counter to pay for their goods. apparently, this is a tradition of yore. now, when i approach the checkout at hannaford/target/macy's/most places the cashier doesn't even LOOK at me. i know retail jobs can suck, but i think everyone deserves a 'hello'. or at least not to feel invisible while handing over their money. also, it's your job.
(my response these days is to greet the cashier with a super friendly 'hi! how are you?' really, the job - and shopping- sucks less when you have pleasant interactions with people.)

I'll third the sentiment that people who nitpick the proper way to say 'Thank you' is my new grievance.

If that's seriously the worst thing you can think of to grieve about in your life, then maybe you should get off this blog and get back to paradise.

The creative cook at any diner/restaurant that decides that cooked green bell peppers would be great in my potatoes, and since everybody obviously loves them let's not put that on the menu. In a world where everyone is allergic to everything why not just put the ingredients of the dish on the menu, or at least the main flavor components?

Saying "no problem" to respond to thank you is poor grammar. Get some manners.

@Trite: Actually, "no problem" does not violate any rules of grammar. You could argue that it goes against etiquette, in that it is too casual in a formal situation. Therefore, it is reasonable enough to say that it is acceptable in certain situations. I will agree that perhaps the phrase could be inappropriate depending on the situation, but there is nothing wrong with it as a whole. If you're at a 5 star restaurant, your server should say "my pleasure." If you're at a Chili's, "no problem" is just fine. If I call a customer service number and the guy or gal on the line says, "no problem," I will feel reassured that they are working on my issue, not shout at them to "get some manners."

People who complain when it doesn't snow in December up here. Be thankful that you don't have to navigate snow-covered streets to do your holiday shopping. Otherwise, you'd be complaining about having to drive through snow to get to the shopping malls.

People who drive through snow like it was a warm, sunny day. I don't care if you have an all-wheel drive tank with traction control and studded snow tires. It's still slippery out there. Drive with caution, lest you wind up overturned on the Northway.

Able-bodied pedestrians who walk slowly across the middle of a busy street. If you're going to cross a busy road, try moving fast enough so that there isn't a multi-car pile-up when a driver has to hit the brakes hard to avoid hitting you. Either that, or use the crosswalk. That way, it will be illegal for someone to hit you, no matter how slowly you walk.

People driving 80 mph on area highways while talking on a cell phone. You're a menace to the rest of the drivers. Please put the phone down and pay attention to your speed.

Radio stations that start playing Christmas songs at the beginning of November. STOP TRYING TO RUSH THE SEASON! Christmas music should start playing on Dec. 13 for maximum effect. Any earlier is just annoying. Also, please do not play any new versions of Christmas classics. The original versions will do quite nicely. More Bing Crosby, less Mariah Carey.

That's just a partial list. I'd keep going, but there might be more grievances coming from other people.

Those people stopped dead in the middle of an aisle or sidewalk doing something on their phones. This annoys me even more than people using their phone in the car because they show a COMPLETE obliviousness to the people around them. People have to walk around you? Give me a break. If you need to use your phone, stay out of the flow of human traffic.

It is so irritating when your teacher bites you. GOSH, I wish people would stop doing that! ;)

1) When you bring your kids into the store you're shopping at, pay full attention to all of them. Don't get upset when the cashier glares at you for sending your oldest child to tend to the youngest toddler who has just banged his head into one of our clothing shelves. If you can't afford a sitter, you can't afford the sales. Take them home.
2) Stop stealing our clothes. Stop it. Stop talking about how you're going to do it too. Don't think we suddenly lose our hearing once you're outside of what you think is hearing distance. I have excellent hearing.
3) Just because you have a store brand credit card does NOT mean that you are entitled to more than the previous customer. More what? More discounts, more time and more politeness in spite of the fact that you just pushed your way onto the counter while I was still ringing out someone else. It also doesn't mean that you can leave all of the 16 pieces of clothing you just tried on - of which you are only buying two - in the fitting room. But thanks for leaving them on the floor, inside out and with the sensors ripped out from the inseams. Because why would we ever suspect *you* would steal?

Why is it that we're less than 3 hours from NYC, and there's not a decent bagel to be found in these parts. Brueggers: stop shrinking your product; it's starting to look like a hard pretzel. Price Chopper: stop calling that a bagel; it's a hard roll with a hole in it. Uncommon Ground: Enough already, I can use yours as floatation devices. And Lenders: how have you stayed in business this long? You've all disppointed me greatly this past year.

double parking- STOP IT.

people crossing the streets when/where they shouldn't at a slow pace - STOP IT.

people parking stupidly so they take up more room than they should - STOP IT.

and to the person who stole my bike, with TWO flat tires - who lives locally and rides around on it (tires fixed) so I can see - but of course I can't say anything for fear of being punched in the face. :p to you. and good day to you sir.


@the schwartz: I hear you on the bagel issue, especially Brueggers. Though their bagels are delicious, they're tiny!!

people who put their bags of dog poop into my trash can. please take your dog's poop with you and put it in your own trash can!!

people who step off the curb in front of your car and then look like they're going to kill you if you don't stop.

people who cut in line. any line.

having to listen to other people's so-called "music" blaring from their car stereos.

dodging pigeon poop on my way to and inside of my parking garage.

derryX- They have plain rice. Just ask for it.

Shannon- WRONG! Walk facing traffic.

Nic- There's this service paid for with your tax dollars called the Police Department. Call them. They'll take the punch in the face for you and charge him with assault.

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