APD chief directs scorching comments at Common Council, school psychologist arrested after babysitter allegedly stole pot, the Price Chopper "store of the decade"

Albany police chief Steven Krokoff appeared before the Common Council caucus last night to talk about the APD's actions during the removal of Occupy Albany -- and aimed a series of scorching remarks toward members of the council. Apparently also alluding to the recent situation surrounding the police shooting of Nah-Cream Moore, Krokoff specifically called out Anton Konev and Lester Freeman: "Shame on Councilman Konev and Councilman Friedman who seemed at every turn so willing to distort the truth of any situation, no matter how tragic and use it for their own personal gain." Konev accused Krokoff of having "selective hearing" and burning bridges. The struggle and pepper spraying at issue came after the APD grabbed the last Occupy tent -- Krokoff said officers moved in to take tent because they didn't want the tent to shut down traffic by taken through the streets again. [TU] [TU Local Politics] [WTEN] [@JessicaLayton13] [Fox23]

Hundreds of people attended the funderal for Nah-Cream Moore yesterday. Preached a pastor to the young men in the audience: "Instead of letting your pants hang beneath your behinds, get something in your minds. You're not lost yet. Don't let nobody tell you you're lost. You've still got breath in your body." [WTEN] [TU]

The woman who was injured during the murder/invasion/robbery at a Cohoes senior apartment complex has been re-admitted to the hospital. Residents of the complex say they want to see upgraded security there. [TU] [Troy Record]

Matthew Slocum -- the Washington County man accused of killing his mother, stepfather, and stepbrother -- told a judge yesterday that he asked for attorney but police questioned him anyway. The Washington County DA says when asked whether he wanted an attorney, Slocum responded, "Yeah, probably." -- which he argued wasn't sufficient. [Post-Star] [WTEN]

Troy police say they're searching for three suspects in connection to the stabbing of an officer Wednesday night during a chase in North Central. The officer fired his gun during the incident and the department says the officer was justified in doing so -- says a TPD captain: "The officer was stabbed. He was assaulted. If it had hit a vein, it could have been a different outcome here. Deadly force when necessary is appropriate. He discharged his duty weapon for all good cause." [Troy Record] [Fox23] [YNN]

Albany police say a woman reported being mugged and sexually assaulted Wednesday afternoon on South Pearl near Madison. Says APD spokesman Jimmy Miller: "We don't necessarily think this is a random thing." [APD press release, below] [YNN]

The Albany County Sheriff's Office says a Bethlehem schools psychologist and her husband have been arrested for allegedly having marijuana in their house. It says an investigation started after the couple's babysitter was caught with pot at school and then said she had taken it from their house. Said sheriff Craig Apple: "It wasn't necessarily the haul we were looking for, but none the less we were extremely concerned, because there's two young kids living in the house ages 5 and 8." Both the sheriff's office and school district say it appears there was no sale or transaction on school property. [ACSO] [TU] [CBS6] [YNN]

Two Schenectady women have been arrested for allegedly moving and leaving two dogs behind with no food or water. The two dogs were found severely malnourished. They're responding to treatment are available for adoption. [Fox23] [YNN] [Daily Gazette]

Schenectady police say there have been two more reports this week of cars being hit with objects along I-890. [Fox23]

The SUNY Research Foundation has decided to stop fighting a lawsuit filed by Hearst, prompted by the foundation's refusal to release employment records for Susan Bruno (Joe's daughter) via FOIL to the Times Union. [TU]

Moody's has re-affirmed Saratoga County's high bond rating -- but changed its outlook for the county to negative because of the county's shrinking cash reserve. The reserve had as much as $20 million in it during the last decade, but is now down to $5 million. [TU] [Saratogian] [Daily Gazette]

Saratoga Springs public safety commissioner Chris Mathiesen says he wants to lower the speed limit on south Broadway and Route 29 from 55 mph to 45 mph. (There has been a series of pedestrian fatalities on south Broadway over the last five years.) [Daily Gazette]

The first Troy City Council meeting of the year was cancelled because of the lack of a proper public notice, apparently the result of a wrong fax number. [Troy Record]

The Saratoga Springs school board has picked Michael Piccirillo as its next superintendent. He's currently an assistant superintendent with the district. [Saratogian] [Post-Star]

A Price Chopper official told the Colonie zoning board that the company to make its Latham store into a test site for new products and services -- the "store of the decade." [TU]


APD: sexual assault on South Pearl

Albany police are investigating a reported sexual assault that occurred yesterday afternoon.

Police were called to Albany Medical Center at 11:00 p.m. last night after the victim reported the assault to hospital personnel.

The 28 year old female victim told officers she was approached from behind on South Pearl Street between Madison Avenue and Arch Street yesterday afternoon at approximately 2:30 p.m. by a unknown male. He pushed her to the sidewalk and pulled her into a alleyway off South Pearl Street where he sexually assaulted her and then stole her cell phone. The suspect then fled the scene in a unknown direction.

The victim made her way to Albany Medical Center where she reported the incident. She was treated for a contusion and swelling to her right eye.

No further information is available at this time.


What's a fax? It's 2012, for crying out loud.

The babysitter who stole from his/her employer and then ratted them out..... what an unwelcome nightmare for two peaceful, private, pot-smoking people.

Agreed Johnny, a terrible event that could needlessly end the woman's career. I guess they needed a better hiding place than a dresser in the attic...?....

Yeah, that pot story is extremely disconcerting. "We were extremely concerned because there were two young kids living in the house". Give me a fricken break, if it was alcohol they wouldn't be "extremely concerned." Yet you hear about abusive alcoholics all the time, how often do you hear about abusive stoners. - not that you can even accusing these people of being "stoners" any more than you could accuse someone with a case of beer in their fridge of being an alcoholic. - It's just real sad, ruining these poor peoples lives for nothing.

If you believe your papers and effects are safe in your own home from selfish teenagers, a vengeful school system and a police state all to willing to ruin productive lives you must understand that the country you were born in, the United States, doesn't exist anymore.

I'm glad that I'm not the only one annoyed about the story of the school psychologist who had marijuana in her home that was stolen by her babysitter. The situation is wrong on so many levels, as the comments above have already noted. I don't smoke pot, but when I hear stories like this I cannot believe that we have not legalized or decriminalized, for personal use, marijuana. Also, no mention in any of the stories, unless I missed it, that the babysitter is facing any charges.

Do you know what stoned parents do with young kids in the house? Sometimes they read books or do puzzles or play with legos. I know because I was raised by a couple of hippies who "endangered my welfare". Leave these people alone and give them they're pot back.

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