A good start for 2012

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Get in shape, clean the house, capture the wookie...

Update: The Drawing is now closed. Thanks for entering.

So we're nine days into the new year, and lots of people are working away at those resolutions. Or, you know -- not.

We've put together a little package to help someone out there get up off the mat and make some changes in the new year.

It includes help from a gym, a personal trainer, a house cleaning, personal organizing, delicious/healthy food and -- spa services. Here's the full list:

To help you get in shape:
+ Best Fitness: A 3 month Membership
+ Recenter Square: A $300 gift certificate for either personal training, pilates reformer sessions or group classes.

To help you get organized:
+ Neat Chic Organizing: 3 hours with professional organizer Cathy Dryden
+ Ecomaids: One Initial Service Visit --(includes kitchen, living room, dining room, entrance, hallway and stairs - retail value of $129.50.)

To help you relax:
+ Spa Virgo: A one hour Swedish massage and 30 min mini facial.

To help you eat well:
+ Honest Weight Food Coop : $100 gift card

To help you stay healthy:
+ Active Family Chiropractic: $200 gift card

To help you laugh more:
+ A gift certificate for you and 5 friends to see The Mop and Bucket Improv Company Underground at Proctors.

So there you have it -- a whole bunch or services to help get you healthier, more organized and more relaxed and have more fun in 2012. You can enter to win by answering one of the following questions in the comments:

What are you resolving to change in the new year?

Or, if you're not the resolution type:

What would you like to see happen in the Capital Region this year?

Important: All comments must be submitted by noon on Wednesday (January 11th 2012) to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly -- seriously, if you win, we want to give you your stuff) with your comment. The winners will be notified via email by 10 am on Thursday and must respond by 5 pm that day.

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Although historically not a resolution maker, this year I've decided to be more positive. As a smart friend told me, "There's always a silver lining. Sometimes the silver lining is just sh*tty too."

I'd like to see a year in which no NYS Senate or Assembly member is indicted for theft or corruption. (I know this is a tall order, but you can dream, can't you?)

I usually fail at resolutions when I try and hold myself to strict ones. So this year my resolution is to be kind to myself. Give myself a break. And also keep my body and mind healthy and try to put only good stuff in. (more healthy and delicious foods, yoga, less US weekly and real housewives)

2012 should be the year that someone opens Albany's first Ethiopian restaurant!

In line with MvF Nation coming (at some point) to watch some kid take on the Graveyard Challenge, I'd like to see even more national mainstream media, like Food Network/Cooking Channel or Travel Channel, showcase some of our local food.

My resolution for 2012 is to be more present in my life on a daily basis. I deleted my facebook account and it has already freed up so much time and energy. My ability to focus has returned!

Going with the old favorites, loss weight, quit smoking.

This year I think I'm ready to start living Albany. Since I've graduated from SUNY I've been depressed, missing home, old friends, old restaurants and just my past ways of life. I think enough time has gone by where in 2012 I'm ready to move on, make new friends, eat locally, and plant my roots in my happy little apartment. I am going to be happy in my city this year and after.

Wake up earlier and stay vegan.

I'd like to start running again and maybe even train for a marathon this year. Resolution and bucket list.

Less resolutions and more a continuation of some successful changes implemented in 2011: being present with those I care about, not caring about the crap people say when I'm not invested in those relationships, remembering the job is never personal, change what I can, accept what I can't and listen, listen, listen.

My resolution for 2012 is to finish my resolutions from 2011... and seriously, to stop procrastinating already. I seem to have gotten worse with that in recent years.

Getting in time to read an actual book on a daily basis. Not the internet, not an online newspaper, a real book with pages I need to turn manually.

I would like to see all the layoffs and restructuring in state government actually yield some positive results.

This year I'm going for what I'm terming the "overall life tune-up". So far, this has included not engaging with toxically ignorant people who I am unfortunately related to, forcing myself to do one home project per week, getting rid of tons of clothes/toys/random stuff that seemed cool at the time but we will NEVER use, and a commitment to partake in outdoor winter activities (should actual snowy winter ever show up).

I've made the resolve to be more vigilant about "paying it forward" when the opportunity arises, and I would love to see a paradigm shift toward developing a thriving waterfront scene on the Hudson in Albany and surrounding locales.

My goals for 2012 are to run more, and also to not be so shy. If you want or need something, ask for it!

I am resolving to try to be more "present". That sounds REALLY touchy feely but what I mean is - I have been spiralling down the technology hell tunnel - checking my facebook, email, twitter, messages, reading my google feed - and I feel like I am losing touch with people and that I am not even spending my time concentrating on one thing anymore. I can hardly sit and watch a movie without texting or checking my phone or computer 10 times. The first thing I do when I meet a friend for coffee is put my phone face up on the table so I don't "miss anything" which makes me actually miss the important, cool stuff like having real conversations and focusing on one thing at a time for awhile. So I am resolving to be better at that.
And to stop eating so much yummy junk food.

I have resolved to be more creative, more active, more patient and more optimistic. And to stop trying to fall in love all the damn time, but that goes with the patient and optimistic part.

This WILL be the year I pay off all my high interest credit cards. Seriously, why have I not done this already?

My resolution is to stick to my training plan and run a sub 4 hour marathon.

I endeavor to volunteer more time to causes benefiting those less fortunate than I. Also to drink more water.

I don't do New Year's Resolutions but my ongoing goals are to work toward beating 30 minutes in a 5k and do more adventurous activities and things that make me happy.

Be more present. Choose to be happy. Do more yoga. Take care of myself emotionally and physically.

My resolution is to have a healthier and happier year. Of course, working out and eating healthy are a big priority. This year I am going to really try to make it happen. Planning on running my first 5K this year.....which is a challenge, since I never run!! But, I want to challenge myself to do it. Also, to try to stay more organized and on top of things at home, which is kept busy with my 3 year old twin daughters and 6 year old son.

My resolution is similar to Julie's: I've been living and working in a Center Square/NYS Capitol bubble for as long as I've been in Albany (three years now). Time to start going on more adventures and exploring the city and the Capital Region!

To start making healthier decisions; eat right, get a good amount of sleep, get to the gym!

I'd like to get away from my desk at work more, and see more of the local things featured here on All Over Albany. I think I'll start with a few restaurants, and when the weather warms up, the ice cream tour.

I'd like to see some better behavior from those living in the Capital Region. No riots during St. Patrick's day, no fights in the beer tent at Tulip Fest, no fights after Larkfest. There's a lot of great stuff that happens around here, time for us to stop giving ourselves black eyes.

I am expecting my first child this year, so my resolution for this year is to do the best I can to prepare to welcome a new member into our family!

My resolution is to eat healthier and exercise.

My resolution is to be less like Cameron and more like Ferris.

My resolution is to be bold. Talk to people more, especially in situations where people are being generally social. For example, strike up a conversation with the woman who is also really enjoying the fiddle playing "Orange Blossom Special" at the farmer's market. It is possible to run errands and do business without actually talking to anyone outside the "script." Be bold.

1) Cook healthy and delicious food for dinner most week nights and incorporate more whole foods and fresh vegetables into my meals
2) Stick to training plans for my upcoming 2012 races and PR the half marathon distance!
3) Train for and run a FULL marathon in fall 2012
4) Learn to appreciate Albany more instead of dwelling on what we don't have--enjoy what we DO have
5) Instead of focusing so much on the future, enjoy the present :)

Get out of bed without hitting "snooze," cook more often, and start taking Pilates. (first session, tomorrow!!)

In 2012 I would like to see the NYSDEC extend their hydrofracking ban indefinitely.

To finish at least 3 of the 6 books on my bookshelf that I have started over the years & never finished because another book got in the way. And to read at least 2 of the 10 or more books on my bookshelf that I haven't even started yet.

Eat healthier, buy more locally/responsibly produced food.

I resolve to make one new healthy recipe each month in 2012.

I'll admit, I tend to make resolutions that I really, really, really want to keep anyway, so it's kind of cheating. Last year I resolved to hike more adirondack mountains, get my kayak out more often than the year before, camp at least three times, and ski more than any season before. Oh, and make more art. Check.

This year, I'll add some harder ones: start writing something real, drastically reduce time on facebook, eat way less sugar, and reorganize my work life (aka - learn to use Outlook to be more efficient. My email is a huge mess.) Oh yes, and continue simplifying my life: If I keep "it" to "make something later", I better find an awesome project for it in time for making next years Christmas gifts, or its outta there!

In other words, I resolve to have more fun. again. whoops.

I resolve to work on fiction writing and party planning. I would like to see an Anthropologie open in the Capital Region this year.

My resolution is to magically appear taller and thinner and more self-confident. In other words, stop slouching.

I'm going to spend less time on this time-sucking computer... (except of course Alloveralbany, and Nippertown - gotta keep up on the important things!)

I resolve to be more patient, do less meaningless stuff, and get more involved in my community.

Open a savings account and be less hate-y!

What would you like to see happen in the Capital Region this year? TJ go out of business.

I'd like to see local businesses continue to flourish in 2012, and not have to close their doors due to another downturn in the economy..

Two resolutions for the year - Hike Wakely Mountain and be a nicer person. If I can accomplish these then I've had a little success

I would love to see more restaurants and entertainment options come to Schenectady. The ones that are there are great, but I'm always looking for new places to try. I was so excited when Wolff's 1-11 was talking about opening on State Street. It'd be great if someone else replicated that concept or just offered someplace else fresh and fun.

My goal is to get in better shape so I can hike more / do harder hikes without dying. ;) Also to kayak more than last year.

Also to stop procrastinating / sitting around on nice days when there are way better things to be doing!

To be a better listener and be more patient.

My resolutions are to start a meditation practice and read more books.

My resolution is to play more games!

Making the time to unwind and socialize with friends is important with all the other worries out there. Play a game, laugh more, and maybe gloat a bit when you score a really awesome word on words with friends.

I don't make resolutions unless I plan on keeping them ... that being said, this year I vow to work my hardest to be the healthy mom that my awesome children deserve. So excited for 2012!

I'd like to see a co-op once more flourish in Troy and I'd like to see Troy get more downtown shops in general!

to improve my well-being in regards to: the fiscal, the health, and the garden!

I would like to see more chickens and less fracking in Albany this year. To this end, I will become re-engaged in the city's political process.

I resolve to not let stress get the better of me, and to dance out whatever stress remains!

I resolve to make more art, and to make time to play!

I resolve to relax and enjoy the good, nay great, things that are happening right now without second-guessing them all the time... as much.

I resolve to be more patient and drink more German beer.

I resolve to lose 20-25 pounds this year - quite possibly going on family vacation down south by December 2012 and need to look and feel good in a bathing suit again.

I resolve to be less stressed!

I resolve to write more!

I resolve to eat more vegetables and to try to remember to take my calcium supplements.

Workout at least once a day. 30 minutes a day. No matter what.

To be a healthier person, and try to keep my apartment clean.

I resolve to get things in order financially. This mainly means rolling over my old 401Ks, paying off my student loan and credit card debt!

Wow, this is an amazing prize!!

I want to tone my body to feel better about myself and would like to be able to look good in a bikini once again. I could use the motivation, the help organizing and long for a good massage.

Resolved: to be more mindful how I spend/waste my time and make more time for creative pursuits. Be more organized so my environment is conducive to creativity and happy-making activities.

Also a bunch of "be healthy" type resolutions.

I generally don't do resolutions, either, but I do want to write more and read more this year. I actually have something more concrete than that in my head, but it's not actually a plan on paper and I won't bore you with the details of the inner-workings of my brain. :)

Since that's kind of lame, what would I like to see in the Capital Region in 2012? TRADER JOE'S! :)

Simple resolution: relax more. Ended the year with a kidney stone and stomach issues. Everyone is telling me that I do too much and I'm always on the run. It's true. Always running. Going to sit more this year.

All the usual stuff. Organization is the key word though, so this would help out a bit.

Oh, and to go under 4 hours for the Hudson Mohawk River Marathon.

New Year's Resolutions are too cliche, so I save my life changing decisions until Lent.

I would like to see the Capital District add more "winter activities" in 2012. Summer is so busy and vibrant, but we trail off during the winter. It seems to be that our only steady winter activity around here is to complain about the weather. The opening of the Empire State Plaza Ice Rink was an excellent start. Let's see if we can keep the momentum going!

This year my junk piles need to shrink, not grow.

Don't sweat the small stuff. Which, for me, really means embracing the chaos. And the dust bunnies.

Be more active and lose weight (of course!).

I really need to do a total spring clean/ declutter - two years ago at this time I was starting cancer treatments. I am healthy now and getting everything back on track (and going to Disneyworld!!!) -- this awesome set of prizes would really be a great kick start

To not stress what is beyond my control.

Eat less meat.

I am resolving to help enable women to have the kind of births and breastfeeding experiences that they desire. I am excited to be working to offer free natural birthing classes, breastfeeding information, practical services and education to all women, particularly those within a low-income bracket.

Be present. Be grateful. Keep running. Eat more plants. Drink less alcohol.

I would like to see the South End get a nice, quality supermarket so my neighbors can have better food and an easy time getting it. As a car owner, I'm not as locked into the limitations of the lack of grocery options my neighborhood offers -- but I can't stand watching people schlep their groceries out of cabs in order to have options. We have the need, we have the space, and we have the customers. Come on Albany.

My new years resolution would be to spend more time with my family. Over the past year I've found that spending too much time working may help pad my bank account but it's at the expense of my family. My grandfathers have had medical scares in this past year and I want to make sure I spend time with them before it's too late.

I resolve to remember that the Internet won't miss me. The blogs I follow won't care if I miss a week of entries, the world won't end if I miss seeing a few Facebook posts, and the emails I need to respond to can always wait another day. My friends, family, and schoolwork, on the other hand, will miss me. I resolve to be more present.

My resolution is to keep the weight off and keep the exercise up. Of course - it's probably all or nothing!

I resolve to attempt to be more motivated.

For the people of the Capital Region to take advice from Bill and Ted and just be excellent to each other.

My resolution is to put no emphasis on material things. We lost our pets, home, and 90% of our belongings to Irene. We went from our own home to the first apartment we could find, and had to replace just about everything. All that matters is ones health, safety, and family and good friends-the kind who are there for you through thick and thin. Don't forget to do something nice for someone else today.

My goal is to cook at home more often and eat out less.

I'd like to see even more enthusiasm, innovation and commitment to the city centers of the Capital Region in 2012.

I resolve to have a plan. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you have a plan.

What would I like to see in the Capital Region? I'd like to see some snow already!! It's almost mid January for crying out loud, and not a single snow storm. So disappointing. Cold with no pretty snow on the ground is not what I signed up for. (And yes, I rent and don't have to do my own shoveling.)
I resolve to be more thoughtful about my life this year. I also resolve to work really hard in my very first garden this summer!

to give more. time, love, kindness, patience, a helping hand et al. this should help both albany and myself.

I resolve to break up with Wal-Mart. And possibly Time Warner Cable.

I'm resolving to read more, write more, play more, and laugh more. 2012 is the year of more. (And, with all of these things being more, hopefully it will lead to less of other things - less grumping, less cranky, less overall blah.)

I made some great changes in 2011 and I hope to keep up with them. In 2012 I want to get back into running (when my injuries allow) and get my finances in better shape, is AOA giving away free money to help me with that? :)

This year I am concentrating on getting my home ready for sale. Although I have loved living in "the country", I would like to live somewhere that isn't an hour from my job.

My resolution for 2011 worked out so well that I've adopted it for 2012: be more awesome. Last year's resolution was a smashing success. :)

The list is long and full of the regular stuff (and some new ones after reading everyone else's resolutions!), but first and foremost in 2012 I want to clear the calendar for myself and my family. Fewer packed-to-the-gills, hit-the-ground-running days and just a few more where we wake up and then decide what adventures, or lack thereof, lie ahead.

I resolve to be more present in my daily life and to seek personal joy in new activities.

I hope the Capital Region gets a Trader J....oh wait, nevermind! :-)

Pretty typical - I'm trying to eat better and lose a few pounds.

My resolution for 2012 is to travel more. I've got the itch to adventure pretty bad. Also, I hope to work on becoming more adventurous at home and increasingly making the Capital Region feel like home (as a new transplant).

My resolution is to improve. Small improvements in myself, my environment or my work, etc. for the next 12 months.

In 2012 I want to gain about 15 pounds. I also think this is a good year for me to rack up some solid credit card debt and really stimulate the local sushi restaurant economy. I try to be reasonable but I can't help myself this year. I would also really like to try and form some sort of legitimate fixation on exploring as many new red wines as I can. I have tried this before, but this year I am going to be really serious about writing down what I have tried and not tried. Absolute best case scenario for me in 2012, and I am really being greedy here, but I would like to spend a disproportionate amount of my pitiful income on moonshine wings from Juniors AND trying everything on the new menu at New World Bistro.

Things I am resolving to quit this year.....kidding myself.

Much like Julie and BP, I want to accept/enjoy the fact that I live in Albany (maybe we should all hang out???) I returned after some personal crises forced me out of a great life and job in NYC, and I've been moping around ever since. I've finally got a great job, a nice apartment, but am constantly comparing my life here to my life there. Maybe I'll get back there some day, but I want to be happy with the here and now, and that means being happy to be in Albany.

And I'd like for there to be a better vodka selection at the Capital Wine and Spirits on the corner of Lark and State.

I'm resolving to get married -- I've got a wedding to plan! :)

My loosely structered resolution is to be more active. Going to a gym on a semi regular basis, hiking and being outdoors more. Bur I can't be too strict with goals and numbers otherwise I feel too discouraged to even try. Some progress is better than none.

I resolve to try to appreciate the moment that I'm in, and stop living in the past or future.

My specific resolution is to beat my (very first) 5K time at the Workforce Challenge in May.

What needs to change in the Capital Region? We're getting Trader Joe's!!! That should do it!

I resolve to finish my dissertation this year. And floss more.

I am trying hard not to BUY anything.

I am on day 10 and I am wishing I could head to Marshall's at lunchtime... I am not a big shopper, but I really don't NEED anything either.... so I am trying to see if I can consume less.

This year I'm resolving to meditate more regularly, starting out by doing so every night this week. I'm hoping, if this goes as I think it might, it will naturally lead to everything you're offering in this package- more physical activity, better organization, more relaxation, healthier food habits, and more laughter!

This year I resolve to be more present, and not to rush through things. I have the tendency to work hard and rush through everything and I'm trying to teach myself to live in the moment, appreciate what I have and the blessings around me. Life is far too short to not appreciate what you have worked for.

I'd like to quit smoking.

What I would like to see happen: Revolution Hall doing good concerts again. Miss that place.

I need to remember that I'm young and enjoy life a little more. There will (hopefully) be plenty of time to be an old fart later.

I typically don't do New Year resolutions...but for a prize, I will! As I'm thinking about it, I've realized that I have made goals for myself this year - I just haven't really formally considered them as such.

1) I want to run a half marathon. I started running in 2011 and I hope to continue to increase this - but this requires that I run on a consistent basis!
2) Work on balancing my life more evenly - I recently became a Big Sister through the BBBS program and, while I really wanted to do this, I need to recognize the need to balance this among my other 3 volunteer positions, my work and my home life.
3) Be less impulsive. Like not eating a bag of Lindt chocolates in one sitting or spending a ton of money on eating out just because I don't want to cook.

Thanks for putting such a wonderful prize together!!

I don't believe in resolutions but self improvement is the key to happiness. I want to make more time for fiction writing.

For the Capital District, I'd like to see more affordable housing for people in need & it would be great of the Regional Food Bank reinstated the Extra Helpings program

I don't have any particular resolutions...but I am working on building healthy habits into my life....my current one is making sure I make time every morning for some fun exercise!

One of my favorite things about this area is how many "geeky" activities are available. From Albany Astronomers to film festivals and things like the intergalactic nemesis (what??!) Being a big nerd myself, I resolve to actually participate in and support more of these excellent offerings.

I'm keeping my resolutions simple and attainable this year: take my vitamins, use moisturizer, that kind of thing. I have bigger expectations for the Capitol Region though. I'd love to see more people at the NY State Museum - a wonderful place to spend an afternoon - and less people at Colonie Center. Also, I think we need a zoo around here!

My resolutions: To spend less time complaining and more time working towards improving things. To socialize more. To eat more fruits and vegetables.

A good resolution for the Capital area: Get a decent grocery store.

I'm trying to stop complaining about things I can't control.

This year I am trying to be more patient, and more organized! My husband thanks me for both.

Pretty standard stuff I think: be more healthy in body and mind, be more organized, be a better friend.

I would like to graduate and get a library job within a year (a girl can dream).
As for the capital region I would like see more murals on buildings :) And I would like to make it down to the Olde English for a cider (haven't been yet).

I'm resolving to care less about the little things and more about the big things.

I resolve to make the non-profit I work for into a really awesome community resource, to keep the house cleaner, and to re-OCCUPY Academy Park come spring.

To see my favorite Capital Region non-profit have a successful 2012 and to *try* not to be such a fretter.

I lost 30 pounds in 2011, and I'd like to lose another 15-20 in 2012. Here goes!

This year, I resolve to be more creative... paint, take pictures, more d.i.y. projects. Less tv, more art!

What would you like to see happen in the Capital Region this year?

I'd like to see some more collaborative public arts programs or re-appropriations of unused spaces like the Living Walls project, that was really inspiring!

I resolve to volunteer more, eat less; read more; Netflix less; and keep negative comments to myself. I also resolve to win more drawings!

To spend less time online and more time outdoors.

I am resolving (rulin') to enter more swell, random drawings in the new year...and to keep on keepin' on.

i pledge to be a less angry and more patient person. i would also like to eat less sugar.

Cut down on white flour and sugar.

Cook more homemade meals
Support more local businesses
Control my road rage whilst driving on central ave
(Continue to...) drink great beer

I resolve to get my finances in order so I pay off my college debt and not rely on my mom any more. Hopefully I'll get a job straight out of college. I also want a 4.0 for one time in my life in this last chance I'll have to get it.

I've resolved to be better at communicating with my friends and family.

What I'd like to see in the Capital Region this year is a focus on strategic, concentrated development in Albany's hardest hit neighborhoods. I would like to see green jobs and green affordable housing in the South End and Arbor Hill.

I want to start a daily yoga home practice and spend less time interneting!

I moved here over a year ago and while I love what the area has to offer, I feel that there's so much more to see and do. So I've resolved to get out there & experience the Capital Region more in 2012. No more excuses, just do it. This area is lovely & vibrant compared to where I come from, so it would be a wasted life experience to not do otherwise.

I'm resolving to be healthier this year. I want to start with small changes to my diet and exercise routine and hopefully it will stick!

My resolution has been to get involved with a theatre troupe or group! Do I have any theatre skills or talent? No! Do I have stage fright? Yes! But, I don't care, I'm going to do it! Yippeeeee.

I've resolved to start eating better/exercising more/generally living better. I always thought I'd start paying attention to my habits "when I grow up", and now I have a five-month-old son, so I'm going to start being responsible about my health, for him.

What I would like to see happen in the Capital Region this year is to see the power brokers (elected officials, Nano czars, business owners) start to address the rising tide of poverty in our area. Jobs. Healthy food. Access to health care and housing. How about that?

I resolve to make more to-do lists. Crossing items off said lists; well, that's another story...

To drop 10 pounds before my 40th birthday and run a second marathon. I can do it!

I'd like to see Wegman's and/or Stew Leonards open up shop in the area.

I resolve to continue spilling my guts and oversharing on DelSo. And I would love to see the residents of Albany pull together to improve our city in the smallest of ways - picking up a piece of trash from the sidewalk, pausing to allow pedestrians to cross the street, shoveling sidewalks from the eventual snows...tiny quality of life issues that make a difference.

This year I got into the spirit and came up with two resolutions. The first- to watch Cheers in its entirety from beginning to end. I really love this sitcom but it started when I was young so although I know most of the plot points and have seen many episodes in syndication I know there are so many that I've missed. Thanks goes out to Netflix for helping to make this happen.

The second resolution is to take more walks. I'm already one of those people who parks far away in parking lots rather than circle around for a close spot, but I want to start walking for walkings' sake. I've found that when taking a walk on cloudy days I usually see something I've never seen before, like a detail on a cornice on a block I've walked one hundred times before. So basically I would like to walk more for a new perspective on the city I live in, and potentially on life as well.

I don't believe in resolutions. I think we should try to be the best person for ourselves and those around us everyday of every year.

I really hope to see more people smiling as they walk the streets of Albany.

One of my resolutions this year is to stop making excuses to work out. Im fairly active in the summers but when temperatures drop below 40 I like to stay at home with my heated blanket and drink hot chocolates. Even a short stint of a personal training session would force me to make that committment to working out each week and I will be prepared for some sun and sand time come summer : ) Bliss!

I simply want to better myself and our home in an effort to provide my children with a safe, nurturing and peaceful place to live

I'm not really the resolution type, but I'd like to try to simplify my life this year. Focus more on the important things and less on the minor BS that I tend to worry about.

My resolution is just to stress less. I find that I waste a lot of energy stressing about the small stuff rather than just letting it go and looking at the bigger picture.

the only thing I will resolve is to actually finish at least half the books I start. Lots of bookmarks will be grateful.

I would like to see the Capital Region get more credit for the amazing things that happen here. We should all be proud we live here and start giving ourselves some more respect.

More golf & kayaking in 2012. I let this season slip by far too quickly!

I normally don't make resolutions because I ideally think you should be improving and bettering yourself all the time.
That being said I lost my job on January 2nd and it was a huge, huge shock to me so I have resolved to figure out what the frick I want to do with my life.
I worked in the food industry and I love it but it's not the most secure and it's even less secure when you haven't been to school for it. So in 2012 I aim to make a solid decision- do I want to go to school and fully commit to this?

With the closing of the Dakota Steakhouse and the lack of quality at Central Steak and Outback, I would like to see the Capital Region open a really good steakhouse!

I would love to see more non-profit collaboration in the Capital District (and I suppose that's a resolution as well, since I am working on that very thing.)

One of my resolutions this year is to be more fiscally responsible. Be more aware of the frivolous stuff I spend money on and make adjustments so I can start saving more. Look for ways to save money on the essentials. I keep saying I want to buy a house, but haven't done much toward that goal. This is the first step.

I resolve to curb my spending habits and to find time to cook more meals instead of eating in restaurants.

I've resolved to write down something I'm thankful for every day of 2012. I have so much to be glad for but if I don't make a concious effort to think about it every day it can be easy to forget.

My resolution is to not have a double chin in my wedding this year

I'm not much for resolutions but these past few weeks I've been thinking a lot about how to teach my kids to be good people. This year I want to work on DOING good with my kids, not just talking about it or supporting it in subtle ways.

My resolution is to appreciate the things I have and have a little faith in life's path. Both of those things have been trying to get my attention for a long time, and it's time I started to listen.

My New Years Resolution is to make more of an effort to keep in touch with friends. Also to take the reins and get a "real" job so to speak.

This year I decided to follow my dreams. I have sat on my butt allowing it to get bigger and bigger (in 10 years I went from a size 18 to a 24) and did nothing about the deep desires of my heart. Toward the end of last year I heard a voice in my head or heart or spirit that said "I have great plans for you. I'm going to make your dreams come true, have faith in Me." So I've decided to listen to that wonderfully positive voice and pursue my life long dream of becoming a singer/ songwriter. Well, I *am* a singer/ songwriter, but now I'm going to pursue being successful at it! The one thing that has held me back all these years is my self image/ self esteem. Talent - got that! Slim figure - need work. So, I have also decided to do some Zumba classes to improve that area of my life, too! This is my year! If the world ends like so many believe, I'm going to die knowing that I really lived!

Although I haven't actually done it yet.. I'd really like to write a lot more.. with pen & paper.. & just let my mind get on paper.. & doodles are fun too.
I'd also like to join a club, or some sort of group.. Just to give myself something to look forward to each week, or month. It's still early, this will be a good year.. I can feel it already!
Good luck everyone in 2012!

My goal for 2012 is to become a self-sustaining artist.

I resolve to beat the cancer found by routine mammogram on December 30, 2011.

This year I am committed to getting organized. I am seriously sad and embarrassed that my "work in progress" has turned into 4 months of procrastination.

I'm almost afraid to win this on account of all the fitness requirements. But I will throw my hat in the ring, who knows!

Overall I want to be healthier but the concrete step I'm taking towards that goal is to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies everyday.

I resolve to put together a proper stretching and workout routine to supplement my performance practice.

Everyone being united by the opening of a wegmans.

i WILL get organized this year!!!

lol! see how unorganized i am?! i missed the deadline!!! >:(

I would like to see fewer incidents of animal abuse in the Capital Region this coming year. It seems like every time I turn on or read the news, there is another horrific story. As far as resolutions go, I am attempting to floss more.

Sure I have a few new year resloutions. Get in shape. Eat better quit this start that. But what I would like see in the capitol region is more important. Id like to see all the things people here want like build up the water front. Bring in more shops less bars. Like a book store and quaint little shops for jewelry and art. But most important to me would be to get together and brain storm ways to take our city back. Make it safe again so we can all enjoy how beauitul Albany is without the guns and drugs and crime.work together with the polie departments and city officials to make the capitol district a place were people not only want to visit but can visit and be safe. Thank you!

Somethings I'd like to see in the Cap Region in the coming year:

I would like to see more North/South buses or shuttles between Western and Central - especially uptown. Right now it would cost me $9 round trip to get to Colonie Center from my house and take nearly an hour...my car probably costs $1 and takes 7 minutes. I'd love to use public transportation in the city, but it's really not terribly convenient. Also, it would be nice if the 10 bus ran later and more frequently after 10PM on Friday and Saturday...I'd love to hang out at City Beer Hall past 11 on a Friday, but I can't if I'm taking the bus.

Oh, and wouldn't it be great if downtown was a destination for more than just drinking and dining? Unique clothing stores, antique shops, funky gift shops - like they have in Hudson and Glens Falls would be really cool in Albany. It would be great if Albany became a weekend destination for both suburban locals and out-of-towners.

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