A romantic winter weekend getaway?

cozy fire in fireplaceWith an eye toward next month, Robert emails:

So I want to plan a nice Northeast winter weekend getaway for me a my beautiful lady. Something real romantical for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, I've never been skiing so I don't even know where to start. I basically want to eat good, peep some beautiful scenery, bundle up in front of a warm fireplace with a bear skin rug and love my lady. Can you and your all knowing readers help me out on this one?

One of the good things about this is region is that there are a lot of small hotels/inns/bed-and-breakfasts in scenic places that are not too far: the Berkshires, Vermont, the Hudson Valley, and so on.

If you're willing to go a bit farther, there's Montreal and Quebec generally. It's like a whole different country up there.

Got a suggestion for Robert and his lady? Please share!

Elsewhere: A similar question came up recently from one of Kristi's readers.

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I highly recommend Friends Lake Inn:


They have packages where you can get a room (ours had a fireplace, but I'm not sure about all of them) and dinner in their restaurant. There are hiking trails and a lake across the road. Very romantic!

Friends Lake Inn is nice, not sure about the private fireplace though

Can't vouch for private fireplaces, but the Dorest Inn in Dorset, VT is quite close and often have mid-winter deals.

There's lots to do in and around the Dorset/Manchester area.


Friends Lke Inn looks very nice, I've also heard that the Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid is nice as well. I am looking for a similar suggestion for March, however the prices seem pretty steep for one night. Anyone know anywhere nice in those areas for a little cheaper? I really don't want to spend $375- 450/ night for the weekend.

My favourite B&B is in Brattleboro, Vermont. Forty Putney Road.

The rooms are beautiful, there's a spa, the breakfast is fantastic, and the beer and cheese tasting is really enjoyable. I've been there a few times for anniversaries.

The Mohonk Mountain house tends to have specials in the winter, and I can't recommend the place enough. All the rooms have wood burning fireplaces- no TV. The cost of your stay includes your meals and gratuity. There's a spa with an indoor pool, hot tub and sauna. Just wandering around the halls is fascinating. There aren't very many of those old mountain hotels left. http://www.mohonk.com/

Mountain Top Inn, Chittenden, Vermont. Near the skiing if you want it, far enough and lots of indoor atmosphere if you don't. Beautiful spot, and very romantic.


My wife and I have been to The Mirror Lake Inn ,in Lake Placid, many times. It is a bit pricey, but if you get the package which includes breakfast and dinner, it's really worth it.It's very romantic and quiet. They go out of their way to pamper you and the food is tremendous. You can walk to the village and you can tour the Olympic sites. I suggest a ride on the bobsled. It's awesome. They have many different styles of rooms. I don't know about fireplace rooms, but they have a few around the property for you to enjoy. Bring a good book and RELAX.

My fiance and I love the West Mountain Inn in Arlington, VT. The meals are outstanding, some of the rooms have their own fireplaces, and the main living room is also very cozy. They have snowshoes for you to use and the extensive property has tons of trails up into the woods as well. It feels like you're in a different world while you're there!

Perhaps Lapland Lakes to have more PRIVACY and be in the forest?
Food? Do your own thing or their menu: http://www.laplandlake.com/catered-tupa-dinners.htm

I enjoyed Auberge de Stowe in Stowe, Vermont (about 3.5 hours from the Albany area). The prices were decent and the place had everything that this guy wanted - a fireplace/wood stove in the bedrooms, fireplace in the lobby I believe complete with bear skin, there's even a jacuzzi and it's right down the road from skiing.
I didn't get to enoy the place at peak season - good in that we didn't pay peak prices but bad in that we were literally the only people there so most of the amenities were not open.But the place seemed to have potential. Though the "Bed and Breakfast" name was a bit misleading. It's more of a really nice motel then a traditional bed and breakfast house.
It's also not far from Ben and Jerry's,and a short drive to Burlington.

Also in that area is the Van Trapp Family Lodge (basically where the Van Trapp Family went once they left Austria which has now been turned into a high end hotel/ cabins rental). We were there on a cloudy day and it still had one of the best mountain views I've ever seen. They also have hiking trails nearby, a spa, and a fancy restaurant on site. A bit (ok, very) pricey but I think it'd be worth a try for a romantic weekend - they have packages for such an occasion too.

I've really enjoyed staying at La Tourelle in Ithaca. The rooms have fireplaces, there is a great restaurant on site (but lots of great places in town too), and a spa. They have trails from the resort that lead to Buttermilk Falls or you could visit some of the wineries located nearby.

My vote would be The Four Chimney's Inn in Bennington, VT. My husband and I stayed in a private room with a cozy fireplace (they have FOUR chimney's - they're bound to have a fireplace or two) and a great view. It just snowed, and the atmosphere was quiet and serine. It's close enough but just far enough to be away from the hustle and bustle. They're breakfast in the morning was amazing. They have a restaurant and a quiet bar there, so if you wanted to stay completely in, you could. Hope you have an amazing romantic getaway where ever you land! :)

Try "The Lodge" in Lake Clear (outside of Saranac Lake) ... http://www.lodgeonlakeclear.com/

Go sometime between Feb 3rd and Feb 12th and you'll have the winter carnival to visit: http://www.saranaclakewintercarnival.com/

Ira Allen House just outside of Manchester VT. Innkeepers are friendly, house is historic, town is adorable, price is right.

Consider the Beekman Arms and Delamater Inn in Rhinebeck http://beekmandelamaterinn.com/. The Beekman Arms claims to be America's oldest inn (George Washington stayed there) and the Delamater Inn rooms have fireplaces. The hotel has their own restaurant, but there are plenty of places in downtown Rhinebeck you could try.

Porches in North Adams, MA, across the street from Mass MoCA. Priee includes breakfast, great food a 5 minute walk away, plus a four-season outdoor pool and hot tub. http://www.porches.com/

I second Kelly's recommendation for La Tourelle (http://www.latourelle.com/) in Ithaca,NY!
The rooms are all very cozy & charming, each with a fireplace, and super comfy beds (down sheets, & down comforters)! The bathrooms also offer jet-tubs! There is an old world charm & antique feeling in the rooms. They also provide a large selection of books in each of the rooms to enjoy on your visit, or to take with you!
The scenery around the resort is also very nice, with walking trails through the woods, and beautiful views. Ithaca really is gorgeous, providing lots of beautiful scenery around the area!
My favorite part about the La Tourelle experience is the August Moon Spa located in the hotel, where they offer many relaxing services; sauna, steam room, facials, massages, etc. Excellent service all around. If one does decide to treat themselves to a massage I will definitely recommend Kylie! Massages can be hit or miss, but Kylie gives a great massage, especially her neck work! The best I've ever had!
Overall, it is definitely a place I will be back to visit. Although away from the Capital Region, it is worth it for a romantic getaway, during any season..and the drive through the Leatherstocking region is always a pleasure!

Try airbnb to find reasonable unique get aways. I typed in Albany, NY and search and got tons of great get away places. In fact this one place loos very nice: http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/179984

The way he wrote that question made me laugh -- in a good way. Just the vision of this man on a bearskin rug with his "lady" reminds me of something Ron Burgundy would say!

That said, we went to Equinox Hotel in Vermont last weekend -- and it was gorgeous. They are offering amazing rates right now ($99/night) since people aren't flooding to the nearly snow-free region to ski, at the moment.

I also STRONGLY recommend Groupon Getaways (groupon.com/getaways). They often highlight Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York City, New Jersey (the nice part), Mass., Vermont, etc. We have taken advantage of a couple Groupon Getaway options and have yet to be disappointed -- plus Groupon stands behind their offers and guarantees everything will go smoothly at the hotel, inn or B&B when you buy through them.

Thanks a million for your suggestions!

I'm doing my research now and will keep you posted on what I choose......

I can smell the sweet mahogany burning now....

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