Cranky parking moment of the day

parking middle of state street albany

Maybe the city should just meter those spots.

Today's moment of grumpy-old-man-style parking crankiness: It's remarkable that people can park right in the middle of State Street in downtown Albany for a length of time without a getting a ticket.

It's not like they're hard to miss. They're right in the middle of the street.

That is all.


Re: your photo caption. The city should turn the center into an island, all of it, with trees.

@ethan: That'd be great.

The city should just give out special windshield stickers to VIPs that allow for this "middle-of-the-street" median parking. Oh, wait, they tried that already....

@Bob: Heh. It's a post-bullseye world. I snapped this pic a week ago on Lodge Street near the county judicial center:

It's a parking ticket on the windshield of a vehicle displaying an expired police placard.

Come to think of it, the city still has time to "jerrymander" the residential parking permit zone to include medians.

I just thought it was some grand Albanian tradition to let people park there!

I genuinely thought you could legally park there after 6pm and on weekends. Not sure why I thought that.

I had always assumed that those cars had received the blessing of the parking enforcement gods, and that the parking enforcement gods were somehow partial to shiny black vehicles.

In Troy people seem to think they can just park in the middle of the streets without medians. On my street everyone seems to think "No Parking Any Time" means "Park Under This Sign."

they arn't really Laws; they're only suggestions !

I got a ticket for parking in the median on State. It was a weekday, mid-afternoon. Went inside the Bank of American on State and Pearl to use the ATM. Ended up paying a $50 transaction fee on a $20 withdraw.

@mirdreams I thought that too....

Ethan's idea is great. But since they just spent a ton of money revamping State Street, I wouldn't count on any further improvements any time soon.

A ton of money revamping State Street and its still a piece of crap....

I certainly wouldn't go so far as to call it crap.

I used to work down there. There are tons of meter maids (?) that patrol the area. I've seen more arguments between ticketees and ticketors over tickets issued in that median than I can count.

I imagine they must write 10-20 tickets each weekday just for that area.

They seem to tolerate it on sundays (during church services) and during events at the TU Center. I think parking should be allowed there, though, since they eliminated spots outside the bank to make the hugest sidewalk ever. I still think that's to accommodate the smokers at OSC.

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