AOA Birthday Party 4

city beer hall exterior

The City Beer Hall.

Update: Wow, that filled up fast. There's a waiting list at the Eventbrite page, so if you're interested in attending, please sign up there. In past years people have dropped out as the date approached, so there's a good chance more spots will open up. Thanks to everyone who wants to celebrate!

AOA recently turned 4 years old -- so we're having a birthday party. And you're invited (obviously)!

We'll be celebrating at the City Beer Hall in Albany on March 22 from 5:30 pm until 8:30 pm. There will be free snacks, cake, and a lot of interesting people.

Because space is limited, we do ask that you RSVP at the linked Eventbrite page. We need to have an idea of how many people will be attending.

See you there!

Earlier on AOA: Photos from last year's AOA birthday party


Black Tie?

Happy Birthday AOA!!! Ah, I wish I could go this time! I had fun last year, but I'll be out of town for this one. Boo!

I think I can make it to this one! Finally!

Excited because it looks like I will finally be able to make one of your shindigs. I don't think I know a soul on the list. Will there be name/Twitter tags?

Happy Birthday AOA!
I don't look like Marilyan M., but i will sing for cupcakes!

I can't believe how fast that filled up. It has to be those cupcakes! The must-have of the year.

Looking forward to attending the birthday party... and bringing along another birthday gift to the hosts!

Here's your annual update on AOA's development, since my child was born the same week AOA was born, thus making him the human incarnate.

AOA goes to pre-K two mornings a week. AOA can count to 100, but for some unexplained reason, always skips number 27. AOA can fully dress itself in the morning and put PJs on at night without any assistance. AOA loves learning new card games and board games. AOA can make simple meals for itself, like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a bowl of cereal. AOA can perform very simple math, like 2 + 3. AOA is in very concrete/black-and-white/logical thinking... for example, if you bury a seed in the ground and it grows into a tree, that must mean when you bury garbage in the landfill, garbage trees grow. AOA has been desperately trying to tie it's own shoes, but the full coordination and dexterity isn't quite there yet. AOA loves wearing it's cape around the house and "saving things". AOA loves books, and can sign it's own name, albeit with huge shaky letters. And finally, the first thing AOA tells people when he meets them is "I'm Four". Happy Birthday AOA!!

Two Words: BULL RIDE!

Congrats AOA! You guys are great. Wish you much more success in the coming years.

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