They probably deserve Whole Foods more than you do

This caught our attention in light of all the supermarket grumbling/pining/obsession around the Capital Region: there hasn't been a "brand-name" supermarket in the city of Detroit since 2007. Now it's getting a Whole Foods. (And a Meijer -- like a super Walmart, but Midwestern.) [GOOD]


ok but there were a few in the Detroit suburbs for as long as I could remember growing up there which were about a 20 minute drive from the city... I'm sure people in Albany would count it if there was one in Clifton Park. (same with Trader Joe's).

This was over a decade ago, but Meijer (that's pronounced "My-rr") wasn't exactly Wal-Mart. It was more like K-Mart married to Big Lots with a dash of Hannaford. We don't have anything like it here, but then again a) I was young and b) it was Michigan.

@Emily: Sure, that counts. It just seemed like good perspective.

@B: The modern Meijer in which I spent an unfortunate amount of time this past Thanksgiving was very much like the World's Largest Walmart -- though the grocery section was better.

Good to know they're moving up in the world! I think.

@B: Heh. I'm not sure being able to shop for groceries, sweat pants, and fishing gear in a place the size of an aircraft hangar is moving up.

Not sure why Albany is grumbling about lack of big stores like this. We have the Honest Weight Co-op. Why would you want to take business away from them?

Ah the nostalgia of talking about Meijer.... Maybe next we can have a discussion about Vernor's.

Newark, N.J., also just got its first new grocery store in decades (not years, decades).

Imagine living in an honest-to-god urban food desert -- and then imagine trying to do all of your grocery shopping without a car.

Between the Price Chopper in Menands and the one on Delaware Avenue (and that is a long, long way for a lot of people), there are 0, none, zip, zilch, nada (ZERO) grocery stores! Not one downtown, in Arbor Hill or in the South End, unless you count Grand Street Market.
Detroit is one up on us, and that's not saying anything good about Albany.

@Emily - They sell Vernor's at Fresh Market in Latham. No Faygo, unfortunately

I agree with B on this one. I'm glad to hear there is something postive happeing in the city of Detriot. Even if it is just a super-market. If you've never visited, then you truly have no idea what an unfortunate life the residents of Detroit endure. There is nothing conveniet besides a few scattered Family Dollars, Rite Aids and gas stations. The Walmart I went to in the Suburbs was packed and most patrons appeared to take the bus from the city.

Emily, not everyone in Albany has a car.

Even if they did, why would they drive 40 minutes round trip to a grocery store? I would never do that.

Sounds like a job for Bunk from The Wire:

@Beaver - from an Omar lover, concerning your comment and link: "No Doubt"!
That is the kind of market we need in parts of Albany.

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