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happy birthday aoa city beer hall wall

We had a great time last night at the AOA birthday party at the City Beer Hall.

Thank you to everyone who was there to celebrate with us! And thanks to everyone else who wished us a happy birthday from afar!

After the jump, a bunch of tweets and pics from the night...


I loved being able to hang with the cool kids for an hour- Thank You All Over Albany!!

Thanks so much for a great shindig AOA! Wowee what fun!

Thanks for a great party, great food, great people. I was nearly 9 month pregnant for last year's party-- it was even more fun this year, with beer! (Not to mention that AOA and our daughter nearly share a birthday - kindred Aries spirits.)

I'm so sad I missed it... *cries

Looks like it was a fabulous time, and you couldn't have begged for nicer weather!

That was fun! Cupcakes were delicious and the patio at City Beer Hall was fabulous as always.

xoxo, jess

There are so many awesome, interesting, creative and entrepreneurial people at these parties that I kind of feel like it should be organized like speed dating, so we could at least have a fighting chance of meeting everyone.

And please pass on to Demetrius that I really enjoyed the grilled cheese with the jalapeno jam. I totally blanked on those when I was being grilled on the food last night.

I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of the festivities.

Thanks for a great time! Those grilled beef skewers were awesome, kudos to Demetrius.

This was an awesome time. The food was very good. I'm also looking forward to seeing more pictures surface.

I had a great time shooting photos at the event, and I can't wait to go home and start looking through them!

I agree with Daniel B. Next year you should do a speed dating format to get a chance to talk with all the interesting people :)
It was definitely a fun time. Met some new peeps and learned new things about other people I already knew.
Also enjoyed the strobe light entertainment from the nearby state building (even if it wasn't planned).

Thanks again! Great food. Need to visit CBH for dinner one of these days.

I was happy to catch up with some amazing folks I don't get to see that often, AND was amazed to be brave enough to seek out Bennett and try to talk to the way-too-talented Caroline of Babecity. Thank you AoA! The party showed once again that you are more than a website or a blog, you build community.

Hah, sorry I didn't remember you at first Melissa, but thanks for putting up with my booze-addled brain cells until I finally figured it out. Really glad you introduced yourself. I have to apologize that I didn't get a chance to say hi to as many people as I wanted.

The bizarre Corning Tower lightshow is something I've been watching for years now, and still don't have an adequate explanation for... though the proffered "fire alarms" is plausible.

Thanks again to Mary,Gregg and the whole AOA gang for a wonderful, delicious event! Wish i had met Gregg. The staff at City Beer Hall were so hardworking, and courteous! My faves were the beef wellington, mac, and cheese balls, and beef skewers.
Hopefully i can get all the food stains of my blouse!

Thanks for the amazing event! I can't imagine living in Albany with out AOA.

Great party, great time! I missed seeing a lot of people I wanted to see, though. Wish I hadn't needed to run away before 8 due to that pesky "evening job" thingy.

I'm still dreaming of those tuna/tortilla chip snackeroo thingys. I went for one almost every time they came by...and they just kept coming by!
The party was a blast and the venue was perfect.
Thank you for the low key evening with fun people to chat with. It was just what I needed after a tough week. Can you do it every Thursday? :)

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