Price Chopper changing Fuel AdvantEdge discount

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Price Chopper announced today that it's discounting its gasoline discount program (press release post jump).

Starting May 13, AdvantEdge card holders will earn a 10 cent/gallon gasoline discount for every $100 they spend. The current rate is 10 cents off per gallon at Sunoco for every $50 spent at Price Chopper. (It's been that way since PC expanded the program to this area in 2009.)

The supermarket chain is trying to frame the gas discount cut as a shift to more discounts on food. It says it's in the process of lowering prices on 10,000 products. Said Price Chopper in response to critical comments on the company's Facebook page:

We have had an overwhelming number of customers tell us that they want to save more money on food. We are lowering prices all over the store and our ads will be hotter than ever. ... We will also be offering even more ways to earn fuel rewards in our ads though the purchases of specific products...Check it out this Sunday!

It's fair to say the change wasn't going over well with people there (understatement).

The gasoline discount isn't some sort of fundamental human right. The company doesn't owe it to anyone. But it did help mitigate Price Chopper's often higher non-sale prices (though not necessarily enough to bring them in line with competitors). It'll be interesting to see if the change actually does result in lower food prices -- and in what way (sales, coupons, whatever).

Price Chopper Fuel AdvantEdge Change


Well, drat.

I got super annoyed with Price Chopper over the weekend when their "butcher" tried to tell me that fatback and pork belly are the same thing. but I put up with that kind of lunacy because of the fuel discount.

ShopRite is lookin pretty good right now. The fuel discount was the only reason we shopped there. (that and Hannaford doesn't seem to carry some of the quirkier items we consume)

Still, with the amount of groceries that I buy, 10 cents for every hundred is still something..

The timing of this is very strange. Why when Shoprite entering this market, along with a much improved Hannaford, would you want to strip down a program that brought many people into your store? I think they are having a Netflix moment.

I spend so much on groceries that the gas discount kept me loyal to Price Chopper. Without it, they lose my loyalty. I suspect many will feel that way.

I've gotten so fed up with Price Chopper that I now buy all our groceries at Aldi or Asia Supermarket. Good prices, enough selection of the stuff I actually buy and the produce and meat at Asia Supermarket are superb.

Can't wait for Shoprite!
i put up with Price Chopper for only the fuel advantage & now it won't be worth it for me!

I for one used to only shop exclusively at PChop for the gas discount until about 6 months ago when I visited a Hannaford and found many more of the foods I had been looking for that didn't seem to exist on PChop shelves. The gas incentive was THE only reason I ever shopped there. With this incentive reduced, and the forthcoming Trader Joe's, I doubt I will ever shop at PChop again.

Curious to know if the CDTA "Swiper" discount is being similarly reduced as well. Otherwise, score one for public transportation riders.

Price Chopper is the only game in town for us, and we still end up going to other places for a third to a half of our items. The quality of meat and produce has gone way downhill in the past couple of years and the selection and service is the pits. We find better quality and friendlier, more responsive people at Hannaford or Shop and Save, or in the local butcher shops. With Price Chopper's fuel advantage dwindling, it will be a relief not to have a reason to go there any more. Yay - no guilt & better food! (boo, higher gas price, tho)

tee hee..I'm tempted to get a video of myself rubbing my hands and gleefully cackling. I rarely shopped at PC due to prices and I have little need for the fuel discount (proximity to work, not because of a trust fund). Finally some competition is forcing their hand in regard to prices...

I for one am grateful for the fuel advantage program that Price Chopper offered. It saved me a lot of money and I also understand that these programs are temporary "perks". How could any company afford to provide a benefit like that for a long period of time. The fact that Price Chopper did it for so long is AMAZING TO ME. Everyone's talking up Shop Rite but the truth is once their Big Grand Opening sales ended their prices overall are higher than Price Chopper. I don't shop at Hannaford because it is not an American owned store - it's a company from Belgium but they try to make us think it's a USA company, which bothers me even more. As for Walmart - their grocery products are full of extra water and "crap" and I've never seen them give back much of anything to our Communities. I'll stick with Price Chopper - they give to every event, catastrophe, illness and issue in our Community and for that I'm GRATEFUL!

Hannaford is now going back as my primary market---though I'll be checking out Shop Rite.

This weekend I'll begin the search for a new supermarket. Since I buy essentially the same things weekly, whoever is the cheapest wins. This is moronic timing on PC's part. Between this and the current rape of St. Pat's in Watervliet (check the TU, the plot thickens), I'm ready to put PC in my rear view mirror forever.

This program always made me thing of the saying "there's no such thing as a free lunch." As soon as it was announced it made me realize that Price Chopper's prices MUST be inflated if they could afford this deal, and they have to continue to be inflated for it to remain profitable. Looks like the new competition is (thankfully) taking its toll.

Then again, as a devout worshiper of sriracha, I stopped shopping at Price Chopper quite some time ago since they don't carry Hoy Fung brand sriracha - they carry some knock off. That is simply unacceptable.

Thanks Price Chopper- not rich enough yet ?

"The gasoline discount isn't some sort of fundamental human right. The company doesn't owe it to anyone."

Bingo! Today's luxuries sure have a way of becoming tomorrow's necessities...or human rights. I'm surprised they stuck with the promotion this long.

Frankly, if they'll bring their regular and sale prices into a more competitive level, I'm good with that. Paying $48.00 for the same basket of items I now pay $50 would be the exact same as saving 10¢ off of 20 gallons of gas. We'll have to wait and see if it plays out that way.

I'm with Maria. Golub gives a lot to the Capital District. I am disabled and go to aqua fitness classes at Sunnyview Rehab and the pool there was donated by the Golubs.

I will definitely be affected by the change in the Advantage program - it provided me a discount on my CDTA STAR tickets - but boycotting PC because of this change would be really short-sighted. It's really important to make decisions based on the entire picture and not one thing (and in a reactionary manner). Wal*Mart doesn't give a crap about anything except PROFIT and they have proven it over and over and over again - with how they treat their employees, where they get products, how they destroy communities, the social services burden they place on states (b/c their employees rely heavily on food stamps, Medicaid, and other social services because the are not paid a living wage) - but most people say HEY I get the best price at Wal*Mart. At what true cost? Did anyone recently read how Wal*Mart not only committed bribery crimes, they covered them and tried heavily to influence changing the laws against the bribery crimes they committed! You couldn't pay me to shop at Wal*Mart and I live on an extremely tight fixed income due to my disability and inability to work. If we don't re-evaluate what's really important - on a big picture level in our own communities and our society at large - we will have only ourselves to blame when the USA becomes a ghettoized third world country of the 1% with everything and the 99% with nothing. It's no joke.

I had no idea Hannaford was a foreign-owned business. I did, however, know that National Grid - which makes a hefty profit from heating and electricity in the Capital District is a UK based company.

At some point Americans are going to have to be willing to pay more for goods and services produced in America that allow a significant majority of Americans to live above the poverty line.

I visited a Hannaford and found many more of the foods I had been looking for that didn't seem to exist on PChop shelves.... said Crystal on Apr 25, 2012 at 4:48 PM | link

Yeah, it's also annoying when an in-store machine prints some coupons but the store does not stock the product. This happened to us at least twice this spring

Price Chopper is well aware that its prices for non-sale items are usually higher than Hannaford and Wal-Mart.

Now that there's more competition, PC is changing a relatively recent gas bonus program in order to lower prices throughout the store.

Probably a smart move.

I've gotten the occasional $5 off a fill-up, so this change will not affect me much.

I'll still shop at PC for their sales, and check out the competition for their sales.

I do agree with Maria that PC is far more involved in the Capital District community, because they are locally owned.

And that that should mean as much as a buck or two savings on a fill-up.

Like Maria, I am loyal to Price Chopper. I don't comparison-shop too diligently and get a lot of food from other sources (CSA, Honest Weight, side of beef from VT, etc). But I appreciate PC's local ties and support for local needs that Maria noted. And I also never thought the gas program would be permanent. (And in honesty I wonder why people seem to get so wrought up over supermarkets.)

Price Chopper and I have been in a bad relationship for years, all because of the fuel advantage. I got very little satisfaction out of shopping there, for reasons already noted in the above comments. But I use my car a lot, so the fuel bonus kept me coming back. And so now, reading this press release is like reading a break up note. But instead of feeling sad, I'm feeling free. Like I just ended things with Ike Turner. Whose arms will I run into next? Hey there Hannaford, you're lookin' mighty mighty fine.

As much as I appreciate the Golubs' giveback to the region, let's not forget that this is the same area that they have profited from - nicely.

That, and I NEVER understood the fascination with Price Chopper and especially this idiotic fuel program. If you shop and Price Chopper, and do ALL your shopping there (not just go in for the loss leaders), you are getting robbed. Even under the old plan, you saved 10 cents a gallon for each 50 bucks spent. So, say you spend 250 bucks - you save 50 cents a gallon. Average fillup is 15 gallons - thats a savings of 7.50. Now, here's the deal - you spend 250 bucks at PC, youve most likely spent more than 7.50 than you should have.

I just dont like their business practices - from the gas program, to the necessity of an Advantage Card, to borderline dishonest pricing. (They ran a 50% sale a few weeks back, and sold things like lbs of butter for 2.39 and Pints of Ben and Jerry's for, their original prices were 4.79 a pound for butter, and 5.20 for a pint of ice cream? Nah....the 50% thing was a scam....)

The best things about this area is that I dont need to go there - within 10 minutes from me is a Hannaford, Wal-Mart, ShopRite, Honest Weight, a Fresh Market and soon a Trader Joes...Sorry Price Chopper.

Actually, Mike, those prices sound about right. I know the price of Ben & Jerry's was somewhere around $5 last time I looked in the ice cream case.

If the Chopper wants to survive, they need to position themselves as the store that, well, chops prices.

Hats off to KM! I also wonder why people show such rabid brand loyalty to their supermarket.

Also, I am waiting for the inevitable "Well, Wegman's discount program for Unicorn Tears and passes for the Rainbow Express are better than anything you have."

but the new single file with traffic directors check out line at hannaford is so super annoying that i won't be switching.

the "outrage" over this is kinda like the outrage every time facebook changes....give it a week. next.

Sunoco's are the dumpiest gas stations in the Capital Region. I'm relieved to not have to buy gas there anymore.

This is a good example of how NOT to do difficult press announcements. PC is not fooling anybody by calling it a "change" and it makes it look like they trying to pull a bait-and-switch.

I personally think that $100 to save a dime represents a tipping point where it's not going to be worth the bother. Especially because Sunoco stations tend to be more expensive than others so you're not really saving as much it appears.

Price Chopper is a local company, which is more than I can say for Trader Joes, Wegmans, Shop Rite and so forth. PC gave me two scholarships when I was in college, and they'll always hold a special place in my heart. However, I do agree with "Burnt my Fingers." It sounds like they were just losing a lot of money with this program, and needed to par it back. It's kind of inane that they're presenting it as some wonderful way for them to keep choppin' grocery prices.

If you shop and Price Chopper, and do ALL your shopping there (not just go in for the loss leaders), you are getting robbed.
... said Mike on Apr 25, 2012 at 10:01 PM

Why would anyone with a car do that?
We vulture around Price Chopper to stock up on loss leaders then confidently head to Hannaford to get the rest of groceries at fair price.

Stop n Shop in MA is 10c per $100 and since leaving ALB I have noticed the difference. But Stop n Shops hand scanners are great.

well, after my kneejerk reaction, I guess it's going to be time to start seriously price shopping. I don't get the circulars so I'll start scoping out the weekly ads. Nice thing is that in my area of Albany, I drive BY a Hannaford to get to Price Chopper so I won't be spending a ton of extra gas just to get the best deal.

If you are loyal to PC no problem everyone has their preferences but the gas discounts is what kept many people shopping Price Chopper regularly quite frankly. Their prices are more expensive than Hannaford, and they don't have the selection in my opinion. It's much more difficult to take a benefit away or change it, especially in this economy with food along with everything else going up! Bad move Price Chopper, you will lose a lot of customers. Pennywise and pound foolish.

So, for every $2 you save on a 20 gallon fill-up, you need to spend $100 at Price Chopper. I think I can save move than that $2 at Hannaford. No advantage to buy at PC unless you are buying gift cards.

readers, now is the time to head to your local PC. after *trying* to take a look at the snazzy new Shop Rite on Central and being deterred by the traffic, news/radio trucks, gawkers etc. I stopped in the Westgate PC for a make-your-own salad and I'm happy to report that you won't be deterred by crowds there! Big roomy aisles without all those pesky customers in your way..absolutely no lines at the checkout...brand new signs with low LOW prices...lots and lots of elbow room. and the sound of crickets chirping...

Price Chopper must be using the extra cash to pay for a little PR right here in these comments. I mean, who REALLY types in CAPS all the TIME? Or... uses... ellipses... to... talk... about... "brand new signs with low LOW prices?"

tee hee I'm flattered, Brian, that you think my ellipses (and attempt at humor) are part of PC's professional PR juggernaut. I was trying to point out the desperation..on...their...part....

I rarely used the fuel program, usually only at Christmas when they made the gift cards double points. Mainly because when I go to fill up my tank, I am purchasing only around 6 or 7 gallons.... I don't drive an SUV. So what is 60 cents to me? Not enough incentive.

It was an incentive program, it is Price Choppers right to stop it or change it when they need to. Until the prices come down, I will only go in and purchase the loss leader stuff, and go elsewhere for other things that are needed. Hopefully, changing this program will bring their prices more in line with the competition. They are a great, local company that supports the majority of our population (employing even more than the government does!), as well as being very generous to many charitable organizations.

all i can say is price chopper is asking me to spend 2 times as much money to get the same discount---i do hope that they lower the prices that much----o wait the only place in town is a price chopper---so it comes down to pay the price or go with out

all I know if they are lowering there prices then it will be harder to reach the $100.00 so why not leave it at $50.00.
I think that it is time to start finding another supermarket.
I also think that it is very bad timing with Shop Rite opening in Albany last week. Hope they will be coming to Latham soon.

While I will agree that PC does not carry a lot of the items I am looking for. I throw them some business when I can because I feel good buying from a local company that gives back to the community as much as the Golub Foundation does. I would be willing to bet that a huge percentage of area residents have benefited from their generosity be it a pool they donated or an event at your local library, the list is pretty long. They definitely put their money where their mouth is when it comes to that ever popular phrase "paying it forward."

Now it has been a few weeks, and I can safely say that prices at the local Price Chopper have not gone down; they have gone up. There is a simple solution: Aldi and Hannaford. Others have noted that the Sunoco stations are charging more than other nearby stations. There is only one where I live, and it is generally 10 cents per gallon higher than the many cut-rate stations. It has earned the ill-will of the local population and when Price Chopper eventually abandons its Fuel Advantage program, it will likely die a quick death with local citizens cheering.

Our local Price Chopper is dirty and the staff is substandard, often ill-mannered. Aldi is - well, Aldi but the prices are low and the selection is not bad at all. One gets used to it and learns not to go there at the first of the month when part of the population gets its Food Stamps. Our Hannaford is gleaming clean with courteous and helpful staff and carries a surprising range of products, much international.

People - do the math. The Fuel Advantage program is an absolute scam.

Price Chopper's prices are more expensive than Hannaford's (sometimes A LOT more) even if they sometimes have OK sales. However, even their sale prices can be more expensive than Hannaford's regular prices. On average Price Chopper's prices are about 15 - 20% higher, but let's be conservative and say 10% higher for simple math. This means for every $100 you pay $10 more in groceries. However, you're only saving 10 cents per gallon on that $100 bill. Even at the max fill-up (20 gallons - and almost NO ONE has a 20 gallon tank and you're only allowed one fill-up per discount) you're saving - get this - $2.00 in gas. You've still overpaid $8.00 on that $100. Factor in a smaller tank like 10 gallons and you've only saved $1.00 in gas and overpaid $9.00 in groceries. How is this a "savings?" The only way this pays is if you buy giftcards (you actually need) and the occasional very good sale (again, things you actually need). Otherwise this store is an absolute rip-off.

Definitely still good for the gift cards... needed to buy a new stove for a rental unit, so I bought $500 in Home Depot gift cards when they were 40cents/$100 last week, and got $2.00/gallon off.

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