Texting during movies?! OMG, no!

colonie_center_theater_exterior.jpgPerhaps it's just an artifact of our rapidly impending old age, but this seems like an annoyingly bad idea: the head of Regal Entertainment -- which owns six movie theaters in the Capital Region, including the megaplexes at Crossgates and Colonie Center -- recently floated the idea that her chain could start allowing the use of mobile phones during some screenings in an attempt to attract "today's savvy moviegoer" (read: teens and young adults). "You're trying to figure out if there's something you can offer in the theater that I would not find appealing but my 18-year-old son [might]," she said at an industry panel discussion last week. [LA Times] [Deadline]

Watching a movie in a big theater is already borderline miserable. They run commercials for random crap before the movies. The kid behind you won't stop kicking your seat. And the guy next to you apparently thinks he's recording the DVD commentary for the film. Yes, please add officially sanctioned texting to this mix.

The only reason to go see a movie in a big theater these days is to watch a film on a huge screen in a somewhat immersive environment. Otherwise, you can be just as as happy (if not happier) watching at home with your comfy couch, flat screen TV, and popcorn at non-extortionist prices. Hearing the clack of tiny keys and catching the tiny white glow of a mobile while the person next you text her friends every time Chris Hemsworth flashes his pecs does not help cultivate the immersive experience. (Here's a counter argument.) [Slackerwood]

Remind us to hug the Spectrum the next time we're there.

By the way: The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin has a strict no-texting policy -- get caught texting, get thrown out.


I keep forgetting to restock microwave popcorn.

Let Regal have it's texting. This creates an obvious opening for movie theaters that cater to grown ups. Like the aforementioned Spectrum.

As if people aren't rude and distracting enough at movies, now we're going to have little lit-up blue screens competing with the big screen? It's impossible not to notice a light source directed at your eyes in a darkened theater. I'd threaten to never go again, but it's already been years since I went to a Regal theater.

Once of the truly great things about modern technology is being able to see relatively new movies, in HD with dolby surround sound, on a big screen...in the comfort of your own home. Why go pay outrageous prices to see a movie with others who will most likely decrease your enjoyment of it?

I'm pretty sure that this is an unnecessary change, and I know this option would be pretty unpopular with move studios, but maybe if they offered better product at a better price, we could be enticed to go to the theaters more often? Nah. Too easy. ;)

My "home theater" isn't much, but it beats the heck out of going deaf in a regal theater... :)

Horrible, horrible idea. Please, no.

Texting is the smoke-filled bar of the new century. Soon we'll have texting and no-texting sections everywhere were go. I can't really get too worked up about it. Instead I will just *shrug* and leave a tip for Ethan so he will never run out of microwave popcorn: All you need is regular popcorn and brown paper bags. Microwave as usual, use your own butter and salt.

It's already horrible, you have these idiots texting during the movies already, and if you ask them to stop because it's distracting everyone, they look back at you and act like you're the rude one. The point is, this is a horrible idea, unless you like sitting in the front. Let's have Regal embrace this practice that people already do, and watch it increase tenfold. I do love me some Spectrum...

No, no, no! I am a grown up and I love my big budget blockbuster on the mega huge screen with surround sound. I want the same absorbing experience at Regal that I have at the Spectrum. Also, if I had a million dollars.....http://drafthouse.com/franchise

@toyfoto - Thank you!

These people don't need or want the theater's permission. If they are inconsiderate enough to do it in the first place, they are inconsiderate enough to do it after they have been asked not to.

And let's not limit our scope of phone use to just texting. There are millions of things people can do on a phone during a movie (none of which are excusable, just pointing it out).

I am fine with this IF (and only if) they advertise which screenings are 'phone friendly.' If I show up, I better know in advance that the 7:00 is texty, and the 7:30 is dark, so I can plan accordingly. And if experiencing Avengers in 3D is $5 more, then experiencing the Avengers with little white flashes in my peripheral vision should be $5 less.

Seriously though, CapDis, can we get some NON-Regal theaters 'round here, please? And maybe not in a MALL so that I can actually see a holiday season movie without having to endure holiday season traffic/parking?

But yes, big hugs to the Spectrum. We love you.

I moved to Virginia about a year ago, and they actually have cell phone blockers in some of the theaters here. Once in the theater, signal's gone. It's nice that there's no one texting, since they couldn't even if they wanted to, but it's a bit scary too - what if there was some emergency? (Not to mention it's a bit "big brother"....)

The first movie theater was opened in 1906. The first cell phone was invented in 1973. (thank you wikipedia!). For over 60 years people survived seeing an (average) 90 minute film without having to worry about being in contact with the outside world. If there is a dire emergency one would assume the person would call you, not text, in which case you simply step out of the theater.

Not to be too holier-than-thou but whether it's distracting or not, texting is against the rules. We've all seen the signs posted outside the theater and we've all seen the funny little commercials about it they show before the movie starts. So why are we considering now making it allowable and rewarding bad behavior?

KUDOS to texting and non texting areas! worst movie experience of all time was seeing the Social Network at the Spectrum while the person next to me shined the light of her cell phone in my face while I was trying to watch the movie screen.

I seldom go to movies, now - at least, not ones I really want to see. I get too distracted by rude people and one of these days I'm going to pretend to work there and try to kick someone out. It might not work out so good... for everyone involved.

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