The Troy > Albany Tour

troy greater than albany

Is Troy greater than Albany? We shall see.

Trojans are always going on about why their city is so great: history, architecture, a walkable downtown, and on and on.

Well, on June 20 we're giving Troy a chance to back it all up.

AOA has organized a tour of the Collar City led by its fierce advocate, Duncan Crary.

Heckling Duncan on behalf of Albany: Maeve McEneny.

And all this will happen on an Albany Aqua Duck. With snacks.

Here's how to come along...

The Troy > Albany Tour is sponsored by Brown's Brewing, the Arts Center of the Capital Region, Bacchus Wood Fired Pizza, and the Olde English Pub and Pantry.


The tour
The tour will be a mix of Troy history, mythology, and architecture, along with a few tasty surprises. Whether you're a Troy supporter, or you think Albany is Egg-cellent, you'll have a good time.

Where and when
The tour is June 20. We'll meet up in front of Olde English Pub in Albany. Boarding starts at 5:30 and the Aquaduck leaves at 6 pm. We'll be back in Albany around 8:30 after a sunset trip along the river.

Tickets are $25. You can purchase them online -- and we encourage you to do so soon. There's a very limited number of spots on the Duck.

There's a post-tour meet up at the Olde English Pub where you'll be able to get fish & chips and a beer for $10 with your ticket.

About Duncan and Maeve

Duncan Crary 2 Neil Grabowsky.jpg

Duncan Crary lives, works, and plays in Troy. He also writes, podcasts, gives interviews, and speaks professionally about the virtues of Troy's urban fabric to both a local and global audience. Outside of Troy, he is probably best-known as the host of The KunstlerCast, a weekly audio podcast featuring his conversations with new urbanist commentator and author James Howard Kunstler. Inside of Troy, he is probably best-known as "a big handsome galoot" with "a seemingly endless supply of useful and not-so-useful knowledge."

Maeve McEneny
Maeve the is the blond McEneny on the left.

Maeve McEneny's roots in Albany extend seven generations. She is in her fifth season as a tour guide with the Albany Aqua Ducks and Trolleys. She is the author of many of their specialty historic tours, including the Albany German Tour, Albany Irish Tour, Albany Ghost Tour and the not-quite-so-historic Albany Pirate Tour. She is currently writing the Albany Italian-Jewish Tour, which she promises is not as strange as it sounds!

Troy and Duncan Crary photos: Neil Grabowsky / Through The Lens Studios


This is awesome! Make sure to cruise down Broadway and take a note of my apartment building, above Hill's Stationery. Way cooler and cheaper than anything I've ever seen in Albany.

Signed, a proud Trojan.

Ah Troy, the less successful and uglier little brother who tries too hard.

This sounds like one hell of a tour and I think someone should film it.

At some point along the route, expect to be waived at by the AT girls and a dog that looks like an Ewok.

This sounds amazing! I have an obsession with the Aqua Ducks and have never been on one! Too bad I'll be out of town.

Let's have a BOO for Brendan

Sh*t's getting real.

This will be awesome! I'm also going to be out of town. :-( Will the Aquaduck actually be tranversing the Hudson from Albany to Troy? Is there a dock it can drive up in Troy? Either way - awesome. My best wishes to Duncan on representing Troy!!

oh bugger. It's sold out. Will they be planning this again? I know some folks were looking forward to it but missed out on getting tickets in time.

Please, please, please do another tour. I'm a huge history buff and love walking around Albany and giving friends tidbits of trivial. I love troy and would love to learn more of the history of the city!

@Kate H: We're considering a second date, but it's not a sure thing. We have to see how everything will line up.

Thirding the please do this again!

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