A comparison of Albany area mobile service

Albany metro area mobile data speeds rootmetrics

One of these things is not like the other.

Check it out: a company called RootMetrics recently completed an assessment of mobile phone service reliability and speed in the Albany metro area.

Its overarching conclusion: Verizon is the best -- by a lot.

A few bits that jumped out at us:

+ Verizon dominated the data speed comparison because of its LTE network (4g), which is about 10x faster than 3g. See the chart is above. (AT&T hasn't rolled out LTE in this area, yet.) As it happens, Verizon is changing its mobile plans to focus on data service, and the ability to share data service across different devices. [AP/WSJ]

+ All the carriers did reasonably well on voice calling (Sprint was the worst). But Verizon was the only carrier to not have a single dropped call.

+ And the all the carriers were basically same for how long it took to receive text -- with one notable exception: Sprint was waaaaaay slower than the other carriers. Its average time was 68 seconds, compared 3-4 seconds for the other carriers.

How'd they measure all this? From the report's methodology section:

To evaluate the Albany area (the Albany Urbanized Area as defined by the U.S. Census), we performed 7,429 call, data, and text tests, covering all hours of the day and night. Tests were conducted using our RootScout app running from off-the-shelf, Android-based smartphones purchased from carrier stores. The phones were used as a typical consumer would use them and were not modified with any external antennas or other non-standard equipment. The data provided in this report reflect our findings in the Albany market during testing conducted from May 20 - May 24, 2012.

The company also makes an app that measures carrier performance. The results from the app are then aggregated with other users' results.

[via TU]

graph: RootMetrics


Wow. I have Sprint, and I really don't think it's as bad as all that. I haven't had any complaints, really. The hubby just switched to T-Mobile to escape Verizon's high prices, and he's also pretty satisfied. I have a smartphone and he doesn't...he never wanted one. I guess it depends on whether you live in Albany proper or someplace like the hilltowns.

The inclusion of LTE really skews the results unfairly in the favor of Verizon. They should have included WiMax 4G for Sprint in that case.

Using just 3G data I bet the results would be a lot closer (although Verizon might still have been on top).

Yelena: unfortunately 4G is not available for sprint in Albany. I am on my second 4G phone with sprint and have never used the 4G because it has not been available.

Having said that I have been relatively happy with Sprint and the data/text speeds have been ok. I do have problems with voice signals more than I think is necessary but I don't use my phone as a phone all that much.

They can do some work on improving their coverage but for the price I think it is overall a good service.

Sprint silently rolled out Wimax 4g in Colonie and the eastern side of Glens Falls. Next time you're at one of the malls, in the parking lot, try it.

I have had Sprint for 5 years now and lately I've begun to realize how slow my phone is. Friends of mine are looking something up on their Verizon network and it takes a few seconds compared to my service which feels like dial up internet which takes nearly a minute. I think its time to buy out my contract.

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