Morrissey at The Palace

morrissey with catThe Palace announced today that Morrissey is set to play there October 18. Tickets go on sale this Friday -- they start at $29.50.

The stop is party of a US tour for Morrissey on which he's expected to play old hits and new stuff. He said recently he plans to retire in the next few years -- (updated) or he doesn't.

Morrissey was, of course, the singer for the Smiths before a solo career. They've been a huge influence in indie music. (It makes us laugh -- a bit ruefully -- that there are probably people who think "How Soon Is Now" is just the theme song for Charmed.)


My favorite video on the internet is Morrissey being hit in the face with a water bottle thrown from the crowd and then flipping out and canceling the rest of his show. Does that mean I should go or not go?

FWIW, Morrissey has indicated that he's not actually retiring and that the quote was taken entirely out of context:

Morrissey: Reports of my retirement are ‘wishful thinking’ by journalists

But more importantly, kudos to the new Exec at the Palace. Seeing changes already, and all for the better.

@Kevin: Updated. Thanks. That whole situation sounds very... Morrissey.

Is the cat in the picture his opening act, a headdress, or was the cat photo-bombing Morrissey? It's so hard to figure out these artistic types...

I love that promo pic. The only person that can best the cat's insouciance is Morrissey.

I would go see this show, but I haven't got a thing to wear.

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