Albany parking permit zones and streets

The Albany Common Council approved the final slate of streets for the new residential parking permit system Monday night. A map of the three zones is above. After the jump: a list of the designated streets with individual zone maps -- along with a copy of the resolution designating them.

Not every parking space in the designated areas will be subject to the permit system. But there many be some whole blocks designated within the zones, according to councilman Richard Conti, who headed up the design of the system. The state law allowing the system limits it to no more than 2,750 spots.

The target start date for the permit system is October 1. The spaces will be subject to permit parking from 8 am-6 pm on weekdays -- though two-hour parking will be allowed for people without permits. The permits will cost $25, and permit holders will get guest passes.

Important note: Maps are unofficial. There were created by AOA based on the designations in the resolution.

Zone A

No more than 2,070 spaces.

Willett St - Madison Ave to Hudson Ave
Willett St - Hudson Ave to Lancaster St
Willett St - Lancaster St to State St
Sprague Pl - Western Ave to State St
Henry Johnson - Spring St to State St
Knox St - Madison Ave to Dana Ave
Knox St - Dana Ave to Morris St
Knox St - Morris St to Myrtle Ave
Lark St - Dana Ave to Morris St
Lark St - Morris St to Myrtle Ave
Dove St - Spring St to State St
Dove St - State St to Chestnut St
Dove St - Chestnut to Lancaster St
Dove St - Lancaster St to Jay St
Dove St - Jay St to Hudson Ave
Dove St - Hudson Ave to Hamilton St
Dove St - Hamilton St to Madison Ave
Dove St - Madison Ave to Jefferson St
Dove St - Jefferson St to Elm St
Dove St - Elm St to Irving St
Dove St - Irving St to Myrtle Ave
S. Swan St - Myrtle Ave to Irving St
S. Swan St - Irving St to Elm St
S. Swan St - Elm St to Jefferson St
S. Swan St - Jefferson St to Madison Ave
State St - Englewood Pl to Sprague Pl
State St - Sprague Pl to Henry Johnson
State St - Henry Johnson to Willett
State St - Willett to Lark
State St - Lark St to Dove St
State St - Dove St to S. Swan St
Spring St - Lark St to Henry Johnson
Chestnut St - Lark St to Dove St
Chestnut St - Dove St to S. Swan St
Lancaster St - Willett St to Lark St
Lancaster St - Lark St to Dove St
Lancaster St - Dove St to S. Swan St
Jay St - Lark St to Dove St
Jay St - Dove St to S. Swan St
Hudson Ave - S. Swan St to Dove St
Hudson Ave - Dove St to Lark St
Hudson Ave - Lark St to Willett St
Hamilton St - Lark St to Dove St
Hamilton St - Dove St to S. Swan St
Madison Ave - New Scotland Ave to Knox St
Madison Ave - Knox to Willett
Madison Ave - Lark to Dove
Madison Ave - Dove to S. Swan
Jefferson St - S. Swan St to Dove St
Jefferson St - Dove St to Delaware
Elm St - S. Swan St to Dove St
Elm St - Dove St to Delaware
Irving St - Dove St to S. Swan St
Dana Ave - New Scotland Ave to Knox St
Dana Ave - Knox St to Lark St
Dana Ave - Lark St to Delaware Ave
Morris St - Delaware to Lark
Morris St - Lark St to Knox St
Morris St - Knox St to New Scotland Ave
Myrtle Ave - New Scotland Ave to Knox St
Myrtle Ave - Knox St to Lark St
Myrtle Ave - Lark St to Delaware Ave
Myrtle Ave - Dove St to S. Swan St
Myrtle Ave - S. Swan St to Park Ave
Park Ave - S. Swan St to Dove St
Park Ave - Dove St to Delaware Ave

(The addition of Park Ave from Swan to Delaware was the one change made before Monday night's vote.)

Zone B

No more than 525 spaces.

Philip St - Madison Ave to Elm St
Philip St - Elm St to Wilbur St
Philip St - Wilbur St to Bleecker Pl
Philip St - Bleecker Pl to Myrtle Ave
Philip St - Myrtle Ave to Park Ave
Philip St - Park Ave to Warren St
Grand St - Park Ave to Myrtle Ave
Grand St - Myrtle to Wilbur
Grand St - Wilbur to Elm
Grand St - Elm to Madison
Green St - Westerlo St to Herkimer St
Green St - Herkimer to Madison
Madison Pl - Eagle St to Philip St
Eagle St - Madison Ave to Madison Pl
Eagle St - Madison Ave to Elm St
Eagle St - Elm St to Bleecker Pl
Eagle St - Bleecker Pl to Myrtle Ave
Eagle St - Myrtle Ave to Park Ave
Elm St - Eagle St to Philip St
Elm St - Philip St to Grand St
Wilbur St - Philip St to Grand St
Bleecker Pl - Philip St to Eagle St
Myrtle Ave - Grand St to Philip St
Myrtle Ave - Philip St to Eagle St
Park Ave - Eagle St to Philip St
Herkimer St - S. Pearl St to Green St
Westerlo St - Green St to S. Pearl St
Westerlo St - S. Pearl St to Trinity Pl
Ash Grove Pl - Trinity to Grand
Trinity Pl - Ash Grove Pl to Madison Ave

Zone C

No more than 155 spaces.

N. Pearl St - Livingston Ave to Wilson St
Ten Broeck St - Clinton to Livingston Ave
Hall Pl - Ten Broeck Pl to Second St
St. Joseph Terr - Second St to First St
Second St - Ten Broeck St to Hall Pl
First St - St Joseph to Ten Broeck St

Common Council resolution

Albany Permit Parking Designations (Amended)


So, how do they plan to monitor that two-hour parking rule?

Well Terrence, they'll simply hire more city employees to monitor each and every car on the street! And they'll claim those employees are being paid for by the fees we'll be paying to continue to park the same way we always have - by stalking our neighbors and never walking alone at night! Just what we need - more meter maids! I have a better idea: How about we spend that money on additional law enforcement for our increasingly crime ridden city?!

This is going to be a total fustercluck. I foresee a lot of people calling in due to lack of parking. The State doesn't provide adequate parking for staff who are assigned to the ESP and the city of Albany doesn't provide adequate mass transit to make driving unnecessary.

Personally, I work in the effected area during the day and have a second job at one of the malls. While I can get to job A by bus and from job A to job B by bus, I can't get from job B to home by bus because CDTA stops running service to my neighborhood at 9:30, which means I have to drive to job A so I can get home safely after job B.

It's worth mentioning that I lived in Center Square for 15 years so I truly understand the pain and aggravation that residents experience daily with regard to parking in the area. It's always been bad. I don't necessarily think permit parking is bad. I just think it's bad to eliminate street parking for non-residents who work in the neighborhood without providing some sort of alternative to meet their needs. e.g. Better mass transit or more parking garages/lots.

Good question Terrence. I live in zone B and there is 0 enforcement of the parking restrictions already in place (no parking Sunday nights or any snow emergency for that matter) I've written the city a few times about the parking cash cow that is the pastures.

Every commuter into albany should refuse to spend a cent while in albany. Sorry restaurants, stores, entertainment, the city doesn't want us.

Terrence- Probably the same way it's done in Washington Park. They walk through at random times and record plate numbers then come back a couple hours later and see if anyone is still there. It'll be interesting to see if that means moving from one spot to another throughout the day will be allowed or not.

Terrence - My guess would be chalking tires.

Did they mention how residents will sign up for permits? Like, will an application be mailed to houses within the permit area or will people have to go visit city hall... Maybe it's too early for that.

I still don't get it. Businesses located in those zones will be allowed to get parking permits for their employees. Isn't the State of NY a business?

When I say "public," you say "transportation."

And how about getting this through when the unions were back on their heels fighting for jobs? And of course the city supports because now every single parking spot is a possible revenue source.

someone please explain why the city needs to supply parking? People live in the city by choice.

I would really love to know where I am supposed to park when I drive from the suburbs to Albany to meet with clients, most which just happen to be in these zones. Secondly, I can not believe the Common Council would approve something like this that is going to have long term negative effect on business. This is one of the worst decisions I have seen made in Albany in a long time.

Howdy Suburban dwellers. Suck it up and stop whining. Consider it a free sidewalk exercise gym membership.

The whole idea seems dumb. As a resident of Center Square - parking during the day is never really an issue. The problem arises at night time. Come home after 7pm and good luck finding a spot! A better solution as others have said would be to add more police officers rather than meter maids - make the city a safe place to walk.

You have zone A extending to Washington Ave. I don't think it goes there. It looks like it stops at Spring/State.

So permits ar $25 -- is that per month? per year? a one-time fee?

So you say that employees in the city of Albany should using public transportation but why do people living in Albany even need cars then? Shouldn't they too also be using public transportation?

My concern is that folks will see this as an opportunity buy up property and tear down to build a parking lot. I hope the zoning is in place to prevent this...

Does anyone know if you get a general residential permit, or if it will actually be for one specific zone only?

@Jeremy: Hmm. From the resolution's text for Zone A:

thence northerly along the centerline of Englewood Place to the point of intersection with the centerline of State Street; thence northerly along the centerline of Robin Street to the point of intersection with the centerline of Washington Avenue; thence easterly along the centerline of Washington Avenue to the point of intersection with the centerline of South Swan Street;

I interpreted that to mean the line runs along Washington Ave from Robin Street to South Swan Street.

ahhh.. the fresh smells of public transporation. I love it!
I really do.

oh wait... would I be pushing the limits if we improve our bike lanes too?

Hey AOA - There seems to be endless disagreement about whether the state supplies adequate parking for workers at the ESP. State workers say they have no reasonable place to park, and downtowners accuse the state workers of whining because parking isn't free. It would be great to get a "fact check" on this one.

Hey Downtown Dweller,
You really didn't answer the question, where are non resident, non commuter, business people supposed to park when they have meeting in the middle of Zone A when they are doing business within the zone? Walking more than a mile, in a suit in stilettos, from & to a bad neighborhood does not really appeal to me. Maybe the business owners should take a minute and think about how this is going to impact their livelihoods. It's already hard to get people to come to Downtown "because of the challenges of the parking issue", this is certainly not going to help.

And just saying, I lived in Manhattan for 10 years and paid $2500/mo for my parking spot in a garage. People that wouldn't or couldn't afford a spot in a monthly garage parked on the street and followed the regulations of the posted signs. Oh how I wish, I would have been given a spot on the street just because I lived in the neighborhood. I'm sorry, but I think the people that supported this are just selfish and short sighted.

Having worked in Center Square (with off street parking, provided by my employer) and now being an occasional visitor, I feel like I can appreciate both sides of the issue.

When you chose to live downtown, you know that parking is an issue. Its not a surprise to discover that you'll have to double-park to unload groceries or circle the block on a Sunday night to find a spot. Its a lifestyle choice. Not pleasant, but I assume you've weighed the pros and cons.

But I can't imagine that any of the businesses will benefit from 2 hour parking. It's barely long enough for a leisurely lunch - and certainly not enough time to grab a cone at Ben & Jerry's too and linger at Elissa Halloran's shop.

I would have liked to see resident and non-resident streets. Put meters on the non-residents, so that there is an incentive to use a lot if you'll be there for an extended time. And give the residents permits to park on specific blocks, to minimize their search and frustration.

There is ample parking downtown... it's just not all free. I lack sympathy for either commuters or residents in this situation. Also, the friends I know living in these areas have the worst time parking in the evening, so I'm not sure how this is going to help them out.

I think that if this were presented as "We're switching some spots to two-hour parking except for residents" it would generate less uproar. Dismayed, if anything this will make it easier for you to go to a meeting.

great now I have to pay to park in my neighborhood, cause I get rental cars and there may be no easy walk to a free spot. now if we could have gotten more ppl to take the bus this could have been avoided.

I live outside of the "zone" and it's only 8a-6p weekdays and there's the two hour limit, so I'm ok with it. I'm usually only in the zone after 5pm on weekdays and on weekends anyway.

With that said. I am concerned with the businesses in that zone. Let's say where I get my haircut and where I want to have lunch are down the street from each other and I don't have a permit. I go in to get my hair cut and say it takes an hour. Then it takes me 15 minutes to walk to the place I want to have my lunch. Even if they serve me in 15 minutes I still have to eat and walk back to my car. I'm sure I'll be past the two hour mark. Therefore, I would have to move my car in between my hair cut and lunch. That can be a big time waster and might make me just want to go elsewhere. I think it's a great money grab for the city but a lousy decision for the businesses in the area. I really feel badly for the people who work and live in the zone and have to buy that permit.

Lousy decision, Albany!

@Greg, if thats the truth I'll take it because it includes me! The list below the map has different text.

abby- I'm pretty sure most people who stop for Lunch on Lark Street during the day are not staying for more than two hours. The parking on Lark Street is currently limited to 1-1/2 hours and I haven't heard any complaints about that.

@Jeremy. Odd. While one side of Washington Ave may technically be in the zone, it may not end up being subject to permits because it's largely commercial along there. But that's just a guess.

I suspect some of this will only be totally clear when the signs go up.

I suspect some of this will only be totally clear when the signs go up.

Thanks for injecting some levity into the subject!

With regard to the comment about the State providing adequate parking -- despite the massive parking garages and the reductions in workforce, someone joining the payroll or shifting agencies may have to wait years to get a parking space. Some people will never choose to do so because they do have to pay for them. Reshuffling more workers into Albany will not help that.

As for more people taking the bus, CDTA just cancelled my bus. I can either walk 15 minutes to the next one, or drive 10 minutes in the wrong direction to a park and ride, and take a half-hour bus into downtown. Since I live a 7-minute drive from downtown, these are lousy options.

Some more support from the state (and the private buildings) for bike commuting would be a welcome help. The only problem with the OGS bike storage in the plaza is that there is no way to legally ride your bike there. Imagine being given a parking space for your car but told there's no way to get into the lot. That's what it's like. And the racks near the Capitol and Smith are ridiculous, insecure pieces of plastic lumber.

FU city of Albany. I own a house in the affected area and already pay taxes to park on your streets.

I'm frustrated about a small detail-- the neighborhood of Sheridan Hollow has always had an issue with state employees parking along its streets-- yet there is no resolution to this. Why wasn't this area included within the permit system?

Zone C here. There is never an issue parking in the triangle during the day, so I don't really see the point. Now, if we could get some permit parking when there's a show at the palace, sign me up. Although, it has been suggested by some of the self appointed neighborhood stewards that permit parking in other near-downtown neighborhoods could force commuters to seek greener pastures. They might have a point.

Oh, and the irony of all the suburbanites complaining about the state of the city, and calling it's residents "selfish;"!

Suburbanites need to understand that the commuting lifestyle is about to come an end anyway because the cheap oil that it's based on is gone. The only reason that the price of gas has come down at all is because of the economic slump. If the economy picks up, the price will be through the roof and you'll all be scrambling to carpool. The massive surburban build out of the last 60 years has squandered this finite resource. It was an unsustainable lifestyle from the beginning.

Many of the streets in Albany are paid for by State and Federal taxpayers, not only city residents. Using their thinking, city residents should pay to park in the suburbs. Boycott any business in the city until they get the message.

One thing that I hope the new regulations result in is a safer Center Square for pedestrians. As a resident who walks a dog most mornings, I'm constantly amazed by how many state workers, in their scramble to find street parking, will ignore stop signs, back up one way streets, go the wrong way on one way streets, and harass people as they walk across the street too slowly. Not a week goes by that I don't witness dangerous behavior. If these blocks were off-limits for commuters, it might be a whole lot safer for those of us who walk in Center Sq.

I'll be waiting to see how empty the streets are during the days, when the people who are need to desperately park by their houses are away at work.

I agree! most of the people who park along the street are not residents of Albany! they only work here.... they should pay for their own parking!

First off all I find offensive that Albany residents have to pay to park where they reside and pay taxes. Second of all why are the hours of parking during business hours. When people get out work permit parking is over so it does not help out residents what so ever. I just recieved a ticket for parking outside my zone. I wasn't even aware there were zones and they are not labeled on the signs. What should I do to fight this ticket.

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