Tickets to the ballet gala at SPAC


The ballet, and post party and fireworks. Oh là.

Drawing's closed!

The New York City Ballet begins its 2012 summer season at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center tonight, and this Saturday night is the Annual Ballet Gala.

This year there's a Moulin Rouge theme. Come early and check out the elaborate picnics or bring one of your own. The ballet program includes a world premiere and two Saratoga premieres and you passes get you into the after-party with music, dancing a costume party and fireworks.

AOA has two pair of tickets to the festivities and they could be yours.

To enter, post an answer to the following question in the comment section:

Ballet dancers are incredibly flexible. What's something you wish was more flexible in the Capital Region?

We'll draw two winners at random. The deadline to enter is Wednesday, July 11th at 6pm.

Very, very important: One entry per person. You must answer the question to be eligible. You must post your comment by 6pm on Wednesday July 11, 2012. You must include a working email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 11am on Thursday (July 12) -- and must respond by 5 pm Thursday (July 12).


Gyms having pools. Impossible to train for Triathalons when only the YMCA has pools open year round. I bet many gyms would be able to make pools financially sound.

My work hours/work load.

Parking for FREE in downtown Albany!! and not worrying about getting a ticket!!

Public transportation...what a metro could do for this area!

i wish parking meter readers were more flexible....come on dude, it was 1 minute over.

-i want to feed a ballerina

I wish the mayor was more flexible when considering the law about keeping chickens in Albany!


People's mindsets about their communities. It's a problem everywhere, but I'd love to live in an Albany County where people acknowledge that if they work or live here, they're part of the community... the WHOLE community, which means Arbor Hill, not just Colonie or Delmar.

(Also, I really want those tickets, but I think Colleen deserves to realize her dream of feeding a ballerina! She should get an extra ticket just for that answer.)

I'd love to see more flexibility on ticket 'convenience fees.'

Movie prices. I'd like to see them more flexible.

Bus schedules! Having to be at work by 7am means lots of the buses aren't running yet.

The Northway at rush hour :-)

I would like whoever picks the random winners to be more flexible and to put my entry in more than once.

traffic lights. they need to be better timed on major roads!

Alcohol sales Sunday morning... Would be great to be able to get a bloody Mary at brunch prior to noon!

I wish that all roadways/pathways were more flexible for road-bikers! Biking is such great exercise but it's so dangerous; I wish I could ride into work more often but it's not worth the risk. I always wonder what it would be like if the good old capital region could acquire Europe-like transportation methods : )

Art facilities. I wish one could access a dark room or spinning wheel without being registered for a class.

Wegmans' future plans

Texters who find it neccessary to text while driving or walking down a busy street should be more flexible In their type and time of communication

I wish landlords in Albany were more flexible about allowing pets.

Definitely the traffic patterns, especially lights at certain intersections in Albany.

I wish the rules prohibiting us from having a fire in our backyard in Schenectady were more flexible.

I wish towns and cities in the Capital District would be more flexible and start having more progressive policies toward sustainability...banning disposable plastic bags, plastic water bottles, investing greater in pedestrian and bicycle mobility improvements, and generally being more deliberate about having a vision for the future with regard to building, architecture, preserving rural character and beautiful walkable downtown areas.

Echoing previous comments: Traffic and parking. Specifically in Albany. I live in Troy and often find myself avoiding activities in Albany (shopping, restaurants, outdoor concerts, street festivals, etc) because I know I'll lose my mind with either the traffic or trying to find a place to park.

I wish employers were more flexible in regards to public transportation. Sometimes the bus is late resulting in your employee being a few minutes late. It'll be ok... I promise.

Definitely public transport. I would like something quicker than the bus to get from Schenectady to Albany.

I'd like to see more flexibility in the New York state absentee ballot application form: why do I have to provide a "reason" for wanting to vote ahead of the election date? Making the whole absentee process easier would increase voter participation.

I wish my work hours were more flexable. Wouldn't it be great to work 10 hour days and get Fridays off?

I wish Mother Nature would be more flexible. What happened to Spring and Fall? Its either too hot or too cold around here.

I wish the Capital Region had better traffic control. Roundabouts seem to be popping up is different spots, but a lot of the traffic lights are really inefficient.

A flexible mindset helps us to adapt and respect each others opinions.

Sales tax. :/ Or maybe parking tickets!! The parking enforcement officers in my Center Square ignore the blatant violations of the parishioners of the Wilborn temple, while stalking the residents with boots.

I wish Stuyvesant Plaza's hours were more flexible. In particular, Bountiful Bread's hours. I can't remember how many times I've pulled into the parking lot to have a meal there and they're closed. While it's still light out.

People's mindset when it comes to different parts of Albany. I'm sick of getting the side-eye when I tell people I live in North Albany, or hearing about the "bad side of Lark"

albany parking!

This is wistful sci-fi thinking, but I wish the distance between Albany and the Adirondacks were more flexible. I'd love to be able to get there more quickly so that I could get started hiking that much earlier.

yes, work hours. it's too nice out this summer. would like to work only on rainy days.

The ridiculously shallow roped off swimming areas in the lakes at state parks here. It is ridiculous that, as an adult who can swim, I can only go in the water up to my chest.

Work hours!

State tourism! Would love our public buildings to be open on the weekend

Work hours for sure. Getting any kind of appointment before 9 or after 4 is kind of impossible.

The Northway Express. I love it, but I only wish it ran more often!

Chickens for all!

Mostly because we eat so many eggs, I'd like to be able to keep backyard chickens.

Albany should be more flexible on chickens and parking. I love both but can find neither downtown!

The CDTA bus system. Its very inconvenient to use!

More flexible? How about the Nature Conservancy's ham fisted closure of Barberville Falls over the summer [at least, so far]. I can't argue with all the other good points above either.

donations for the arts and peoples awareness of the necessity of the arts

I wish more places were open later. Example: Libraries.

more awareness of pedestrian and two wheeled vehicle presence

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