Passes to the Capital Region Craft Brewers Festival at Joe Bruno Stadium

capital region craft brewers festival 2012Beer + food + summer = awesome.

And this Saturday they converge at the Capital Region Craft Brewers Festival. The Tri-City ValleyCats are hosting the festival again this year at The Joe, and we have a pair of "grand slam passes" to give away. Each pass gets you admission, a souvenir sampling glass, 10 tasting tickets, a commemorative t-shirt, admission to a VIP area with a catered buffet, and a ticket to a future ValleyCats game.

To enter the drawing, please answer the following question in the comments:

Before summer rounds third and heads home, what's one thing you want to make sure you do?

We'll draw one winner at random. The deadline to enter is Thursday, July 26 at 11 pm.

Important: One entry per person. You must answer the question to be eligible. You must submit your comment by 11 pm on Thursday, July 26, 2012. You must include a working email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 10 am on Friday, July 27 -- and must respond by 5 pm Friday, July 27.


Get to the Adirondacks.

Win Big at the Saratoga Rack Course a few times!

I want to make sure to head up to Grafton a rent a row boat.

Visit Cooperstown and while I'm there, spend some time at Ommegang.

Tube the battenkill

Sleep outside.

I'll have to make sure I get the 'To Do' list done, with a few extra tthings thrown in, before sliding into home, and maybe getting taged out by my wife...

See a concert at SPAC.

Must get to Jumping Jacks at least once and have their fried clam dinner followed by an ice cream cone for dessert. And still time after time place after place theirs is the only cole slaw I'll eat.

Get to the beach (head East)!!

Cliff jumping in Lake George.

Go a Washington Park Playhouse play.

Pack an awesome locally-sourced picnic lunch and go on a hike.

I want to go to the Brew Fest at the Joe!

Relax in the yard so long the birds start to land on me!

Hit up the Wine Bar for one last meal from Jason Baker!

I can't believe I haven't gotten to Kay's Pizza on Burden Lake yet. What am I waiting for???

Go to pearlpallooza! And mountain biking in the ADK!

Work up the courage to go water skiing on lake Ontario.

Go camping in the Adirondacks! (probably around the Great Sacandaga lake).

We really want to be able to go fruit picking and go on a few more mid-summer hikes! Visiting Cooperstown & the Omi Park are still on the to-do, as well. :)

Hike Buck Mountain & pick wild blueberries!

Definitely a Jack Burger at Jumpin' Jacks - missed out last year and summer just wasn't the same.

Go on a weekend backpacking trip in the Adirondacks.

finish digging and laying my patio....its a lot of work for just one gal, who has to dig up clay dirt that has lots of roots in it.

and go to a Yanks v RedSux game

Go mountain biking in the Pinebush

swim at night.

Lotta people on the ADK too...hike the great range in a day.

Picnic Dinner away from home.

Sit by a campfire at night in the ADK's

Hike in the Albany Pine Bush.

eat as much gelato from crisan as my wallet and waist line allows

I want to make sure I go to the Brewers Festival. No wait, I want YOU to make sure I go to the Brewers Festival. *nudge nudge*

I want to go to the ocean to have a beach day!

Picnic and a play in Washington Park

Welcome my first son into the world! (first child of either variety actually!)

home brew the perfect IPA

campfire so i can make s'mores

Fall asleep under the stars.

Night kayaking in or around the Adirondacks.

BBQs, many of them!

Try as many delicious craft beers as I can so as to find my favorite beer. And hopefully some rare beers as well

I better get my Ph.D. candidacy done or else I will be no more by the end of summer ;)

Witness the Valley Cats win the 2012 New York-Penn Title

See as much live music outside as i can!

Head to the beach (hopefully)

Before the summer ends I hope to head up to the marble quarry in Manchester, Vermont on a nice day and go swimming!

Have the perfect summer day. Reading. Tanning. Beer. And a Jennifer Egan novel.

Mini-Golf at Lake George.

Kayaking in the mountains. Hopefully this weekend!

White water rafting!!

I'm making a point to visit as many breweries in NYS as possible before the year is out. Just went to Ommegang and Cooperstown Brewery this past weekend. Hope to hit Keegan very soon.


Hike at least two more High Peaks!

Hike the Kaaterskill Falls!

Visit the Finger Lakes Distillery again!

Hike Wakely Mountain (tallest fire tower in the state).

Fall asleep with my feet touching the dirt.

Go on at least one killer roller coaster.

Brew another batch of beer!

Cross the hudson on the walkway state park bridge.

More hiking, more running, more time with friends, more sleeping, more relaxing, more sunny days, more fun, more beer. Everything, I want to do more of everything before summer comes to a close.

Get a good berry harvest!

Hit a trifecta while washing down some Hattie's with a cold Olde Saratoga IPA.

Go for a swim, of all things. Haven't gotten around to it yet.

Play mini golf and ski ball in Lake George!

Two things. I need to visit the ocean, not sure where yet, but I plan to do so this August. I also haven't been to the drive in yet, and that is a really important summer tradition!

Paint my barn.

I need to make it to a Valley Cats game! Preferably on a night with fireworks!

Pick farm's vegetables!

I want to camp for a weekend in the Adirondacks...and go to a craft beer festival *wink, wink*

Before the summer is over I'd like to take a trip up to Lake Placid for a couple high peaks and a stop at Lake Placid Brewing co.

Spend time with my grandson.

The one thing that I really want to do is...restart the summer.

go to a bonfire.

Tubing on the battenkill

Take the Tour de Soft Serve!

Pick enough blueberries at Samascott!

(that would be a great gift for my birthday!)

I want to sit still and watch the birds at the feeders in our yard, enjoy the feel of garden soil and mulch between my toes and hear the owls calling in the night in woods beyond the house. I want to drink in Summer, smell fresh cut hay as it dries and celebrate the abundance of fresh veggies from our own land.

Garnet mining at Gore Mtn.
Backup plan, Herkimer diamonds

Wine and cheese on the lawn at Tanglewood AND SPAC.

At least one adirondack hike !

Make it back home for the Michigan Homebrew Festival!

Hike the Indian Ladder

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